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  1. I was in Solus Gens and Deso as a noob, moved to Mourning after Scorned Death moved in.
  2. I felt bad when I read on our forums that Chet had been banned for starting the irl pics thread. Muy sad.
  3. what's happening doc. Hope the years between treated ya well
  4. btw, finarfin can't drink for ****...never seen a guy get the shakes so bad after just two days of a bender...elves for ya
  5. can bet chet set up that vent
  6. Savage I didn't know that you were an old Desolaition player...That was my first guild when I started playing at launch on Chaos.Went to an SG sub Chinatown for the Scorned Death invasion, then to Mourning with Lindorn, Atrius, Parable and others in CoC. I'm still in touch with conman on steam and many others on the old TDL/Morloch's Vengeance boards (forum.mordkessel.com)...Hell I had 10 of em over to my house for a get together a few years back, was good times. That Chaos map is all the feels though...simply amazing that you've kept it this long.
  7. Holy poorly made socks...the names in that video bring back soooo many good memories. I've hung out IRL with Parabol, Rael and Guilt....and my night schedule hanging out with Guilt, Bobb, Jee, and Scintelle were my best as a gamer.
  8. So weird to read this cogent of a post from Chet without it being followed up by him talkin about creaming your corn. And for everyone who mentioned the older player not much time to play aspect is spot on. Every guild will need a whole new series of grunts as the grunts who are still around will be the new IC, and the old IC are well and truly old. I know that my time for any game is extremely restricted. Forums in the evening were always the most fun anyways.
  9. what this thread is devolving into is what shadowbane was
  10. Make room for Zang Dragonscale
  11. welcome to the party. Figured with Lindorn showing up it was only a minute till the clown car pulled up.
  12. Panthro WAILED. Being in a guild with him and Malenx (at different times) made life so much easier.
  13. We're still there Merauder...you need to make WIggles play this somehow
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