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  1. Spot on. Weight and Power Efficiency modify PCM which is the parent stat to both cooldown and basic attack damage. There are multiple ways to counteract the increases weapon weight is adding. Disciplines like Weapon Finesse and Mental Fortitude, and skill training all contribute to Power Efficiency. Hopefully adding some choice to weapons and makes some disciplines more valuable now with new builds for you guys to figure out. It also means when we add more weapons from time to time, we don't have to just keeping piling on more DPS to make them better, we now have another stat to play with.
  2. Yes the Basic attack statistic in the details page will update. That being said the Details UI update rate is very slow and sometimes you don't realize you have a weapon in a "disabled state". IE the Confessor Book goes into the range slot and is disabled until you go into the ranged tray, so stats from it aren't applied. (There is an outstanding ticket to; Display equipped but disabled items with a different icon backing to clean up the messaging.)
  3. @PaleOne I made a white and a blue today to check out the low end are you not seeing rings like this?
  4. UI hasn't caught up with the change from 2 attributes feeding into AP to 1 attribute, in the case of confessor its all INT now for AP. Went and put sensible caps on all the armor bonuses since they are feeder stats and we shouldn't need high testing value stats anymore. Fixed Druid/Ranger Final Armor Caps being flipped. Things like Forest Whispers we are better off using the Personal Damage Modifier stat (the stat Block uses) for that power since we wont have to change a ton of caps at the same time. That top level Final Mitigations stat is a dummy stat used so I can explain how the system works. (I just don't have a way yet to hide dummy stats values)
  5. Just fixed the data, that was my Attribute cap test item while I was fixing the proc on Long Live the Fighter. Also, LONG LIVE THE FIGHTER!
  6. Known issue, the allows rotation while moving function got broken it seems. I know two versions of channel powers get stuck on were fixed in this cycle. Please PM raymond with repro steps if you would. Our Engineer on this isn't able to repro this internally, could you get us some video on it happening? Could be a variety of things and we definitively would like to make sure it is fixed. As many details as possible about your character and even system specs and FPS when it happened.
  7. We took that out pretty early, because people were missing branching combos because of holding 4 down for example on knight. When I first started teaching Todd/Gordon to play Knight I would always holler 4-4-4! (Not to say there wasn't an update or two where it might have been broken though)
  8. Please try another race if possible. The only combo type you can hold the key down and advance the chain should be left click.
  9. Race would help too. We are at the point where we have enough different variables we need to know all the details.
  10. Please tell us what powers you see any combo problems with.
  11. Pre-Alpha 5 Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    While you may see it as a nother damn thing in the short term, it is absolutely necessary for me to start putting in progression elements as I think they are going to be at launch. Crafting at its core is RNG mitigated and enhanced by RPG progression. I intend to give the crafters as many progression elements as I can. (Because more content is always desired and creating positive loops between crafters is desired as well.) You may not like every single element added, (wait til you will want to wear a chicken hat, while holding a rolling pin, with a pet fox, while your group leader is a Stoneborn, chug your potion, all while at a crafting station at an advanced keep.) The great part about Crowfall's stat system is we tend to put in multiple ways to reach a desired cap, and we are just getting started with some areas like crafting!
  12. Pre-Alpha 5 Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    I hope I didn't convey that all alchemy potions are going to 5 minutes, just the new Potion of Sapho is.
  13. Combo issues ended up being a much larger and deeper change than we were anticipating and ended up as part of 5.7. Strength of the Legions tooltip is wrong should be 75. (fixed in 5.7) Dex not contributing has also been fixed in 5.7.
  14. Stoneborn yet?

    Yup! All remaining Races (Stoneborn) and gender variants (Female Half Giant) are in 5.7.
  15. Pre-Alpha 5.6 Video - Official Discussion Thread

    I really like the video presentation. For those of us in the trenches who are mired in the details of netcode this, druid sickle that, it a good way to see the project from a higher level is moving forward. Kudos to Gibson and Max.