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  1. I'd like to see them change their minds. A lot of games lately are reducing or even removing the healer role, and I think it makes them an overall weaker game.
  2. I'm getting increasingly worried about the quantity of people with this "everything needs to be the hardest of cores in this game suck it up or leave" mentality here. Yeah, I miss Shadowbane too. But I also want a game that is financially viable. "Delete your characters and reroll kkthnkxbye" will not sit well with a vast majority of people given: 1. Limited character slots. 2. No cheap/free accounts 3. I'm pretty sure an MMO released in 2015 won't let you reach the max level in two days by afking while glitched in a wall Even people who espouse the notion now will turn even
  3. It's not difficult at all to expand the lore.
  4. For the sake of argument, Should representation and marketing that some people dislike be disallowed? Would it be a good thing if some authoritative agency existed that prevented entities from creating media that some people found offensive? Is it wrong for an entity to create a good or service that is tailored to a specific demographic (based either on a personal preference/vision, projected profits for targeting said demographic versus others, etc.)? Is it wrong for a for-profit entity to do everything (legal) in their power to maximize profits?
  5. Would you say the best option would be to have both styles equally available?
  6. For the sake of argument, if we're concerning ourselves with hyper-realism, wouldn't long hair be a liability in battle? Should all female and male characters only be allowed to have extremely short hair styles?
  7. An absurdly large amount of MMO players disagree with you. All I'm saying is that it seems foolish to me to immediately put yourself into such a niche because, what, you like to think of yourself as "above" that?
  8. I think every MMO I've played since Shadowbane that has balked at the idea of "instanced battlegrounds" and thought themselves some Herald of the Old School has floundered. Most people just don't have the time to run around for a half an hour to maybe find one tiny skirmish that only then puts them out of the fight for another 10 minutes when they die due to "hardcore" game rules. I'm still keeping my eye on this game, but I don't see how a zero-reward, instanced capture the flag/etc. system wouldn't just make for an objectively better game. It seems foolishly arrogant to turn your nose
  9. How I Met Your Mother Community Scrubs The Office Futurama I guess I have a thing for Comedies with heart.
  10. I highly doubt anything in that story will actually be in the game itself. At best it would be mentioned in some sort of book or "codex," and perhaps it's even just left on the website entirely. At that point, I'm not sure how much the ESRB cares about text-based, extremely background information. As long as there isn't someone standing around with a gold exclamation point on their head who gives you the quest goal: Murder 0/10 male Fae babiesI don't think it will be held against the game.
  11. Jedi Academy added no-skill dual saber spam. Jedi Outcast was by far a more skill-intensive game.
  12. They could accept name reservation requests via Kickstarter private messages. If the account is a verified backer, then they verify whether or not the name isn't already reserved via an internal list. If the backer cannot find and unreserved name to their liking, then they have more than enough time to withdraw their pledge. I do not believe tier should be a factor. That said, I don't know how feasible this might be given the likely number of $100+ backers. Perhaps they shouldn't have offered this reward if Kickstarter couldn't support it (or at least don't offer it in a tier where it is
  13. I don't know what type of functionality and information Kickstarter provides to both parties. The ultimate goal would be for a person to know whether or not their name is "locked in" before it's too late to withdraw a pledge should something go awry. I don't want to have to dispute a Kickstarter credit card charge.
  14. I don't feel comfortable paying for the $100 tier unless I know I will get my name at the time of purchase. I think many people hovering around the $100 tier would agree, seeing as the reserved name is pretty much the designed draw of that tier.
  15. What happens if two people want the same name? Do we reserve the name at the time of backing?
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