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  1. Looks like the DM's will hit 1 target up to 30m away. GE's looks like they will tick twice over 6 seconds for 19-23 +84% weapon damage, + ((CurrentStamina *.61) clamped to max of 350). It is a tick than wait, meaning it should tick at 0 and 3. probably should be a wait then tick so it ticks at 3 and 6. Basically the heal is supposed to heal for more the higher your stamina.
  2. That is equal to 27 deaths, which is pretty long lasting! Remember jewelry only takes decay when you die and or tow truck and not on ticks like weapons/armor.
  3. I didn't list epic/legendary ATTR changes, here are all of them: Green vessels get +50 hps ast 30. Blue vessels get +50 hps, at 2, 15, 30. They also should get +4 ATTR instead of +3 at 9, 14, 19, 24, 29. Epic vessels get +50 hps, at 2, 15, 30. Also +4 ATTR instead of +3 at every even level. 2, 4, 6, 8, etc... Legendary vessels get +50 hps, at 2, 15, 30. Also +4 ATTR instead of +3 at every level. Based on the choices made in necromancy crafting + Philosopher's stone choices, it should be possible to cap out.
  4. Green vessels get +50 hps ast 30. Blue vessels get +50 hps, at 2, 15, 30. They also should get +4 ATTR instead of +3 at 9, 14, 19, 24, 29. The interaction with cooldown modification and RMB Dodges has been removed in 5.8.
  5. State of the Assassin

    There is a reason for this! When you guys submit feedback or bugs we read them. Some of the feedback is stuff we don't agree with or have some other feature coming that will cause that thing to go away. (so no action is taken) Some bugs I can look at at forum post and go fix in data in seconds. (Even in the middle of the night) Some bugs I can't and they go into designs bucket of bugs. (Halash and I work through some of these each milestone.) Some bugs are out of designs hands and require an engineering fix. (This means it goes into the engineering queue and gets fixed based on criticality based on a variety of criteria.) You may think it is super easy to fix something like Druids respawn with zero Essence. Design has 2 options for how pools fill when the player dies or logs in (All Empty or All Full on a Class by Class basis). Sickle Druid is not a class, it is a Druid. So if Essence was set to 100% on respawn/login, non sickle Druids would instantly go into Essence Burn. (Which would be bad for all non Sickle Druids). Since design needs a new option we submit a engineering feature request which gets prioritized against the rest of the project. Unfortunately this means 1 subset of 1 class having a very specific problem gets weighed against every other engineering bug on the entire project as well as all new feature requests.
  6. State of the Assassin

    Great Story! Like I said might see it in another form, or on a discipline (we are starting to shift things around there too). I wouldn't expect to see the Power Efficiency stat surviving in the skill trees much longer, It really is on par with damage bonus and ranged distance as far as power of stat. Expect to find it on passives or active powers. (somewhere where a choice to take it over something else.)
  7. State of the Assassin

    I disagree. Cooldown reduction is great (especially since Kidney Shot had its base cooldown increased in 5.8), additionally PCM increases Basic Attack Damage. Having good power efficiency will also open up some interesting choices as we keep adding more weapons in the future. I also have a feeling when we make a pass on discipline power resource costs, all Pip users will find the resource cost of discipline powers are fixed for them and cannot be modified. So don't get too set on how things are in 5.7 and earlier, we still have lots of tweaks to make. As for Curse Weapon it falls into one of those weird buckets of absolutely must have or garbage.(Usually where you find combat pets) It sets all the damage you do to disease type damage, thus making all your piercing/slashing/crushing bonuses/caps/penetrations meaningless.(Therefore making all your choices meaningless) It is also currently possible to keep 100% uptime on this. I have a feeling in the future this power might return, but it will only set 1 or 2 powers damage types to disease, and only for a brief period of time. (ie something like, Your next 2 Backstabs deal Disease Type Damage instead of their normal damage type.)
  8. State of the Assassin

    I agree a bit on Assassin needing something else, Curse Weapon was a bit too gimmicky to work into a rotation and it made all damage gear progression pretty pointless. I went ahead and replaced Curse Weapon with In the Zone in 5.8 which: Get in the zone! While active increases your Power Efficiency by 20%, and increases your Hit From Behind damage by 10% with the duration of the power scaling with amount of Pips spent. 1 Pip: 10 seconds 2 Pips: 15 seconds 3 Pips: 20 seconds 4 Pips: 25 seconds 5 Pips: 30 seconds Hit from Behind is a new stat we are adding in 5.8 which works with most attacks to encourage some more positional combat for the Assassin. The rest of the power selections ideally come from Discipline powers.
  9. Looked at the power, and it looks like if the target was currently diseased then they were getting blackmantled as well as a nature DoT applied. (Makes sense if you remember that blackmantle didn't used to come from the disease line.) I went ahead and changed Diffusion so in the future if used against a target with disease applied, it will apply blackmantle and refresh the disease DoT.
  10. This stat works both ways, + adds chance to be crit on the target, - reduces the chance to be crit. I went ahead and fixed items to point the right way (-). Also changed the name of the stat for Defense to Modifier since the stat does go both ways. Thanks! A table export was missing.
  11. The vessel additives seemed like a good spot to put a slew of "cap" increases as the vessel defines the base attribute potential of a character. Ideally people are able to hit caps and go looking for ways to increase them.
  12. Intentional. Also Plate base HP was increased by 25%. Not sure why it wasn't in patch notes.
  13. Spot on. Weight and Power Efficiency modify PCM which is the parent stat to both cooldown and basic attack damage. There are multiple ways to counteract the increases weapon weight is adding. Disciplines like Weapon Finesse and Mental Fortitude, and skill training all contribute to Power Efficiency. Hopefully adding some choice to weapons and makes some disciplines more valuable now with new builds for you guys to figure out. It also means when we add more weapons from time to time, we don't have to just keeping piling on more DPS to make them better, we now have another stat to play with.
  14. Yes the Basic attack statistic in the details page will update. That being said the Details UI update rate is very slow and sometimes you don't realize you have a weapon in a "disabled state". IE the Confessor Book goes into the range slot and is disabled until you go into the ranged tray, so stats from it aren't applied. (There is an outstanding ticket to; Display equipped but disabled items with a different icon backing to clean up the messaging.)
  15. @PaleOne I made a white and a blue today to check out the low end are you not seeing rings like this?