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  1. It's not 24/7 if it's off when no one is there, but available to be turned on when someone who has permissions or an open invite chooses to go there... I see no reason why it would require an additional fee as player economy is a feature part of what the game is about... it's off when no one's using it, on when someone is, simple, yeah?
  2. Yeah, my understanding was these were to be hubs, including specifically for mercantile means. Is this just during Beta? At launch, will going to an EK with open invites/access "turn the lights on" for it, so to speak? And yeah, for guilds when the guildmaster isn't online? I do have hope in that the word used was "currently," but more info about how the feature is intended to work in the final state would be very much appreciated!
  3. I'm incredibly hyped by it. It actually seems to be closer than any MMO I can recall in recent years to achieving the gameplay promises I always wanted in a game! I haven't spent a dime on it yet, but when I see one of those backer cosmetic sets I really dig, I'm probably gonna make the leap finally.
  4. Whatever music passes the woodworking time.
  5. Excellent, thank you! Is there a gameplay meta where people are deleting their characters and rolling new ones with improved vessels for campaigns? That seems... so alien to me (with my 15 or so WoW alts lol).
  6. Phenomanal resource for a returning noob, thank you! Now I gotta learn about the crafting options, as I'm really liking the feel of Nethari but remain clueless about what Necromancy even is, apart from building... minions maybe? Cheers!
  7. Dipping my toes back in after ~5 years. Looking to see the lay of the land and what people are up to and enjoying. My interests are across the board on the categories, but I also want to favor some over others when it comes to guild play. Crafting, RP, casualcore PvX. Happy to participate in PvP, though not sure which ring would end up being most interesting. Now that Beta is about to happen, I'm definitely eager to see what the game offers and what changes have occurred since the original stated goals/pitches. Region: US East Schedule: Work from home for now, evenings best.
  8. I'm amused that the forums seems still organized to be gamified. LOL. Was just having fun and not even playing that game back in 2015. Good times.

    Anyone who knew me then, basically the same dude, but my attitudes and politics have shifted in response to the increasing insanity of the country.  Not that I really want to sully game time fun with that crap. ~Shadilay

  9. PLEASE NOTE - THE GUILD MAY BE DEFUNCT. Anyone still around, please message me and let me know your fates. I'm happy to keep the thread up for those still organizing through it, but will be locking it so I don't continue to get new people's hopes up. Cheers! Also, if the prior members who are still active would like to share links to the proper, ACTIVE guild sites, please do so! I see Axio has above on this page as well.
  10. Watching super-blood-moon. Did not turn into a vampire werewolf hybrid. Want my money back.

  11. It's been a long road but we're still steadily moving forward! Welcome, Farseer!
  12. Replying when someone is addressing you is just the polite thing to do. Nice try, though!
  13. /shrug. Your ongoing commentary indicates otherwise. The ego talk is still a bit silly, but whatever. You'll believe what you want to believe regardless.
  14. I stuck around long enough to clean up my own mess and clarify to whom I was addressing (not that you cared to listen or acknowledge that, naturally), but yeah, a hiatus is good, especially when going from one position to another that's far more engaging with a lot less free time. I didn't miss these forums, though coming back I hardly recognized them either. I don't totally count you among the trolls, though you did fall to the dark side, no doubt about that. Going from combating the sockposters to becoming one is definitely an interesting journey to take, to be sure. There's an old quote abo
  15. Lol, nah, just some slack-jawed trolls doing what slack-jawed trolls do best! They are very bored and very fixated, starving for entertainment and a means to fill up all the free time not having jobs, significant others, or productive hobbies gives them.
  16. Welcome to Crowfall! You guys sound great. Hope to cross paths in testing.
  17. I do hope he plays differently. Maybe no flight?
  18. Welcome to Vox! And hello to Toxophile, who I've seen around the forums for some time. Believe me, you can't get a more glowing recommendation for being a decent human being than being someone Ellie doesn't like! We look forward to making friends with her eventual future guild, just to drive her even crazier. Good fun!
  19. This looks fantastic. I'm a big fan of the large degree of UI customization that SWTOR has, and this one honestly looks even better.
  20. On the subject, I'd love a Ratling type race! Like the Skaven in Blood Bowl/warhammer.
  21. I think I understood the intent just fine, @hamopeche. If you'll notice in subsequent comments on this thread, others do in fact keep referring to servers. If I was responding only to the OP, I would have quoted him directly.
  22. It's a terrible idea. If they're cheating or botting, ban the account, move on. The idea of creating a server that's "not fun" for players is completely antithetical to the point of having a server. Not to mention CF doesn't have servers. This is a PvP game and people are gonna play dirty and they've been given the go-ahead on that from ACE. If they actually violate the RoC, then they get banned or suspended. The entire concept of a prison server is ludicrous if you don't think for one moment the offending players are going to log in and play on it.
  23. Welcome to our newest members! @Xeph I know how you feel! Just started at my new workplace and that transition can be exhausting. Glad to have you with us, Braellyn, sorry for that terribly long initial wait!
  24. You can't copyright mythological creatures! Naga are part of Hindu/Buddhist mythology.
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