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  1. Thanatos here from the original QWRTs aka ODB. Part of R30s on Scorn.
  2. The guys running Crowfall know the "Zerg 2 win" mentality all to well with the Shadowbane experience. This is where the ideas on the whole "uncle bob" anthology came from. They saw in Shadowbane, One side would eventually win and the server would go stagnant and people would willing give up everything going to another server for action. This whole idea was invented by player behavior back in the early days of Shadowbane. Essentially, you prevent big zergs by limiting the rewards. Games that have the "Everybody gets prizes" mentality will always be in a constant state of zerg feeding. Shadowbane was not like that and the players themselves would change servers, reform alliances and generally one server would not suffer a long period of being to lopsided. There is one caviat though, Asian players in shadowbane seem to have a mindset of creating super zergs and will never leave them. Even to the detriment of their own fun, and when they get nothing out of it. They have a different playstyle and if you want more info, just look at any Shadowbane thread with the guild term CN in it. I don't know how they fix the "CN" problem, shadowbane never could.
  3. Pretty sure The Dissent community has long since past. Your better off trying to find a few old friends and then look for a new one to join. Today's gaming communities are not like the ones of the old days of SB. Today its all about getting as many members as possible and calling yourself a PvX guild. These communities have alot of people when there is a new game out, but hardly anyone when that game gets stale. Good Luck.
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