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  1. Greetings, The next Shadowbane wipe is coming - August 24th at 9:00 pm EST. The below changes to the Economy & World were all based on data from Ardan season 2 and have one goal in mind - driving players to centralized areas of conflict. Further launch details will be shared via our new Discord - join with this link: https://discord.gg/J77V985 Economy/World changes Jotensgaard and “Guards” have been removed from the map. Other mainland camps with higher level mobs have been tweaked resulting in a soft cap of level 60 from mainland PVE. Progressing past level 60 can be
  2. Update: Hail! Last night the new Shadowbane Emulator team launched our first sever. We’re happy to report that the focus we had on stability and performance paid off and we had virtually no reports of lag or rubberbanding! The server barely felt the load last night as you can see in the two screen shots below. We also set some records for population, with over 1200 unique accounts having registered with the launcher so far (compared to 400 last launch) and a peak population of almost 500 ingame at once. Below is a heat map of where those players hailed from.
  3. We have put a hold on major content changes at the moment while we work on core issues. Once we are a bit further down the line of the server feeling better to play in, content and balance changes can be more of a focal point. I would be more than happy to have a constructive discussion on state of rogues. I know we are not able to make everyone happy, but am open to constructive feedback.
  4. Shroud of Ardan - 2.1 - The Relaunch Relaunch Date: Jan 5th, 2018. Time TBD. Hail and well met! After our last server launch, it was apparent we needed to pivot the approach taken to this project. As you can see from the notes below, they are drastically different when compared to existing launch notes. This patch is primarily focused around stability and bug fixes, and we hope the community is receptive to our new approach. We are excited for the future of this project, as we continue to move forward we expect to re-enable content such as Outposts and FC Hotzones, however woul
  5. What you missed in Shadowbane was it was not about just getting killed, you can loose quite a bit more in that game.
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