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  1. Sometime Is a Paypal limitation, believe y have a similar problem. For example, in some countries (here in Argentina), "sometimes", you can't use a credit card (and obviously a debit card) for international payment. And the big problem is that you don't have other options to put money on your paypal account. I have to buy prepaid cards in video game stores here in Buenos Aires and enter the code directly on steam/origin etc, just because basically all the international transaction are blocked in some way.
  2. Hodor? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czhzVaZzk8Y Original version... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3vcReSWDY8
  3. Mmm I'm not saying I don't like the idea, but.... A person in a blacklist could be an unhappy client, and thats bad for business. Maybe we could implement a black market circle, for those... lets say "unfortunate persons". We could charge more of course until they prove they can be trusted again. PD: arf, post with the smartphone is a pain in the bottom.
  4. Please forgive me for the silly idea, but why not implement a timing mini game for crafting. For example a well and spoon game with some timing interaction and some bonus to the difficulty based on the level of the crafting skill. With different output depend on the result, lets say good, very good excellent (critic), and the usual fail (retaining the materials) and big fail (you loose everything) That way only those who love to spend ours in the process of crafting will produce excellent result, and the casual crafter only the basic one. And you change a bit the mini game depending in the ski
  5. arfff 3 days late COUNT ME IN!!!!!
  6. I don't think the Art of Wars of Sun Tzu will be much of a help when it comes to coding or using 3dMax... Believe me I read that book (dozen of time), along The Prince from Niccolò Machiavelli and honestly theres nothing there that any person with a little sense couldn find out from him/herself. In any case, the player in charge of the troops should read the book, not the developers. They will give us the tools, we provide the strategy.
  7. Well Unity has a web player (https://unity3d.com/webplayer), and a lot of good features, so I think that we will be able to integrate the information of this MMO, and other tools, in a level we never seen before. Thats for the API. for the mods I don't know... maybe the usual xml template for the UI.
  8. Why don't we wait a few month and see what Artcraft is "hiding" I could bet my stupid salary that a deeper customization is already on the move...
  9. Yes, we have a crafting section, finally, thank you Artcraft.
  10. You are correct sir, they should implement at least one crafter class, or promotion class for crafters. That way, those who enjoy crafting above all (like me), would be able to specialize in what we like most. Personally I'll chose all the crafting recipes from the beginning, and rely on the strong arm of my friends for the combat aspect of the game. Is a perfect society, I bring goods and spare parts, they bring the carnage. Besides you don't need to be strong, fast or have a powerful armor, to obtain power..
  11. Ofttimes a very small man can cast a very large shadow

  12. Ok, I want to report two problems. - The first is probably a false positive, I change the avatar image from Gravatar and the forum is not loading the new picture, every time I enter my profile I see the Gravatar option "unchecked", ergo is not loading the new picture. Maybe it just a matter of time, or some kind of error produced by Gravatar.. - The second, I cannot log in using Google Chrome for android, directly in the forum, I have to log in the front page and then enter the forum if I want to post something. Is strange, I manage to enter that way so is not a big problem, however
  13. Well technically is not difficult in Unity (I remember that I did something similar a few years ago), you just need to create an asset with all the possible models of an armor, and write the script for the dynamic change of the layer. The problem is... you are loading more models per character with each piece of armor... That means more resources wasted on every player, multiply that for all the players your machine is rendering at one time.. I remember that I solved it by changing the texture instead of the model (I'm noob after all.. I should have thought in that from the beginning),
  14. Perfect, so, in order to find Disciplines (and probably other stuffs) we'll have to interact with the environment, explore, scavenge, dig out, etc. Theres a lot of PvE content in this game, regardless the fact that is a PvP game. I will enjoy exploring during the campaigns. I think that I found my place in this game, supplier and artisan during the campaign. I like this game more every day.
  15. Tipical, someone say PvE and all the PvP trolls star arguing, disqualifying and crying. But the true is that there is no law against PvE in a PvP game, or PvP in a PvE game. Player versus Environment will be part of this game as soon as the developers consider it adequate. For me, PvP along PvE, is like an ice cream with two flavors... There is no need to start complaining just because someone doesn't consider PvP as the unique and absolute force in MMO industry. Not everyone think the same, theres a lot of players (including me) and I really mean A LOT, that prefer PvE instead PvP, and
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