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  1. I guess I didn't see much concern about technicalities, but more of who thinks they know better. I am super excited for crafting and I will hope that they put as much time and thought into it as the other aspects. Hopefully they let us test stuff soon so we can give feedback based on the actual model they decide to use.
  2. I cannot believe that people are arguing about crafting that hasn't even happened yet.
  3. This is what I have been waiting for... you now have my attention.
  4. I have no idea who I want to win. All I know is my fantasy team better win.
  5. Going to see Royal Blood tomorrow. Great, great live band!
  6. Hey girl! Let's find some recruits. We need more hawtbutts.
  7. I do love your walls of text. Occasionally funny and sometimes good to read to help fall asleep!
  8. We need a replacement for CheckYo...
  9. Best Bane Commanders Jersey - MoC Chet - WM Side Effect - It Burns When I PvP
  10. I'm concerned that MaT is holding back. His posts are just not a long as they used to be.
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