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  1. I see what you're saying. but either way, requiring two separate keys rather than allowing a same-key toggle adds cluck to a system.
  2. A single person can absolutely gather a full stack and then a little extra in 10 minutes with a purple discipline and the matching level tool. I do it consistently with Ore, Stone, and Wood. It's also very easy to do as a group effort if people spread into different parts of the map, or even pick a server each. The point being, we aren't talking about 300 wood. for a single cottage you're talking somewhere around the neighborhood of 4-5k of each resource. For a vendor stall it's about a quarter of that, and 15k for the vendor assuming you aren't in a guild that's just pushing out extra human vessels like apple turnovers. And then there's the parcels themselves. 1600 of each for a grassland, and three grasslands and a gold "tax" for the next thing up. then it's three of those for the next thing, 3 becomes 9, 9 becomes 27, and so on, and so forth, for any meaningful chunk of land that you'd like to put more than a small building on top of. Am I saying the resources can't be gotten? absolutely not. They surely can. What I AM saying, is that the numbers are absurd, and frankly whoever had the idea that everything should be done in triplicates is a donger. The only reason we even HAVE a place like Aerynth Traders, is because of the massive backer rewards for anyone who ground floored the KS. And I'm glad that Jah and the people over at Aerynth have done what they've done. Without them, interplayer commerce would be a fraction of a fraction of what it is at this time, and they do it at absolutely zero additional cost to the players who set up there. But a couple of KS backers coming together and creating a trade hub does not excuse the poor planning and absurd system the devs implemented.
  3. given that you can DEFINITELY harvest 50 of any resource type faster than you can run those pigs, with the same pvp risk yet a fraction of the loss factor if someone drops in on you, yeah. the pigs still suck, and are not in any way viable method of resource gathering against the steep EK asset costs.
  4. Kick rocks. there's absolutely a difference between the two statements, and I literally drew the lines out for you. if you can't grasp them it's your fault. try thinking beyond the capacity of a flatworm.
  5. As the title says.. Flipping trays feels clunky af. unless there's a keybind for a 'toggle' that I'm not seeing. it breaks up combat flow (what precious little there is with some classes).
  6. Tray swapping in this game feels clunky af anyways. I honestly hate it. nothing about it feels like a smooth transition, and why they don't allow a "toggle" keybind is fkin beyond me. Shouldn't have to use two separate keys to flip trays. should be tap once, tap again to go back.
  7. Gods, CU is such a trainwreck. For all the problems crowfall has, at least it's not CU..
  8. Again, no I wasn't. Nothing about my statement was an attempt to squelch anyone. I simply pointed out, that for all the doomsaying "your game is dead" here they still are. You often put words in others mouths? I bet you're fun at parties. Complaints are one thing. the blunt statement "your game is dead" is one of finality. Saying a game is dead, also isn't constructive. saying it's dying and here is some criticism that could help salvage it, is/can be constructive. You're an idiot.
  9. No. because you have to hope the pig gives you processable materials. they mostly don't. instead what you get 90% of the time is a 2x2 item that can ONLY be used to build amenities in keeps.
  10. how exactly? this comment makes zero sense. I remarked on their complaining.
  11. And yet you're all still here. btching and doomsaying.
  12. I'm confused, what's the problem? You're in the Temple. It's a neutral hub.
  13. There's still a fairly large tax cost per parcel for everything except the base "grassland" that's used as a component for everything else upwards. Tax costs start at Homestead and Woodland Grove costing three grasslands and 5k gold, but quickly spirals out of control as you need homesteads and woodland groves and other parcels as components to make further parcels. This includes the tax to make the prior steps, as well as an additional tax cost to form the new desired parcel. as an example you need about 75k gold in addition to insane resource counts to make a Hamlet Parcel. And no part of the crafting process even tells you how many building sockets and what sizes a hamlet will provide. You'd have to build it and find out, as there isn't any kind of catalogue I've been able to find that details sockets and building tokens for various EK assets. So it's entirely possible to spend all that time, money, and resources to make something that isn't what you had hope it would be, and instead something else would have been, but now you're tapped out, so go farm for another week to try again and hope the next one gives you what you're looking for.
  14. I know you do. but Aerynth traders is a well established marketplace with a reputation and thus an advantage. for the every day player, they don't have that. Dismissing the obvious problems with a mere "Feels bad, shoulda shacked up with Aerynth traders, the largest pre-established trade hub" is not an excuse for the problems with the system itself. We ALL have an EK, not just Aerynth. We would ALL like to have some use for our EK, not just Aerynth. The system should be viable for ALL players, not just those fortunate enough to have a vendor/affiliation with Aerynth.
  15. Agreed. Archaic is putting it lightly. the layered crafting rabbtihole for buildings and parcels is nothing short of absurd. three parcels to make one parcel, and three parcels to make each of those three parcels and so on for some of the better/larger parcels. and the buildings are just as bad. The fact that a vendor stall needs frames to make which need nails and wood but oh wait you also need an arch which takes more frames. Just make the parts cost what they already do but without having to flip through the damn crafting list, at the very least.
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