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    TwinGemini reacted to Tinnis in Really discouraged from making anymore Crowfall-related videos   
    i've had a few idiots here and there
    youtube comment section is the cesspit of humanity
    don't engage with non constructive comments
    set your channel default (and all old videos) to approved comments only
    p.s. you can also auto block specific peoples comments if they are repeat annoyers
    p.s. with regards your videos: editing is also key - don't include loading screens or lobbies.
    frankly cutting down the boring bits help too - both for rendering and upload times along with viewer experience
    edit videos down into engaging player vs player fights rather than running around a whole match.
    if you do whole matches, seperate them out.
    say PRE ALPHA in big letters in your video description
    i like quirky video names myself!
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    TwinGemini reacted to miltenacious in Really discouraged from making anymore Crowfall-related videos   
    Ever since I've uploaded footage I've collected back in September, I've received the least favorable views from my Crowfall videos. Take a look here:


    When I replied to those negative comments that apparently received some support, I replied with mixed feelings. I understand that, on my part, it's rather unprofessional, but I take incredible passion and pride to producing the content I roll out on my channel. I just don't really get how I'm getting this kind of treatment on whatever Crowfall videos I do, and it's only still pre-alpha!
    Haters be hating, but it gets to a point where my patience just runs out for these nincompoops that their insolence just tramples all over me. When I come across other channels with Crowfall videos, it seems like I'm just amongst a few to receive this kinda negative treatment. What do you guys think? (if this is in the wrong forum, please move it, thank you)
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    TwinGemini reacted to Tinnis in Video - The Hunger Dome has been eliminated   
    RIP hunger dome - the portal is now closed...for now!

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    TwinGemini got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Vote now for our official Crowfall community hashtag   
    #Crowcall .. cause it rhymes. 
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    TwinGemini reacted to Mel in Chat System: Official Discussion Thread   
    Please add the option to include a timestamp with these messages!  I find it important when you notice a message from a friend, and you go to reply but it has been 2 hours because you were super involved in the actual play of the game.  There are countless other situations where a timestamp is important as well.  Furthermore, if you do add a timestamp option, please allow 12:00 and 24:00 options too
    Thanks for hearing me out,
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    TwinGemini reacted to coolwaters in Chat System: Official Discussion Thread   
    Agree with Canth. The alt thing feels awkward and frustrating.
    Enter would be better.
    And the real gem to me:
    Full of (non-chat) goodies.
    We're gonna have bunches of mini-campaigns apparently. Bring it on.
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    TwinGemini reacted to skookum in Suggestions wanted: Twitter hashtag   
    #crowfollower only brings up one results and, is as puny, as it is accurate. #crowfollowers brings up only two results.
    #crowfollow is short but there is an account associated.  
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    TwinGemini got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Suggestions wanted: Twitter hashtag   
    #crowfallowers / crowfollowers
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    TwinGemini got a reaction from JamesGoblin in New to YouTube!   
    Great match. Sadly I didn't survive to see how it played out, (dreaded mid-air crash). But glad to see we won that one!
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    TwinGemini got a reaction from Tinnis in New to YouTube!   
    Great match. Sadly I didn't survive to see how it played out, (dreaded mid-air crash). But glad to see we won that one!
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    TwinGemini reacted to Zimm in New to YouTube!   
    Hey players! I'm pretty much new to YouTube as far as content creation goes and was wondering if anyone had any tips, tricks, advice, etc. as far as the YouTube algorithm goes, and what you've found to get a good response from your audience. I don't intend or care about having a huge audience honestly but I think it would be cool to be known as a Crowfall content creator when it comes out. I just kind of threw this together in Movie Maker and am thinking about buying Sony Vegas since that seems to be the most popular. I apologize for the 720p recording, I didn't realize there were settings until later on in the night! I appreciate any help in advance! 
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    TwinGemini got a reaction from Zimm in New to YouTube!   
    Great match. Sadly I didn't survive to see how it played out, (dreaded mid-air crash). But glad to see we won that one!
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    TwinGemini reacted to Angelmar in Unofficial Myrm questions, discussion and suggestions [+videos]   
    Imagine if they manage to even get back toward 60 to 70 on screen with this particle effect creep.
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    TwinGemini reacted to Destrin in Unofficial Myrm questions, discussion and suggestions [+videos]   
    I think this is my biggest gripe about the myrm, well other than them being able to almost one shot 5 people.
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    TwinGemini reacted to miraluna in Unofficial Myrm questions, discussion and suggestions [+videos]   
    I definitely don't want CF to end up like GW2 with the particle effect soup, example:
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    TwinGemini reacted to McTan in Unofficial Myrm questions, discussion and suggestions [+videos]   
    It does seem like Berserk Crash damage taken knob should be played with. (125% might be a good start)?
    Also, if particle effects continue to be heavier, it seems like we need to be able to (1) zoom out a bit more or (2) tone them down per slider/toggle.
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    TwinGemini reacted to Tinnis in Unofficial Myrm questions, discussion and suggestions [+videos]   
    Firstly - some video of first couple of games I stuck around for until too sleepy*.
    I suck! Pretty fun and naturally chaotic. Found zero myrm weapons in the tests, I know they are around though.
    (*2am test start, after getting up from work at 7am earlier that day! zzz)
    Video: Nightshift at the Slaughterhouse

    My Myrm resource page for reference. Both text descriptions from news article and my skill/power video recordings.


