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  1. Just to give everyone a heads up on mounts for the near future. The current system of being able to claim an inventory item and import that inventory item is not our long-term solution. It is merely a way to get most of the pieces and parts in-game and player tested. In a future Beta milestone, when we have what we call "the Skins" system online, purchased mounts will be an account entitlement that unlocks a "mount skin", which can then be used to override the appearance of your in game mount slot. (We will use the same system for weapon appearances from KS.) Until the Skins system is
  2. The only recipe for minor disciplines is an upgrade recipe which upgrades their quality. (Ie 3 blue quality "thornshields" = 1 purple quality "thornshield".) You get the minors as NPC loot drops. We really don't intend on changing on the minor disciplines drop/upgrade process. (The NPCs who drop them will change in the future however) Major disicplies all require the "Thrall Major Soul" plus a few other resources. You can also upgrade the Major discipline quality via a recipe which combines 3 of the same Major into the next quality level.
  3. What recipes do you think are yet to be implemented? I don't think anything is missing recipe-wise, and we could pretty much go with Runecrafter as is.
  4. What @Shadow_Disciple said. Flat increase added to the min/max base roll.
  5. Kronos Laughs at you! But in all seriousness, the Sentinel's Debuff are intended to apply to everyone on the Stronghold. These are intended to be Meta Changers for the Defending team to adapt Sieges to play to their particular teams strengths. (usually based on class/discipline/player skill selections)
  6. Keep calling out bugs, especially the new UI ones, there was a very low level UI optimization incorporated into this update which while super awesome overall caused quite of few breakages to specific UI's.
  7. I suspect the answer is something we have ordered up for another system, The goals are; To not destroy all the progression we have built for crafters, make the crafters relevant early on, in the process of making them relevant early, don't make the process so trivial the combantants bypass the need for crafters. So basically have them do the thing they want to be doing in lieu of waiting. Which sounds like crafting stuff and being rewarded with both character and passive skill XP.
  8. I like it Mira! We have internally always though as necro as advanced, but if you literally gate the "advanced" professions on X percent through previous professions, there is zero possibility of having a day 1 apples to oranges comparison between loot drops and crafts. T1 T2 Runemaking Woodworking Crafting_basics Jewelcrafting Blacksmithing
  9. Day 1??!! I would propose that there won't be such a thing as a "crafter" then. The danger of such a low barrier of entry is everyone just makes their own.
  10. That is quite a Bow @Yoink ! Lots of questions in here, I'll throw some things out there. Primarily the largest issue is the competition between Blacksmiths/Weaponsmiths/Leatherworkers/Woodworkers and War Tribe Gear. (Other professions just have to wait some time, and as long as they have been training and establishing supply lines, they will always be top.)The fundamental question for the weapons and armor makers is "How long should it take to be competitive with the loot drops from a stats perspective?" (Because form a durability perspective, the crafted stuff is top.) Right now f
  11. The Ancients were placeholders til we built the Thrall NPC's. Thralls are specifically for Majors, minors/exploration still come from where they currently do in 5.100. Thralls do "inhabit" the upper end stations in .110. White Disciplines will continue to be available from vendors in .110 as they are intended for people to try out builds and experiment. Yes you can no longer upgrade White quality vendor disciplines via the combine mechanic. Thralls all drop Blue quality and you combine multiples of 3 disciplines / 3 essences for upgrade stages. Pretty su
  12. No the 9th power tray slot slot is a Human passive. Hero's Blood - increases the the amount of Power Bar Slots available to you by 1. As a mixed race Half Elves get 1 Human passive (Past Lives) and 1 Wood Elf passive (Trailblazer). As for cloaks they have been removed from Humans/Half-Elfs for the time being as cloaks aren't a launch priority.
  13. The long list of permanent buffs we currently have on the combat hud was part of my hitlist for 5.110. We mainly were showing passives as permanent buffs for ease of testing. (very easy to see when something was applied because it would put the buff text up). Now that we have other ways to see what is applied to the player and we are communicating this to the player via the spellbook, there is no reason to keep them up on the combat hud. (I do admit it's kinda weird logging in to a character and not seeing any buffs on the combat hud after having them there for many years.) If you look at t
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