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  1. Greetings Crows, In my last post I asked that we may be fortunate enough to receive what for me was the most hotly anticipated 'Archetype' and @JToddColeman, or whoever heard and answered my hopes & dreams THANK YOU! The concept art is out we know now roughly what it'll look like and the future of the Bull-men is looking good indeed!
  2. Greetings My Crows! It's been far too long but also not long enough Serrated may have appeared to have quietened down but the opposite it true we've been busy behind the scenes plotting scheming and still adding members to our ever growing number! Deedster70 & EagleArcherz, Welcome to Serrated glad you decided to join "Sharp Alone, Deadly Together"
  3. Morning/Afternoon/Evening Fellow Crows! It's that time again I'm pleased to announce the newest members to join our ranks, Bumblegrumble & Starrshipcs. Welcome to Serrated! Glad you decided to join us
  4. @CytheS Thanks for your interest in joining us as my esteemed guild leader said it's a bit early to know specifics in relation to guild mechanics within the game, However if you are looking for a place to call home then I'd ask that you consider submitting an application anyway whilst a good number of our players are currently playing 'Black Desert Online' we do have a small number of members still playing Alpha here and there....Any other questions just ask! In other news my fellow Crows I'm pleased to announced 2 more new members ibadc312 & black dove! Welcome to Serrated, Glad to have you both on-board
  5. Evening Crows...Already no stranger to our forum thread I'd like to announce the newest member to join our ranks Icculus, Welcome to Serrated! Glad you decided to join us
  6. Morning Crows! 3 months into 2016 the updates are still steadily coming from ACE but of course we want more me in particular I want to see some more info on Myrmidon but all in good time So glad to see that one of our newest members Ridgebeam aka Rohland is enjoying he's time with Serrated and even happier to see you posting on this thread....Of course it now means you'll be expected to bump this thread all the time And last but not least I'd like to announce two other new members to our ranks Skiim & Dema! Welcome new members to Serrated
  7. Greetings fellow Crows! In keeping with tradition I'd like to announce the newest member to join our ranks CorvusCornix...Welcome to Serrated!
  8. As the Crow flies I'd like to take the opportunity to announce the newest among our flock...Tyvokka aka Vadember, Lehka & Recourse! Welcome to Serrated all we're glad to have you on-board! For all those in testing fear not Serrated are still VERY much around...We're scheming, Plotting & Planning just how to stick our daggers between the ribs of all those who oppose us!!! Serrated....Sharp Alone, Deadly Together!
  9. Greetings Crows! It's testing time once again with 3 scheduled days left and just in time we have 2 new members joining us so without further ado I'd like to announce Chorsac & Candesious...Welcome to Serrated, Glad to have you both join us!
  10. Greetings fellow Crows, I'd like to announce the newest member to join our ranks! Gux, Welcome to Serrated. So glad you decided to join us!
  11. As mentioned by my esteemed guild-brother-in-arms Anaraion! We have been receiving a nice strong steady flow of new applicants the newest of which I'd like to announce to all Aghar & Hunter1, Welcome to Serrated! Glad you to have you on-board...
  12. Morning/Afternoon/Evening fellow Crows! As we continue to crank the gears helping the Crowfall machine move forward into 2016 the first month of the new year has been a unforgettable one for us in Serrated... First of all I'm happy to announce another 3 members to join us adding more voices to the guild motto "Sharp Alone, Deadly Together" they are Kamigamo, Asheron & Cthuluhoops with the new three bringing our grand total of the year up by 10 members 'I'll stop counting now....I promise ;)' Lastly Serrated are pleased to have our branch leader of "The Fist"....Muhrder return to the forums you were gone too long mate! This year is going to be a Serrated one!!!
  13. He has returned.....Run, Hide, Think of the children please please won't someone think of the children!!!!!
  14. Saying that I'm kinda hoping eventually they'll flesh out the minor inconsistencies over time....
  15. I have to agree that even the small issue's I've had has been sorted out pretty quick by ACE CS team so thanks!
  16. Any concerns regarding Crows & Vessels will be addressed in due course it's such a recent announcement and with each new questions & answers from ACE will get a little more info....
  17. Again this emphasizes the importance of having the right vessel!
  18. I also worry that this will turn into a pay to win game! However far down the line it's been happening to the majority of MMO's and I sincerely hope ACE don't tumble down the rabbit hole!
  19. Morning/Afternoon/Evening fellow Crows! It's non stop for us as always holidays are over and 2016 is shaping up to be a good year already and so without further ramblings I'd like to announce our '7th' new member of the year xCasino, Welcome to Serrated! Glad you decided to join us...
  20. No holiday for me @Gizmaul left me to do all the work ....Anyway onward and upward Serrated goes so let me introduce our newest member Rammsteingod welcome to Serrated! Glad to have you on-board!
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