    What do you all think so far? Share your thoughts and video clips!
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    TwinGemini reacted to Tinnis in Ranger - Specalist: Spider   
    As Zenyatta would say

    ...and heavy explosives and feeding on the blood of your enemies.

    Solo ranger spider climbing down the wall (yay physics?)

    then making a web and waiting for prey...

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    TwinGemini reacted to Tinnis in Stealth Atomic Druids video   
    yes we deliberately waited until the wall was PROPERLY knocked down rather than exploiting that bug - we demonstrated it on the video and that it is invisible from inside.
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    TwinGemini reacted to Tinnis in Stealth Atomic Druids video   
    Who said stealth wasn’t in the game yet?
    Mark 1 catapults? Who needs them?
    Had a few CAL members on the other side who were aware of what we had planned .. but not much they could do about it
    It took us one minute to stack orbs on tree of life before damaging it. Then it only took another minute to kill it.
    Would of been even smoother and faster stealth take down if they hadn't been slightly bugging us
    I’ve already stated my views on druid damage and survival.
    Great fun trying out something different!

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    TwinGemini reacted to Tyrant in Big News about Strongholds - Official discussion thread   
    Thinking about torturing Todd slowly for this, given I answer most of that email...     Seriously, we'll have something up about this shortly.  Don't bombard our email please, it just will slow down getting our redemption options up.
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    TwinGemini got a reaction from coolwaters in Thu, August 11 - Bugs, anomalies and tech issues FEEDBACK   
    Tray Swap Lag with a good connection and FPS... The ability animation shows.. but doesn't execute the ability for some reason.
    In this clip I tried to tray swap to execute Sustain, then following up with Slice and Dice/Dagger Spin to gain health.... Sustain showed the animation but didn't execute any health regen.
    In this clip I swapped to the ranged tray and executed #6 Archer's Stake. Again executes the visual but no ability. (this one from the 8/9 test)

    I may be executing them too early but the animation shouldn't play out.

    here is one not early (though maybe slightly) ...  I have latency too. Shows start of animation on my screen. https://youtu.be/sWbx9P1aSEo
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    TwinGemini reacted to Tinnis in Armor: Mail is trash. Leather is king.   
    This has been the case since they were introduced.
    Who only wears Leather in the majority of cases?
    Who agrees that Mail is literally garbage.
    Leather is king. Plate okay for Knight or Lego or niche cases for Druid depending on playstyle and enchants.

    Plate:  effective versus all damage  full set: -20% damage dealt, -10% movement, +5% mitigation    Chain [also known as Scale or Mail] effective versus physical weak or vulnerable to elemental/organic  full set: -5% movement, -10% damage dealt.   Leather:  effective versus elemental/organic weak or vulnerable to physical.  full set: bonus stamina regeneration + sprint cost reduction.  


    Literally all of the Mail enchantments are the worst option available. I used to think that Ranger Mail was doable for a melee approach, but the mobility from Leather is far better in my experience and actually the energy from mail enchant is worthless and shouldn't be an issue for you.

    Damage resistances
    As we know - the current king of spam damage is Magic (DESPITE most people probably running in leather...)
    Leather provides the highest resistance to magic damage, even more than Plate does.
    Chain mail actually takes EXTRA damage from magic attacks.
    Chain mail also has HALF the amount of bleed mitigation of leather and plate.

    Armor stats
    Chain mail has no 'set bonus' like leather (extra stam regen) or plate (+5% damage mitigation).
    You get a tiny amount of extra max hitpoints on chain mail, but other than that the stats are useless...combat mana regen...spirit...dexterity....some crit chance
    Versus leather's stamina regen, sprint cost and combat stamina regen alongside max hp and strength.
    Versus plate's combat health regen, stam regen, health regen, max stamina, combat stamina regen.
    Mail and Plate reduce both your movement speed and damage output. 
    Leather's increased mobility is far more valuable and easily overcomes its vulnerability to physical damage

    (despite there being more archetypes using physical damage than magic attacks)
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    TwinGemini reacted to Tinnis in Feedback thread locked   
    probably if it is already a mess. plus the added benefit of being able to get catapults in to attack the tree of life can't be ignored either.
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    TwinGemini reacted to Tinnis in Feedback thread locked   
    Issues of chaos spawn camping – impossible to recover from. More effective than banewood tree killing as a winning defensive strategy.
    (but boring for both sides. as is sitting there hitting a tree for 5 minutes too)     on that note - trees are very trivial beyond a large boring time investment.
    rangers, druids and legos can all effortlessly solo them indefinitely.
    confessor also good with heal support. melee ranger easiest choice. and healing of trees is also an issue too still...     Odd bug.......I died by the tree of life.........and then respawned there! https://youtu.be/WU57N347uAA     Lego right click dodge entirely not working every now and then for long periods [others also said same for druid right click]     Druids teleporting through wall with no visible holes https://youtu.be/DNik1INZqD8   e.g. from cuddles PoV https://youtu.be/maxWeNVnGqc https://youtu.be/JTjLt2Iptw0     Bugs with timer not working then starting again and no compass http://i.imgur.com/eN6TMGt.png   https://youtu.be/kIuU1EdVxW4 p.s. everyone forgets magic archetypes can hurt barriers pretty well too...example with confessor.     Druid lost essence UI % on bottom right http://i.imgur.com/Oq86wAf.png     @knights – i rolled my eyes having to watch this while dead (i'm the horse mat)….whole bunch of PUGs inc. mages just spamming on olde blocking duren just as we talked about SHAME SHAME SHAME     p.s. Michael Bay would be proud of the balista fire hit effects      

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