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  1. That's a very valid observation. Take a look at the numbers of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (the 'official' non-profit private server), as the playerbase is of similar size today. Some anti-monopoly mechanisms might need to be added at some point, perhaps also setting an upper limit of three alliances to combat 'guild extensions' (different guild for the same people). Overall it's a tough topic, solutions to this aren't easy to come by.
  2. Hi Blectorn, A vassal is specified directly on one of the parcels that you own, and has rights only to that parcel(s). In other words, they're managing your land for you. A noble can bring their own parcels and place them in your Eternal Kingdom, collaborating with you on creating the realm together.
  3. I think that stealth in the current model is pretty balanced, and as the others have already pointed out there are some really nice counters to that. A well-organised, small band of people could very easily work as an anti-diversion force of sorts.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns to huge discounts and/or free-to-play weeks, and possibly even a full free-to-play model at a later date. Some top MMORPGs with a really solid playerbase have done that correctly - eg. Guild Wars 2.
  5. It's very likely related to the way Eternal Kingdoms were coded, and would probably need a programming adjustment from the developers. I have a few ideas on why it could be doing that, regarding the instancing of objects, however I won't boggle the topic with such theories.
  6. Convenience done right doesn't hurt though. I'm not supporting the action of taking the exact things and doing them the same way in here, however I'm definitely supporting taking some neat inspiration from other sources to be able to develop something in Crowfall's style that could be convenient and would definitely be labeled as a Quality of Life improvement. An auction house would be against the player-driven part of the economy, however.
  7. Hello there! How are you enjoying your Guinecean Duelists? I really like the design they have, combining both rapier and pistol in combat with lots of grace. An interesting swashbuckler with tons of bravado. In my opinion the fact that it's only available to Guineceans makes it very flavourful and puts an additional light onto the actual species.
  8. Guild Wars 2 has done many things just right, I think taking some inspiration from there and developing it further as independent concepts could be beneficial. The guild infrastructure should be coming later when more important things have settled, that's highly likely at the very least.
  9. Have you submitted that graphical bug in here? https://community.crowfall.com/forum/333-live-server-bug-reports/
  10. Reminds me of the profanity filter in Town of Salem. I like these flavourful, funny little things - they're like that one magical spice that changes so much.
  11. Or even first respec is free each month, that way when an update changes something in a class, people can always respec that month at least once for free.
  12. Agreed! In my opinion there should even be mob invasions in the EKs, like something unexpected even by the sovereign himself/herself. They'd just serve as some general annoyance while roaming around, not actually damaging the structures. Maybe occupying them at most and living in them.
  13. 'Centaurs aren't real... They can't hurt you...'. Meanwhile the centaurs...
  14. We've still got to wait for that one to be ready. You can always jump onto one of the 4 warring regions in God's Reach, which can be pretty fun, including the scheduled battles.
  15. That's something I can agree with, if I'd see such a situation. I remember how atrocious fighting against healers in other MMORPGs was for me, like constant healing with almost no mana upkeep.
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