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  1. Hear is my half giant Cleric has a comparison, seems the Matching Mail minor makes a pretty big difference in support power.
  2. You have the seep into disengage combo in the melee tray, disengage will root the enemy and leap back automatically switching in to ranged tray. Explosive trap deals a knockdown. letting you get some distance. also your right click and me use to leap roll or blink away.
  3. The current campaign started new years eve and ends today. but at that they said the first campaign will be in the new year that that the first campaign of the new year will be the first official one
  4. Looks like there just using a similar art stile.
  5. You do have a point about duplicate ability's. the rest of you post reads like your stoned in social science class.
  6. Elken no longer have the extra range, perception is used to counter stealth it does nothing for you damage wise. 60 dex is equivalent to 20 vessel levels so it is significant. The halfelf also gives a extra power slot in all three trays allowing you to have 1 more buff or damaging attack in both ranged and melee.
  7. i would suggest a half elf for glass cannon build.
  8. Archer, your main group ranged DPS, Focus fire to delete enemy. (legolas) Warden, anti stealth escort warden have the durability to fight assassins and duelist one on one. and the detection ability for force them to fight. ( Antisubmarine frigate) Brigand, set bombs to to disrupt enemy moments snare/root enemy running away from your group provide melee burst damage. ( Drizit)
  9. I got a chance to try 0.5.8 the game is definitely making progress. but still needs a year with how many systems have been changed since the Kickstarter.
  10. Currently the half giant race has access to a Tank: Myrmidon, Support: Cleric, and DPS: Champion. but no specialist. since Minotuars can be rangers I think there is a case for outer large races to be rangers.
  11. I think one of the best tools in the ranger tool set is the armor break effect on its right click melee. this gives the ranger a tank busting ability in group fights in solo seems that the ranger is meant to start in melee, Leap in and slow, then bleed, armor break, and disengage to drop heavy ranged hits on a slowed and bleeding enemy with broken armor. How ever I have found in beta ability don't activate reliably and disengage just did not work at all just made me slowly walk backwards and switch weapons but not tray.
  12. when I tried the druid it's tray swap was broken, but with rangers it was a one or the other tray 1s ability could not be put in tray 2 and tray 2 ability could not be put in tray one. and you had to wait for the swapping animation to play out before you could use the ability but you could still move and dodge. How ever I think it is likely that with disciplines all Vessels will be able to tray swap eventually.
  13. Major discipline: Weather witch Passive: Weather attune, effect of all weather related ability boosted, IE lighting, healing rain, active: Gentle breeze, Aoe stamina heal. Active: Tornado, all enemy's in a path are lifted up and thrown in a random direction. combos to Razor wind, deal 2x weapon damage has slashing or Storm debris deal 1x weapon damage piercing damage and 1x weapon blunt damage
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