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  1. You have 2 seconds from when the orbs go from green(only group visible/heals) to turning purple(visible to everyone/explosion) to get out of the small range. This should be plenty of time to move. Due to a bug the purple orbs appear after the explosion. 2 seconds really should be enough time to block, dodge, leap, and or ultimate to get out/mitigate the explosion.
  2. I agree this is a bit clunky for the Blackguard, however I don't want a Finisher being used as an opener. I went ahead and made Backstab allowed in the Stealth Tray.
  3. If you remember back when we had archetypes the Knight had a cloak baked into the model. So any race based off that model should be able to wear a cloak once art does some fancy artwork to bring back cloaks for those races. Design will add some stats to cloaks that in some way equivalent to what an extra ring/necklace is worth.
  4. Bombs are a known issue, they still explode at the right time, their timelines just play at the end of the explosion and not at the beginning. As for healing orbs could you provide some repro steps or a video so we can see locations / conditions of them not working. (Just before I left the office someone was playing a druid and every one of their orbs dropped in a fort (or house near the fort) worked as expected, so we need better repro steps/video if we want to see what is happening to you.)
  5. Yeah this bug was being worked on today, hopefully it will be fixed by early next week. I did move the Stormcaller orbs to the caster, so they should spawn inside of you until I have the tech to offset them from your center by a few meters. Yeah they need another heal, will add Wisps into the Archdruid Capstone.
  6. Unfortunately as a new person dropping in game the Druid Life/Death mechanic was just too complicated. (Also people who need to level need raw damage) Which is why we smoothed it out (starting with a sickle + damage) and now if you so choose in the latter game can promote into a healer.(Hopefully will have heard / be ready for the Essence mechanic) Making all druids start as Stormcallers essentially looked liked the cleanest and easiest to understand route to make the class understandable, and allow people to ramp into the difficulty of managing essence. Side Note: All Weapon Mastery Disciplines are going away in 6.0 and seeing their powers baked into some of talent trees, very similar to how we have now retired 2 so far in 5.8 (MoP and MoS). I am still working on the nuances of Earthkeeper and Archdruid and might shift a handful of things around still. (The next round of changes should be much smaller though.)
  7. For most of the WoW eras that used the talent system you are referencing, the player always went for the Capstone talent in a particular tree and had 20 points left to play with after hitting that Capstone. (with very, very few exceptions) While you could spend those 20 remaining points in a different tree, you really could never advance past the first 3 tiers due to the amount of points given to a character. Generally speaking the first few tiers of any of the older WoW talent trees weren't much more that stat boosting. So to say you could "multiclass" in the old WoW talent system is really stretching it. Crowfall is somewhat similar in a sense you should go for a particular Capstone and have points left over to either invest in discipline nodes or the class specific nodes in the middle section of the tree. (I'm really looking forward to the dynamic nodes generated by disicplines in 6.0.) As Blazzen pointed out we built the promotion areas with a specific theme/idea in mind and were able to implement to that theme because we knew the player wouldn't be able to buy into those other promotion areas. The amount of character customization we have for the launch offering is pretty unparalleled in the space, and the current talent trees as a great starting point, and we will continue to add more content to the talent trees/disciplines as time goes on.
  8. When a vessel gets into a hosed state like this please contact QA without deleting the character! This way QA and Engineering can try to debug how that character got hosed, and without the actual character they can only use logs. It is much easier when they can just zombie the account and try to login with that particular character.
  9. A system like this is great because it was put together using a bunch of existing tech and no engineering support. Adjectives are strings we put on the player for various reasons, Equipment slots can be granted by adjectives, Items can grant adjectives and invisible proc powers when equipped, Adjectives can also grant recipes, Powers can proc a decay hit to a specified slot when a recipe is made. Voila! All of those tech pieces were built for other systems, yet rearranging them in a clever way creates a whole new type of content, the consumable recipe scroll. (BTW using existing tech, prototyping, and making a fun new form of content that is good enough for production is the kind of thing that gets a designer noticed in this business.) Now if you want to build a consumable recipe scroll system from scratch you would need to go through the whole process of a GDD to UI Mocks to TDD to engineering back to design for content creation. I can say with good certainty a feature like this would instantly get thrown into the post launch/never bucket, despite it sounding really cool. (Also your solution determines for the player which consumable you are going to use, which people tend not to like. Sure do something like the lowest charge first, unless I as the player didn't want to do it that way, then they are pissed. It is always better to give the player as much agency if at all possible, and let them decide how they want to manage their items. The easiest way to do that is to force them to equip/click the thing they want to use.)
  10. While you may see it as a nother damn thing in the short term, it is absolutely necessary for me to start putting in progression elements as I think they are going to be at launch. Crafting at its core is RNG mitigated and enhanced by RPG progression. I intend to give the crafters as many progression elements as I can. (Because more content is always desired and creating positive loops between crafters is desired as well.) You may not like every single element added, (wait til you will want to wear a chicken hat, while holding a rolling pin, with a pet fox, while your group leader is a Stoneborn, chug your potion, all while at a crafting station at an advanced keep.) The great part about Crowfall's stat system is we tend to put in multiple ways to reach a desired cap, and we are just getting started with some areas like crafting!
  11. I hope I didn't convey that all alchemy potions are going to 5 minutes, just the new Potion of Sapho is.
  12. Yup! All remaining Races (Stoneborn) and gender variants (Female Half Giant) are in 5.7.
  13. I really like the video presentation. For those of us in the trenches who are mired in the details of netcode this, druid sickle that, it a good way to see the project from a higher level is moving forward. Kudos to Gibson and Max.
  14. I was even the Honor Grad from my electronics class! People just tend to get snarky (no way!) when we make mistakes (or don't agree with how something works), and I am one of the more visible faces of the team (so pretty much have a bullseye painted on me at all times).
  15. Exploration skills aren't just about harvesting, I have been calling it the gameplay track for a long time. It just so happened that harvesting was the first gameplay we built outside of combat. Expect when we add more gameplayesque skill trees for features like like Animal Husbandry (pets/mounts/pack animals) they will end up in Exploration. Now that I have removed Leadership skill nodes from the Profession Basics skill trees, the trees are roughly balanced around 30 days of training time if you want to 5 pip every skill node.
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