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  1. Get this 2% damage buff. Awesome. So cool. Hey also crowfallers if u want to be apart of the market pay $60 for a cottage and u get 1 vender stall but wait pay $60 for a fort lodge but u cant place it so then pay another $150 to place it on ur land. YEAH NOW YOU TOO ARE APART OF THE MARKET. Awesome stuff. So cool. Hey but u can aslo earn this in game just mine 1million of Stone,Wood, and Ore. So cool. We care about our players. Purchase ur spot in the marketplace today!
  2. Totally agree it is way to ez to just go check farm spots you can run around way to fast just to check the same spots.
  3. I didn't play a single Campaign and I got mine buy buying a package. That's PAY TO WIN. Didn't even have to play the game and I get a 2% damage advantage in every 1v1 and team fight
  4. Well everyone doesnt have access to them. That what PAY TO WIN is why don't give everyone that purchased VIP a way to select which one they want
  5. Quick google search https://vanguardcrowfall.com/trialbadges and I have a badge that I got for buying the game 1 day before release it gives me 2%more damage and Im ashamed that no one else can get my badge without buying it Unless everyone gets "Heart of the Hero" then im a idiot https://ibb.co/fSw0Fd1
  6. STATE OF THE GAME The Developers of this game label CrowFall as a "PvP Throne Simulator". I've been grinding this game since it came out and so far the Guild Battles feel like whoever has the large Zerg will win The Game feels like a "ZERG SIMULATOR". There isn't much out playability as your capped to only being able to attack 5 targets at once (so im told). Small Groups / Guilds are not playable - Forced to join Alliances - No Solo/small group content for smaller guilds - Zerg Size Count get no debuff at all - If smaller guilds run pigs they will just get slaughtered - No minimap and Zergs dont get pinged on Map when they clustered with 100 people - Devs are telling smaller guilds to play faction pvp content which limits the whole main reason for having a guild and still wont stop bigger guilds from zerging - Few Dreag servers / zones massive guilds can just lock smaller guilds in que times to zones - Not even Keeps to take or content for smaller guilds to have fun in - Capped to only hitting MAX of five players. Very few Out playability - 10fps against massive zergs even with a 3080 - have to fight zergs of 30+ and ur only like 7, the respawns and takes forever to wipe them if u get lucky .01 chance - No one wants to be left out of the Guild Content stop making factions the solution. - Feels like being solo or even a small group is just not even a thing. Games like Rust, Albion, and Black Desert small groups or even sometimes solo players actually can participate in pvp and being able to play the actual game. - They game actually has a lot of potential and is fun but could use a lot of improvement in combat and new players/small group friendly stuff to keep people active and staying on the game. - Feels like the game was made for only 10 Guilds to play PAY TO WIN badges / not explained very well - Wanted to add in that everyone that played this game in the beta gets badges that give them more damage, more crit, more heals. How are new players gonna get these badges they can be the different from winning and losing a fight. Devs really havnt put anything out on how to obtain them or the wiki. Possible solution to fix small groups and new players joining - Add Blobbing and debuffs to Zergs depending on their blob size - Add random Dungeons throughout the map where you can farm or dive for pvp. - Mabye add small type of keeps that only would benifit or be very usefull for people with smaller players in the guild. So like other keeps allow u to do more stuff for bigger guilds. - Take of the limit to 5 players max for Certain abilities. We need more outplayability if massive group just cluster into one big circle. This game feels like positioning doesnt really matter cuz as long as u stick together in large scale fight ur probally not gonna die because only 5 players can get hit by a AOE. - Make is so Zergs that cluster are pinged on the map. This will make it so smaller groups have the ability to see if they are in danger by 40 enemies. Also this would allow for bigger group to have to spread out so they dont ping allowing for a smaller groups to have a better chance to pick players off instead of them all just clustering onto eachother. Other Beneficial Features - Add a minimap. Going in and out of the actual Map is laggy and u cant see whats going on ur screen - For PAY TO WIN make the badges make it so there is a way to obtain any badge. Mabye after every campaign u participate in you can select 1 badge of your choice that way u can get somewhat of a way to be on the same playing fields as people who get advantages for paying. - Nerf the Warden poorly made dergs is broken. - Would love to see a major balance change for all classes and we need ways to outplay bigger groups that just cluster together. Seems like the skill gap for being a zerg and staying clumped isn't really hard. Most other pvp mmos if u clump u pay big. Idk if the system is like this because the devs know u only get 10 frames half the time. - More transparent with weekly Dev Logs/Update Notes and Future Stuff since the game just launch.
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