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  1. Remove guards from keeps Eliminate the damage aoe from the last patch All Guild members drop a keep key along with their head on drop, the keep key is 1 time use for entering the opposing keep, and let the games begin and the QQ END
  2. The fact that new guy knows shadowbane already he gonna like this game, hope for many battles and banter to come!
  3. You guys dictated this squarely on blob v blob We already decided if they remove AOE Caps that yes we will split the blob, but just hit you where our strategy is focusing on hitting you from multiple directions (Triangle) and your aoe cap wont matter, and you will get mowed off the field quicker to our non limit aoe caps, we will force you to stay away from your blob or be punished, like you want larger groups punished for being in theirs now
  4. Does to much damage to be rewarded with near instant activation. Game is supposed to be balanced around large scale keep fighting, at least that's how I would interpret how they balance everything, so the 1v1 what ifs will never be balanced
  5. You give playerbase too much credit, i ride around all the high end areas in dregs daily and see valuable high end resources and GOLD never touched ever Wealth is available friends TAKE IT!
  6. I still take random terrain fall damage as my warden in fights, i have had multiple times in two dregs i fought enemies on a flat surface and taken 1131 exact Fall damage Unavoidable the actual loc in zones don't matter, and i don't understand why i will take big burst damage from falls on even terrain fights, lost a few just to this alone and combat log will show 1131 fall damage unavoidable exact number (on even surface) I lay traps on my warden there will be many places on the terrain where i have laid the trap, and players and npcs will come right thru it with no problem, remains visible on screen but does not trigger with direct hits on the trap, it will blow 2 mins after placed and times out. This happens every single day possible and have had it come into play where i have lost fights even when i know i outplayed them had them trigger the trap yet nothing happened the trap didnt trigger and sat in the terrain doing jack shizzle It's taken away the feeling of winning a bait and realizing the game mechanic didn't register and being punished for distance choices because you believe something that works would happen 100% of the time, but alas jokes on me! I play warden daily I literally watched game mechanics not even work as intended fix this PLZ it's multiple dregs now
  7. I want to hang the skulls of the blackguards that failed on my walls right now
  8. Mixtures of both I love to see what kind of content people come up with
  9. I play this game more than you may understand I actually do this and do lots of aoe damage, CC like roots, stuns, my build directly is based on keeping people stuck in the fight there is no running, and there is no hiding, I have all the tools to be GLUE for fighting In our group composition we form up balanced groups based on whos online from what any guild has available, in a group of 6 as long as I'm the only KGB member in this 6 man we can IE get 50 kills, i get credited 6 KBS but not 44 assist because I'm not in the guild tag that scored the KB, and no one in my group is credited the 6 assist from my kills When I should have assist in the multiple thousands but end up with 80 at the end of the month, how can I not feel like I'm not accurately represented, for the time I invest to do what the games made for, I sure as hell don't know it when I pull it up on the boards, "The simple fix is to make it based on group and not guild tags" I can only believe they are too lazy to change the coding to correctly reflect contribution to the game
  10. I don't like the fact i can actively go out in my group light up people and not feel rewarded. Not feeling rewarded for killing people in a PVP game might be the prime reason im out
  11. "You can still log in and go do stuff if you own the game, but they can't even get the scoreboard to work in shadows or dregs for 4 straight campaigns i am done being naïve about the situation, I'm dead serious 4 dregs with the alliance scoreboard still not understood or functioning like any normal who can do basic math, the shizzle FRYS MY BRAIN because I know I just did X activity that scores X on board, THAT NEVER HAPPENS UNLESS ITS A KILLING BLOW they got that one working right. The Bank Space was nice and i am a hoarder but the more i play the more i realize that only a select few are worth holding inventory for, Discipline's, few mounts' Pack items from store, Rare one off VIP item. Everything else has no real matter and can be obtained day 1 dregs start Guilds now are scoring for the main alliance yet rewards are locked to officers from top down from the main tag and no longer our guild work (This 100% will backfire at end of dregs) I haven't seen patch notes in 4 months with any actual fixes to the game, but I have seen updates with direct nerfs to everything I would of felt semi better with a Q&A hearing the devs saying hey guys we are directly working on X X X X for this time and will get it rolled out but it's only the 11th of the month and they cut communications off with no timeframe to pick that back up either" Edited for clarity I am crazy and hit the sub button again because i am a dumbazz
  12. The scoreboard can't even register who is helping right now, a lot of other people left over dumbpoorly made dergs, i would leave over this because literally im starting to feel like I/WE don't accomplish anything, be apart of 300 kills in a group with mixed guilds in your alliance it will tell you did 0 assisting that day i dont feel rewarded and am close to going to new world also on that alone
  13. I suggest trying my recent approach instead of asking for direct nerfs to X class, I ask for buffs directly for my class! One day it might work!
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