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  1. I don't know enough about any of them to really make a true decision, but the badger intrigues me.
  2. Totally agree with you here. I want to see an army of battle-hardened soldiers in modest grey, white, black armor charging at me, as opposed to being charged at by a rainbow.
  3. Exactly. I don't want this to be some giant arena like some people are talking about, I want PvP to just be another aspect of this constantly changing world which we will be walking into. There hasn't really been an MMO like this for a very long time, I long for it and I know others do too. Maybe I'll become a farmer and sell my crops to cities for big gold so their citizens don't starve to death. I want the choice to do that. I want the choice. That's what matters most to me in this MMO.
  4. Creation points are likely the points you have to spend on your character's stats..
  5. The 'hunger resistance' increases hopes that this will be a living breathing world.
  6. Like an Ewok? *points at your profile pic*
  7. I think there should be restrictions, but they should be limited and they must all be logical. Like if something contradicts the game lore, I don't want it to be an option in-game. I don't want that.
  8. I'm up for it, but I agree with Agelmar, not a priority unless it adds something to the game that we've never seen before.
  9. I'm indifferent, really. But if you can respec, there should be a price, (gold perhaps?) And the amount of gold needed to respec each time. WoW used to do this in its old days, and I liked the system.
  10. There must be order! *throws down staff in an attempt to self-destruct this thread*
  11. Day and night could each last 3 hours, I think that's a good time.
  12. Very cool. Nice art. I would proudly wear both of those sets of armor if I could.
  13. This is exactly why the game should NOT be JUST PvP focused. When you enter this game world, you should not be forced to become a warrior. Yes, I do want this game to be GvG and PvP themed, and I'm sure it will be, but there needs to be variety, not only to appeal to a wider variety of players, but to also make this world more dynamic. Guilds shouldn't be a guild composed soley of warriors. There should be the soldiers, yes. But there should also be the crafters. Hunters. Merchants. Everything that contributes to a well functioning clan / city. A city can't run soley on soldiers in real li
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