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  1. In my concern, wipe everything (i'm training since day 1), and give accelerated training or full basic for everyone. Why ? Two words : communication & marketing. You announced the "FIRST" sanctioned campain for crowfall with reward. The vast majority of players are casual, dumb and assisted (yeah i know... ). It will be a bad advertising for crowfall if too many noobs spread the word that crowfall is pay to win or a bad game (even if it's pre alpha/apha/beta...) cause vets had advantages. You won't need wiping when you have the catch up mechanic implemented. We need a high player
  2. nerf the net OP as custard ! myrm need to die faster !
  3. yeah champion balance incoming, he will have 42 slots for discipline to compete with other class
  4. crit dmg ofc with 4k bleed dot you don't need more i think and with blue/epic weapon i think you can aim for 30-35k easily. Special mention to 16k crit hurlbat when u success hitting with this "poorly made socks"
  5. 26% crit for 221% crit dmg with basic weapons have crafted yesterday full leather and advanced white weapon to test damage and got few rend over 26k. was surprised too when i saw your record and see poorly (no) animation for rend and the leap from your point of view . Don't think you got unluncky you deserved it by playing cheated fessor !
  6. yeah yeah champ OP, when u see what i got in the ass before the first rend, if templar haven't stunned you, i will have loose this match
  7. it's Medrenngard arf don't post they will nerf champ dps !!! OMG from my side champ animation are poor and bugged but from ur point of view it's totally garbage !
  8. L'équilibrage des classes n'est pas une priorité pour l'instant et le druide est loin d'être a plaindre comparé à d'autre AT comme le knight ou le champion. Chaque classe a sa propre vitesse de base ( lego et myrm étant la plus élevé ), s'il joue cuir il n'a aucun malus de déplacement, en plus d'avoir son buff speed, donc en vitesse pure tu n'arrivera jamais à outrange un légo. Et je tiens à préciser que le jeux ne sera jamais équilibré pour du 1vs1 donc suivant les archétypes y'a des chances que certain se fasse bien ouvrir par la majorité des classes.
  9. Member when stats about testing were release by artcraft from HD & SP and champ was the first killer then many cry cry cry cry cry on forum and then bye champ let's do this again. Post killcount stats for bigworld then cry cry cry cry and nerf coming it's the best way !!! Just be patient i miss my champ too, and playing myrm is so boring !
  10. Hi, At the moment only pre alpha 1 & 2 and alpha 1 2 & 3 can play. If you want to be an alpha 3 tester you have to buy the 100$ package. So you cannot test with your 30$ bundle at the moment.
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