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  1. Glad to hear that got hotfixed already! Awesome!
  2. Part of the social contract of playing in the Dregs is PvP risk, that risk allows the potential reward of higher quality materials. I think this is a non-issue in a PvP game. Is ganking cowardly? Sure, they are cowards, but gathering mats solo in the Dregs is foolish/risky and exactly the sort of gameplay open world PvP "punishes." Thankfully, you can play an Assassin or a Guineacean and have a chance of getting out of the battle and back to safety!
  3. +1 It's ridiculous that this is even possible. This demands a hotfix, heck it needed one weeks ago when Dregs went live.
  4. I think the difference here is that where you perceive an oversight, I perceive a feature of the gameplay, putting the impetus on the players to collectively create these spaces. I don't see this as a fault, but as a strength and literally the intended outcome.
  5. Basic crafting means everyone can craft basic armor on their own already, heck it's nearly the first part of the tutorial NPE. This doesn't count loot drops from mobs, and the player vendors, plus the NPC vendors for a minimal gold cost.
  6. In Everquest there was none, players made the 'tunnel' the unofficial trade hub of the game. Players tend to create this space, and there are even centralized locations within the campaign worlds, but I imagine once the dust settles there will be a few EKs, the internal search function ACE is developing will be in place, and all of this will normalize. It does take some time for these things to crystallize but already there are a couple major trade spots, including LFG Bazaar and Aerynth.
  7. I feel like explaining it takes the funny away, though. Unless you're Norm MacDonald, who makes explaining it even funnier.
  8. LOL. He mistakes "low value posting" for "mean things." On a scale of 1-10 I think Crowfall sits squarely at a 6.
  9. That's because most of the snowflakes left this game on week one.
  10. That's also why the Rotten Tomatoes "Verified" reviews are worthless.
  11. Yikes, pretty nasty bug. Recommend reposting this in bug reporting forum too.
  12. Wait, how is one botting if they are using different computers? Is that what you got from his post? That is not what I got at all. Hell, I have multiple accounts, but I don't want to set up extra computers so I have my main one and then use the others when I want to do something else outside the confines of faction, etc. Obviously, one at a time, lol, but yeah, sorry, I don't think anything he said was doing/promoting breaking the TOS, he explicitly said he is not doing that. Am I missing something??
  13. As someone who also waited 7 years and has accomplished most of his character's progressions on God's Reach (I have nearly enough to make the Purple mining disc and have blue discs in the other gathering traits as well), I also want to point out you quit just as the Shadows campaigns went live, campaigns designed precisely to make it easier for unguilded people to participate in progression and greater reward tiers. When you say you were farming four evenings for someone else, I hope you don't mean that you never made trips back to the safe zone to bank your gains? Or that when soloing as a centaur you had a build with more survivability (meaning: not a cleric). But yes, you're literally quitting right when the faction vs. faction servers went live without giving them a try? Edit: Also I originally was going to do jewelcrafting when I was planning on a human character, until I realized that required larger group efforts for the gems, and then chose more obtainable goals to focus on for my solo outings.
  14. Not a game designed for solo play, but yes, it can be done. Going to dregs as a solo player does not make sense, and as others here have suggested, choosing the Shadow for the 3 way faction fight makes more sense. Group up with allies, though, still, and at least pick classes that can survive soloing better. If you're unwilling to play any other way, then yes, this game may not be for you. I would at least recommend trying some of the great suggestions in this thread first, though. Assassin or Guineciean and Brigand Rangers all have stealth, for instance. And some class builds are meant only for group play (like healers). Another point: you say Dregs is a must because you want the best and highest possible drops. Tell me, can you solo Mythic+ and Raiding in WoW for the best possible drops?
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