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  1. towelie


    I joined Magicbane for literally 2 days. 2 days. Then I realized the game was dog poorly made socks in today's age of gaming and quit. I didn't even get gear, thats how much I cared. How disillusioned are you?
  2. towelie


    That is because for the vast majority of my time in GvG I was in various RP guilds so, thusly, my characters weren't named Towelie. Do you also recall me ganking lowbies with one of your fearless leaders? We were a duo, after all. I trolled and I had fun, and apparently that upset some of you. Meanwhile I also contributed multiple guides to the forums for several classes, played as a class advocate, and had so much tear-stained loot that I ran a quite hilarious weekly hate thread all while giving away free stuff to new players or friends regardless of guild affiliation. See, politics never interested me, I simply played to crush. If you want to keep clinging on to shadowbane, then by all means go ahead. I made a lasting impact with players from all walks of life in the game and could join virtually any guild still around today (including yours, and probably be your superior) because people knew me and respected me as a player. You still have yet to tell me who you are ^_- Have your recruitment thread, I just wanted to call you out on your poorly made socks. Sincerely wishing you the best and hoping for a 1v1 me at Pax irl bro, <3 Towelie Edit: and it was an R4 Mage Assassin. Just to show what your "memories" are worth here.
  3. towelie


    (OOC) No action gameplay at all, the dodge roll mechanic shown in the character creation screen is indicative of that. "We're so organized though!". Please. I've been in that vent multiple times to say hi to old friends while you guys were attempting to PvP on the emus. 90% of your player base doesn't even have a microphone and 9 of that remaining 10 sounded lost. No sense trying to argue with you though, here's hoping the game isn't 2-5 years away so I can gaze upon your almighty prowess sooner than later.
  4. towelie


    ( Who are you anyway? WM is made primarily of players that started playing Shadowbane late, like after everybody-quit-playing late, and brags about doing well on an emulator. So you won gold at the special olympics, touche. Meanwhile, the rest of us embraced the 21st century and quit playing click to move games and transitioned in to "action" games where we continued to grow together as guilds. I have the utmost respect and love for some of WM's highest ranking members, and I can't wait to play with them again... but I also can't wait to destroy this horde of players who recycled spec toons other people made 10 years prior in an archaic click to move game. Your tremendous exploits clearly show such skill and correlation to CF, please continue to flex. )
  5. *cough hack cough* Apologies 'bout dat, matey. Too much 'a da grog tends ta give me a little cough, har har! (Just saying, I once stole a bane scroll someone was trying to place on the Harbingers of Chaos capitol when TDL mixed up with Rerolled )
  6. (OOC) Then you're blinded by some misguided hate? They've patched air drops twice now in 4 days. When air drops actually happen, it's literally a beacon for thirsty players everywhere and quite frequently turns in to an absolute warzone. Less than 1% of people who purchased the game took the refund option, so clearly this "business model alienated players". Random disconnects? Buy a better computer. I've not disconnected/crashed/etc once since they resolved the connection issues and I could log in. H1Z1 is leaps and bounds above DayZ which launched it's own "Early Access" over a year ago. The community is better. Sure, you're going to get KoS'd and die. That is part of PvP games. But I've run in to random ass players multiple times now that I've added on to my friends list. As for streamers/youtubers/forum-goers bitching? These people you speak of clearly aren't fans of the survival genre and are hating on the genre more so than the game. Also, the unhappy crowd is always more vocal. Let's not forget that Lirik, the biggest name in survival game streaming, is absolutely praising the game. I won't even mention the other 10 or so "famous" streamers that feel the same.
  7. If'n yer thinkin' on 'dat sunrise ya havin' wat yer looking fer, I suggest ya drop anchor, matey! We be sailin' fer a good time yarrr, but we's got some travel ahead o' us an' that's fer sure... (edit) And where are me manners! A happy belated ta ya! Hopin' da rum was flowin' and fair winds was blowin!
  8. 'Bout time ya dragged yerself outta da' cabin, ya mast-huggin' squid sucker!
  9. Don't ya be fergettin' da rum, I ain't fallin fer da bilge water gag no more!
  10. Health per hit? I ain't be seein' one'a dat lot lookin' like der a healin' type, maybe da green wench? Hopin' we be gettin' healers' an' it ain't jus' up ta' some magical health' drainin' ta keep'n da fight
  11. As I live and breathe, the doctor is in! <3
  12. Fair warnings: the character development system is quite unforgiving and you can easily "gimp" yourself. It's also hard to get going in the game without a guild, so I'd suggest asking around the forums for some help perhaps.
  13. (Mourning was not a specific RP server, but did have a reasonable amount of RP guilds. )
  14. Har har har, only as abrasive as'n aged barnacle, boyo! We do be promisin' ta be gentle... If'n ya be givin' us enough rum, dat is... (On topic, I've definitely noticed the segregation. While a bit humorous, it's also likely to blame on us having absolutely NOTHING to discuss ((wink wink nudge nudge)). The whole "never played a game like this, some will hate it" is taken in good note. We're looking forward to hearing more soon. Any chance we could get a Q&A soon? I'm burning with questions beyond gameplay. Basic stuff like What's the inspiration, how long into development is the project, how big or small is the team, etc)
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