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    RP, PvP, Crafting, PvE, writing.
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  1. Hey, friend. Haven't seen you around in... well, five years.

    With Crowfall Beta now live, I'm looking to actually play regularly. You're the only Lantern Watch player that is still active, as far as I'm aware. Feel like regrouping?

    1. seventhbeacon


      Hey, dude! Sweet. Yeah, happy to play with whomever wants to join in on the fun. I haven't touched the alpha at all and I'm way behind on update vids, so I've got everything to learn about the game yet. I'm excited to fiddle with the EK stuff and I'm hoping it doesn't take too long to unlock the other rings. I wasn't expecting to find character levels in this game, lol, but I suppose there has to be some system to unlock and improve characters.

    2. karetyr


      Yeah, I'm pretty new to it too. I played a bit in the alpha, but not enough to get comfortable. And now the game's completely different, I'm sure!

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