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  1. I want to thank y'all who are posting in these Feedback posts, the change to Cutting Grit was a direct result of a post I read in the Feedback thread from over the weekend, so please keep pointing out things that may have gotten missed in the skills conversion.
  2. Spring Buffs were put in to make harvesting playable for players with no passive skills trained while they waited for those passive skills to give them the stats they needed to play the game. (We added the other seasons because it seemed like a good counter balance to the Spring Buffs, but in reality it just made fall/winter no fun.) With the removal of the passive trees (and players now have an active methos to solve any lack of stats problems) there really wasn't a compelling reason to keep them. Please speak out if there was a system that relied on these buffs that we didn't see as a
  3. This was not by intention, just something that was missed in implementation and is awaiting engineer time.
  4. I will look at a way to make it so you can experiment on the Intermediates. Make sure you are in the Infected, and hitting named resource nodes. (cobble/slag/knotwood can never produce disciplines) Node rank does not affect drop rate.
  5. Are you using the quantity arrows to make multiples at once?
  6. I'll look at the basics, might be because of the multiple outcome possibilities with the sturdy version. I guess if they make advanced tools, we should look at giving them intermediate as well. Parchment paper is 1 at time because you can rename it. (And we like this so folks can make notes) Any item with a property that can be modified can't use the quantity system. Which node types in specific are causing problems? Which node type and we can see if there is problem with that node type? The idea is with an intermediate tool is you are going for r1-4 nodes, going for r4
  7. For those of you actively playing 6.200 I am looking for feedback on the ease of which you think the various "souls" are obtained. This will be useful for tuning the 6.300 proc values of the crafting disciplines. I have heard feedback that feels like some of the professions proc too often and others not enough. Something like: Armorsmithing - Felt reasonable, saw one every 10 pieces of armor. Weaponsmithing - Felt too slow, saw one in 30 weapons. Alchemy - Runecrafting - Felt too fast, saw one every 5 tools, and tools are easy to make. Necromancy - Stonemasonry - Jewelcraftin
  8. There is no uniform GCD as you would see in game like WoW. All powers have an animation time. There are very few powers with "cast times" in Crowfall. Most powers are "instant" type that execute when you press the button. What you are noticing is that we prevent you from starting your next power by the animation time of the current power.
  9. That would negate the purpose of them being progression items. If everything of value unlocks instantly, there really isn't any progression. After the proc rate tuning we have done already, ideally it shouldn't be too hard to get souls. (We will keep tuning as we identify specific professions with issues.) Alternate way to get to AtD is the first belt upgrade, I will go ahead and enable the belt upgrade recipe so you can at least get to the rare belts in 6.200 if you want a different route to get the passive. Epic belts may not be ready in time, we will see.
  10. Well that is because combatants and harvesters act more as faucets and the crafters turn the resources from those faucets into sinks to be used to harvest/acquire more resources. Advancement mechanics for crafting are pretty standard in any MMO, go harvest a bunch of stuff, make low level stuff to raise stats, make slightly better stuff to raise stats, make even better stuff to raise stats, etc. Pretty much the only thing slowing anyone down is how fast they acquire resources.
  11. Those passives are part of the 6.300 belt progression, but it not a bad idea to have a few shrines available in the open world for those who haven't progressed as far. The souls are essentially "crafting xp" if you look at it from a mechanical viewpoint. Craft something = chance to gain currency to make you better at crafting. When you reach the top of the progression tree, you can still use souls to sell or give to guildies to twink them. (tradeable crafting xp) The largest complaint we have seen over the course of the project has been "I just have to wait to get better". With
  12. These values are based off the partially implemented values that went up on Test day 1 with as global profession based proc rate. Over the past few days on Test we have changed it to a recipe based proc rate, so baseline recipes within a profession can have different proc rates, and we have been tuning the rates / finding recipes we missed with each Test update. (Ideally on vessels now you should see a 1 in 7ish rate) As you craft more within a profession you will see more souls, those can be used to upgrade disciplines or upgrade belts. The goal with this was to match th
  13. Just to give everyone a heads up on mounts for the near future. The current system of being able to claim an inventory item and import that inventory item is not our long-term solution. It is merely a way to get most of the pieces and parts in-game and player tested. In a future Beta milestone, when we have what we call "the Skins" system online, purchased mounts will be an account entitlement that unlocks a "mount skin", which can then be used to override the appearance of your in game mount slot. (We will use the same system for weapon appearances from KS.) Until the Skins system is
  14. The only recipe for minor disciplines is an upgrade recipe which upgrades their quality. (Ie 3 blue quality "thornshields" = 1 purple quality "thornshield".) You get the minors as NPC loot drops. We really don't intend on changing on the minor disciplines drop/upgrade process. (The NPCs who drop them will change in the future however) Major disicplies all require the "Thrall Major Soul" plus a few other resources. You can also upgrade the Major discipline quality via a recipe which combines 3 of the same Major into the next quality level.
  15. What recipes do you think are yet to be implemented? I don't think anything is missing recipe-wise, and we could pretty much go with Runecrafter as is.
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