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    Im sorry to say but, i vote No on flying. For reasons such as immersion and reducing the experience of "world" and "scale". Of course my reasons go far beyond just these stated here, but these are my core reasons.
  2. I see where your coming from. Throwing money at them doesnt make the game better sigfinigantly on launch day, and i see the point of such a high cost for alpha access. But theres what you "can" be at launch, and what you "can" be at launch. The diffrence is if you protect the game and avoid any stress its going to cause problems on launch day because you were absolutely not prepared. Also you have to be ready for the unknown, like a flood of unaccounted for players coming in, you cant predict the flood of a game on launch day for a game this unique. People want it badly and why should we be denied? Theres only a benefical stand point for allowing early access for Backers. More money will help development, more players will only help stress test, find more bugs, find exploitable functions in-game. For example Darkfall 1 on launch, Acid Rigor farming, if you played you know what im talking about, its a problem, and exploited poorly made socks like that is terrible for newly launched games. Allowing Early Access is in no means going to hurt the games development or progress, only support it further. Those that want to be apart of the creation of this game can be, and those that dont want to can wait for your Backing teir to kick in and go from there.
  3. I suggest the ability for.....Early Access. I know i know. But some of us really want to just get in-game, test it out, be apart of the creation of the game. We want to help mold it, bug testing, and give our feedback on the game were backing. So Idea on how to go about it NDA is fine, Early Access only aloud for Kickstarter backers is fine. Im talking about getting into all of the testing, starting from Alpha 1 (Not pre-alpha). In example, Only those who backed the game on kickstarter (excluding the $5 dollar backing option) $30+ will be emailed a key to put into their account on Crowfall.com, that will then unlock the Early access tab in our account, and if we want, we can pay something like $20 (no more then $40, anything more then $40 would be outragous) and our account gets Alpha and beyond access. So for those who dont want to spend $500 to help test and support the game, we can still help just paying separately to get in the game, see it, test it, feel it out, and mold the game we love. This sounds absurd i know, why am i suggesting we pay them to allow us to test their game? And only paying just to test their game. Well of course they can give the Early Access testers some bonus too. But Some of us have an ich, and that ich is worth that price. Darkfall is not going to ich this ich of mine. Only Crowfall will and im sure others out there are in the same situation. Furthermore we would be supporting the Dev's even more by testing their game and funding them even more. Lets face it, theres no way your going to find all the bugs before release. No game is prepared for Launch day, but the more you test it and listen to the feed back of the players, the closer you can get to a smooth launch.
  4. I love the idea of in-game Voice chat, for example in Rust or H1Z1. Also Evolve has a very good voice chat for teams. But of course we need a way to mute those annoying players.
  5. I really like Local voice chat like in Rust or H1Z1. Id love to see it in game.
  6. Well then.. i cant say i wouldnt expect a post like this out of the Darkfall community. Im a DF1 vet, and i currently still play DFUW...a little. Darkfall has a terrible syncing issue in combat, no telegraphs, and really lets face it, the game isnt balanced, theres always some cookie cutter abilities. stat managment, ect. As i remember, Crowfall doesnt have healers, that changes the fight a lot. You cant play Counter strike then go to Halo and expect your experience to transfer over properly. Darkfall has one of the most gritty combat systems, but it destroys itself by being unoptimal and buggy.
  7. CotP, great guild, glad to see it going into Crowfall. Guna be a good time with CotP
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