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  1. I would also add, since there are fewer buyers, that the vendor thrall's billing cycle should be reduced to 1g. Because right now, my sales are so far and few in-between, that maintaining the vendor is eating away the profits.
  2. It's not unplayable, but it is very quiet. And suffers from the same issue as in Shadows, where everyone bandwagons onto one faction. I would say the harvesting is mediocre at best in SP, which makes it difficult for new players to get enough discs to be effective at harvesting in Dregs. Of course, that's assuming new players even know of Dregs. Apparently, NPE dumps them directly into God's Reach, so they have no idea there's even a world select screen. Bravo ACE.
  3. I heard from a guildie that when he flagged for pvp in NW, he was routinely killed by the same three guys, who were higher level and roaming around, looking for flaggers. So in the end, he just flagged off pvp. And large scale pvp has limited slots, so only the highest level players, those who grinded the most, get to join in the action. They're likely giving you the gear so that you can go out there and harvest them some more mats.
  4. They expect you to cheese it by using a secondary account or 10-day free trial account as import mules. Which really brings into question, why bother with import tokens at all? --since no one likes crafting in keeps, and keeps can't be guaranteed "safe" outside siege window times.
  5. I personally think CF doesn't have the population to concurrently run two campaigns at once. Dregs is already feeling a little empty. Besides, Shadows needs to go back to the drawing board. Fix up the map to orient three-faction conflict, instead of giving us a copy-pasted Dregs map; fix faction balancing; fix the rewards... you get the idea. If you're looking for a small active guild to join in Dregs for harvesting, then, well, GHOUL is recruiting. 😁
  6. How many patches has redeemer gone unnerfed? 😛
  7. I find it funny that the devs were so quick to nerf wardens (and by "nerf", I mean completely screw over brigands), but yet drag their feet to balance confessors and blackgaurds. There's groups running around with 2 or more fanatics, because there really is no reason to play any other dps class. All that work to create the myriad of classes they have in this game...wasted.
  8. You can still progress in Dregs as a level 31 player, and there's going to be another Dregs soon (TM). But there's really no rush since you're going to be capped at level 33 anyway, waiting on those epic additives.
  9. Interesting that this is your first post. Welcome. 😋 For the record, I know we outnumbered Moon when we first took back nestor and gunnulf keeps. Maybe we caught you off guard, or maybe because we were predominately west coast, and you guys east coast. But after that 1) as time went on, we didn't have as many players showing up for keep defense (and to be fair, we took more keeps than we could realistically handle as small guilds) and 2) Moon was gaining players. Maybe our guild outnumbered yours, but we were seeing more Moon banners from different guilds, and it was significant on the Fri/Sat siege days. If you really think you we had more people than you at that last fight at gunnulf, then we must be living in two different realities. And Sun came after us too, lol. Mainly for the forts. Although they did take the AUS keep, but that couldn't be helped; they had more of a presence than us during that timezone. We didn't know who Sun's leadership was, or who to even to reach out to. Lawn? AngryLemon? 🤣 And they were pretty much out of the picture a week into the campaign.
  10. Err, Moon had a clear lead within just a few days of the start of last Shadow campaign. And our guild and 2 others were originally Moon too, and switched to Earth for some healthy competition...which we had until the Moon numbers were too great. At which point, we just bounced to Dregs. But yeah, players are obviously not going to balance themselves, so it must be done for them.
  11. That's BS. Look at the roster. Moon had 3x the players as Sun, and 4x the players as Earth. And we personally were always outnumbered by Moon during our siege defense, till it got to the point where it was 2:1. Moon cried the most because they couldn't understand why no one wanted to play against their zerg numbers. 🤣
  12. Shadows has been dead for quite some time. It needs to go back to the drawing board. There needs to be an auto-balancer or better incentives for to joining weaker factions, because as it is now, everyone lumps onto Moon, and then it's just FACTION, instead of FvFvF. The map also needs to be redesigned with fewer keeps, temples on the outskirts, with one main harvesting zone in the center where all three factions fight over.
  13. "Moon has a clear lead in both Conquest and Divine Favor in the Secalyn Shadow campaign" --BAHAHAHA! My, that is quite the spin. I think what you mean to say is: Moon is the only faction in Shadow. But hey, let's make it more obvious next campaign by every single player going moon, leaving earth and sun with zero points. And no, I'm not going to share the recruitment link with anyone. I know people who might be interested in the PvP, but this game is so frustrating on so many levels, that they would quit before the end of the 10-day trial.
  14. It seems to me that ACE has great difficulty understanding what incentivizes us to PvP. Even in Tiggs' post, they seem to think we like fighting over forts for the timbers/ingots/boulders. When the reality is, some guy loots the good stuff in the chests at the start of the timer, and rushes out before another group rolls in to claim it. And I don't know if ACE is reluctant or what, but players have been asking for forts and outposts to gives us buffs for some time now. Buffs are good, we like buffs. How about if you own all the road outposts in a given area, you get a speed buff? Or buffs that decrease durability loss, or increase gold/loot drops. That's stuff actually worth fighting over.
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