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  1. The item Knowledge of the Spirit Speaker, has a "." in place of flavor text.
  2. The ability Freezing Storm, granted by Tundra Mage, is missing the AOE size from its tooltip.
  3. In order to add more mobility options, perhaps there should be a minor discipline that grants Double Jump. Rather than Glide, Fae should receive a form of "feather fall" that reduces damage taken and/or increases the threshold before fall damage begins, so that they can drop longer distances without being dismounted or destealthed.
  4. Duelist talent passive Feral Instincts is causing a visual bleed effect on harvest nodes. When you exit stealth and harvest the visual appears, but it doesn't seem to do damage. Just cosmetic.
  5. I (and others) feel as though the current Fort and Keep windows are running too late again. Perhaps if there were more Forts available per window (to force splitting large zerg forces), consolidated into two back-to-back fort windows of 45 minutes, 30 minute breather, and then a Keep window hour (as it arises) to finish the night. These should begin at 5pm local time, imo, so that the potential siege window hits at 7pm local time. Right now the windows can be grueling and leave little room for gathering and licking wounds afterwards since it's 3 hours of long riding PvP over multiple zones with NA East going from Forts, to Siege, to Forts from 9pm-12pm EST, NA West times therefore are reaching way too late for the majority of the population to begin (or enjoy playing) the cycle all over again.
  6. Druid's Barkskin is causing a lingering visual effect that stacks per cast. Druid's Will-o-wisp is passing through players and walls in its in a dumbfire effect (no targeting), before exploding at a fixed distance. None of this seems in line with the tooltip.
  7. I want nothing more than the people that want another MOBA to just move on. Your feedback isn't valuable. You fundamentally want a completely different game and those are already available on the market. Go and try Mortal Online 2, for those who want a "hardcore pvp" game. Everything people say that is wrong with Crowfall, is actually wrong with that game. The combat is atrocious Skyrim flailing with added netcode and hitreg problems. There are 2 enemies: bandit and zombie. There is no PvP. I mean none. Zero. "600 skills" but most of them are just a flavor of of crafting knowledge: i.e. leaf A skill, leaf B skill, tree A skill, really looking at tree A in a different light skill, Zzzzzz. There are some people that love Crowfall for a few reasons, but wish it was further along in development. Fine, go away and come back later. Every New World forum is talking about how that game has "a good skeleton of an MMORPG, but it isn't quite ready yet" and they're saying to wait a year. Where is that patience with this game now that it has launched? New World again is a bad pvp game with meaningless territory control, terrible combat, boring harvesting. If you want DotA just go play DotA. Compare PvP MMOs to one another and you'll find Crowfall is actually the best thing on the market. It fell flat due to not being able to educate its players and too many naysayers being boosted as "influencers" among a very gullible population vulnerable to disinformation, but it has a very good skeleton. For some reason the forums go unmoderated and people can get off saying whatever they want, so the official source of information is corrupt. It has a very deep pit to climb out of because of that choice to not ban the people who come here offering nothing but trolling. The trolling is now seen as the voice of the players from the ignorant looking from the outside in, where actually most of the discussion is going on in various Discords.
  8. I believe I had the main motivation for faction swapping in Shadows revealed to me: the shiny/sparkle Runemaking additive reward for 1st place Glory. If this reward was granted across the board there would be far less incentive for the Dregs guilds to come down to Shadows and snowball onto the winning team in order to get their 2 additives. Right now the populations are in a good place, but when the standings start to shake up in a week or so there will be another massive jump to the winning team which will ruin fights for the following weeks until the campaign ends.
  9. Keeps in Shadows are spawning with preset Foundations/Plans already laid out. It would be nice to be able to place some Armory, Runemakery, Necro, etc. etc. stations to diversify the keeps. The current reality is upgrading each one with the same crafting stations and overlapping buffs.
  10. Dying near a war table during a siege doesn't allow manual release: Dying near a War Table during a siege replaces the release prompt with the War Table's interaction "Hold F (Not available during a siege)" rather than "Hold F to release"
  11. I don't understand the hate on God's Reach Worlds. Before entering Shadows I managed to solo every gathering disc to purple and keep all of my resources while practicing PvP and learning about builds. If you step up even one tier to Shadows, let alone Dregs, every node takes longer to gather (higher defense) which makes you even more of a sitting duck. They also drop blue and purple resources that you're unlikely to use yet, which only adds to crowding your bank space. I think the biggest killer of fun is comparing your gameplay to others. If you watch a streamer sit on rocks all day and glitch out raid/group bosses for free loot with no consequences, it will make you wonder why you're killing mobs for 23 gold. So, custard them and go at your own pace. Playing the game I see on a daily basis how wrong the trolls are. Also, stop telling people they can't get green discs in the safe zones. You absolutely can. Never exposing yourself to an enemy you will likely run out of reasons to play, however, as the core game of Crowfall is about nudging players together and seeing what happens.
  12. Brandonea (West-Shadows), Northwest Bubbatadoo (?), map generation has placed a hot zone (crystal springs), a fort, and an adventure zone all on top of each other.
  13. Probably the largest obstacle for Crowfall to overcome is a userbase that leans toward exploiting bugs rather than reporting them.
  14. Lyessa's Blessing is causing bandages to heal DOUBLE instead of the stated bonus 5%.
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