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  1. Worried about item overflow and what will happen to dreg equipped inventory and inventory for characters if the dreg vault is full? Does it get crunched?
  2. I hear Hunger dome is Battle Royal, and if it has fortnite-esque mechanics all I can say is I utterly abhor those games.
  3. So since Archer is going to be rebalanced thanks to Wardens, I'd like to suggest that they add/change a few abilities. 1) Remove Melee Tray and change certain abilities to work with the bow or other bow abilities - This would be ideal and fit with the archer persona, Disengage while wielding a bow, cross slash would combo into ricochet, things like that instead of having to use the clunky and unfavorable switch between 2 trays. It feels bad during play, and it'd be easier to balance. Add more energy mechanics instead of just roll and sprint burn. 2) If 1 is too much, give us a disengage while using the bow. 3) Change Power that Burns or Shadow Alertness to toggle abilities, and add energy drain mechanics as needed for power that burns and rebalance as needed. Any other suggestions or Ideas?
  4. Dregs West back after 1-2 hours. Nice little scramble for points ^_^; Good Fight Knights of the gold
  5. Can we get an update on the West Dregs server? It just disappeared
  6. How does equipped gear and items in inventory work on characters at the end, will it just be all transferred out as is?
  7. Logging in to a crytpic message warning me I'm going to lose everything in dregs unless I export it out doesn't seem like the best way to deliver the rules on how DREGs end of season is going to let you handle your loot. Is this how it's going to be going forward? Can we get a clarification please?
  8. Dregs West, Keep of Para the Tenacious in Cardem. The Mason's Hall reverted/rolled back to Stage 1 from Stage 3, few minutes before server maintenance today, with already deposited materials. Ran to the bank across from it, and ran back and did a double take as the vendor and building were gone and it was back to stage 1 with some already deposited materials we couldn't of had. Did it load a bad snapshot of the server state or something before maintenance?
  9. Our keep had a building rolled back to an earlier state out of no where in Dregs West. One minute it's fully upgraded with a vendor, next minute after running to the bank and back to sell an item it's was reverted back to an earlier build state with some resources filled. In keep of para the tenacious right before the server maintenance it happened to the mason's hall.
  10. Knightguy

    Nerf Ranger

    This is all based off my observations from playing archer for a bit so take it with a grain of salt. Archer's suffer cause they don't have the escapes or mitigation and or the sustain that is needed for single or group combat. While having that short burst is nice of lifesteal, Charging a bow or dropping aoe"s" with lifesteal returns very little compared to warden and it's trap sustain return, or other classes sustain mechanics. It's very poorly balanced compared to other range classes. I won't touch warden cause it is pretty broken. But as an archer main for most of the dregs fight, the lack of movement and lockdown and sustain is the biggest limiter to fighting effectively. That and the arrow gear mechanics are silly >.>, there should be a resource cost from a bar instead of a using arrows equipment to fuel the ability.
  11. Great Fight tonight out in Khalikryst Dregs west all. Valleria alliance and KGB alliance squared off and fought against Dauntless, Undead Legion, Maelstrom of Battle, and Silver flames. The siege breached the walls, and the castle changed hands once again. What a glorious fight, what great fun~! With a few days left on the world, what else will go down? As always greetings from us all down in Cardem, Good Fighting all~
  12. Great fight out in Khalikryst in dregs west tonight all, we saw the fall of a Castle, and the alliance of Undead Alliance, Dauntless, Silver Flames and Maelstrom of Battle successfully sieged Valleria and Conflict's Castle. What a Glorious fight, and what great fun~ See you all out in the Dregs, and as always Greetings from Cardem from all of us!
  13. I'm in the camp for a centralized market board, or at least a listing of what's being sold or bought on an EK. I can't be bothered to walk around empty market EKs to try and locate a stall, and with any luck it having something that would remotely interest me. I just want to gather, and offload my harvested materials in a quick and orderly fashion. Even having a trade channel in the entrance ui, and then having them meet up somewhere to perform the trade would alleviate a lot of my discomfort with the current system. As is the system doesn't reward strictly gathers but punishes them.
  14. It's RNG, sometimes I'll go out with a Kebab and Potion for logging, and get 2 in 30 min, other times I'll go hours without seeing them. And rarely, I'll nab 4 in 10 minutes so yea it's all RNG.
  15. Can be competitive by capping outposts for points before role over
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