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  1. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    You can dump items on them for sacrifice and PL them to some degree. (we just don't put ALL the eggs into this one basket, they can still make meaningful account progression via passively training) If we were to reset skills every campaign you would lose that long term progression and make it much more akin to Diablo3 seasons. (They technically have some long term via dumping season Paragons back to your live characters but no one plays on live.) Also now we need another catch up for late campaign joiners. This also removes long term progression, do you have a replacement for this in mind?
  2. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    As with all things there are ups and downs. Passive is great from a sense that you can progress and keep up with your social group no matter what is going on in real life, even if you can only login every few days. (It sucks being the friend who wasn't able to log in and all of a sudden your friends shot ahead 20 levels and now you have to PuG it) Downside is you are gated by time, I know we have many, many people who would like to grind to the end, even if it means killing 1212762376 boars. Unfortunately that style of play as we have seen over and over is people race to the end, look around, ask where is the end game? proceed to complain about being bored and quit. Without fail. Every single game. Do people want to make top end stuff day 1? Sure they do, and in games that let you grind it out, guilds can funnel everything to a player to those ends. Which sucks for longevity. You claim that the early game is going to be unpleasant (which might be true) but it would be even more unpleasant long term for the game if we let people zip to the the proverbial "end" in that first week too. The way we have it now there will be epochs of gear, where over time the gear that appears on the vendors will get better and better, and every couple of weeks the crafters will make a giant leap forward as they earn more experimentation points. (least that is the theory) Where you can go get your grind on is with leveling vessels and finding Disciplines. +90 attributes from a basic white quality vessel at max is pretty significant, even more so if we up the amount of attributes gained per level on the higher quality vessels.
  3. Will do some digging, but based on that SP and Healing bonus amounts, the delta between the two seems pretty big. (As a side note Cleric should be benefiting from skills trained now)
  4. I am kinda decently trained at woodworking on Lacsiel. At least at the experimentation part. At least I thought so. I had 31 experimentation skill. That's it. It feels janky as hell. I failed easy things left and right. This line provides really no actionable items, or even solid examples to analyze. 31/100 is decently trained? (even in modern schools 31 is not a passing grade) How many experimentation points do you have? How many experimentation points were you attempting to spend at a time? If you were attempting to spend more than 1 point at a time I would call that sub optimal with that level of skill. Also increase intellect for more experimentation. There is no intermediate Runecrafting tools. This absolutely sucks. I love the extra nodes but rank 7's with basic tools is the worst introduction to the gathering system ever. Find a runecrafter to make you some better tools. (You will want a runecrafter friend anyways for when we pull the Testing Discs) Want more weak spots? Level for more attribute points, spend some attribute points on intellect (potential of +24% chance with capped int). Should also be a skill tree node that increases weak spot chance and a new alchemy flask on the way. Harvest crit same thing, increase dex, or use items that increase it. (runecrafter for tools with harvest crit) A common response throughout this post; level the vessel, gain 90 attribute points, thus increasing harvesting and crafting stats. Soon you will also be able to equip a crafted higher quality vessel for even more attributes! This system is meant for min/maxers to go nuts and it feels like we put most of the solutions (or a path to them) in your hands in 5.4
  5. Engineering is aware of the 412s and looking into it. Could you post a SS of the explo and excavation trees please, want to see if it is an art or data problem.
  6. Which powers, armor (has +healing on it now), and with what discs? I'd like to reproduce it internally
  7. Crafting in 5.4

    That is exactly why the combat stats do not indicate attributes, as they are different based on what class you are currently and we get 1 tooltip entry for that stat.
  8. Crafting in 5.4

    I think he was asking which attributes affect which crafting stats, not sure if any of you took screenshots during the last 5.4 snap test. @Anhrez might have started documenting them though!
  9. That is the straight amount that is reduced off the nodes armor floored at 0. SO in the case of your example (15 mitigation on the node) the node would have a mitigation of 12.075 for you. This mitigation value is going to reduce your damage by that amount each swing. Because we floor the nodes min mitigation at 0, there is no way to go into damage increases with this stat . There are other stats which increase the damage base amount.
  10. Yes base values of 4 of experimentation points for all advanced crafting stats were removed in favor of shifting that point budgets to increases in attributes. As we move out of standing up systems and testing phase (where we just grant a bunch of whatever the new thing is so you guys can test) into a lets make this a playable game with progression, you will start to see us stop granting large bases. In this case using a quality vessel attribute skewed towards a specific attribute as well as leveling that vessel and further attribute skewing will make that vessel better at crafting X. Blacksmithing is mainly strength based for assembly and experimentation points, and intellect for experimentation successes. Whereas Necromancy is dexterity for assembly and intellect for experimentation points and experimentation successes. (look in the tootlips on each stat for the parent attribute) Basic Crafting stats are still parents to the advanced crafting stats, so increasing them will always increase all advanced crafting stats. However Basics do not benefit from attribute increases. (didn't want attribute double dipping)
  11. Thanks for all the feedback, this gives us a bunch of stuff to fix on Monday! We knew about the reticle offset being locked to offset parameters and seeing players while the stealth shader being broken, but wanted to get this up on Test so other issues start showing themselves. We should have fixes for those issues up early next week. The new map wasn't ready for 5.4 but will be in 5.5, and there is certainly an eye being put on the frequency of named resources in that next map.
  12. You Get NOTHING!

    We should see some change in the next few updates. The advent of crafting stations in 5.4 will mean those folks who have no real interest in crafting will only be making basic/intermediate recipes. This will filter out players who have no skills trained in crafting and really don't want to be crafting anyways. (By the time a player unlocks the advanced recipes, they should have some skills trained) Assembly failures will no longer consume the item, but instead grant an unexperimentable template of that item. Won't be the most useful (maybe in a pinch), but they will be useful in another system we have coming online soon.
  13. Intermediate crafts will use the basic crafting skills.
  14. Increased the Coefficient to .25 so you will get a full 1 in all children skills. This post was helpful, succinct, and helped to resolve an issue. This post on the other hand was not helpful and had some barbed jabs in it. Make more of your posts like the previous one please. We definitely have a task to go through and link attributes to gathering and crafting stats. We might even get some fun new mechanics out of it. We just haven't gotten to it yet. I can very much see Str, Dex and Int increasing assembly, experimentation and experimentation points for certain professions where it makes sense. (ie Blacksmithing is Str based, Leatherworking is Dex based, and Alchemy is Int based)
  15. Basic Recipes- No Experimentation. Intermediate Recipes- These recipes all use new intermediate sub-components that don't have custom stats on them. Can only experiment on PCM and Damage. The point of these recipes is to introduce a new person to Crowfall crafting and not be more than 1 sub-component deep as well as create an upgrade path for all players in the Beachhead. Advanced Recipes- Can use Alloys for stats. Can use Additives.