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  1. Next build it will. (also won't heal them while in stealth)
  2. 50 is the hard cap on this stat. (even Cap increases have a limit) That UI widget is having debuffs added to it. (We will see if it makes the 5.90 release build) Will look into the campfire stealth healing, dropping a campfire should pop them out of stealth however (please verify if it does). Since these craftables have no stats, and don't contribute their quality value to the assembly quality roll, they were flagged as a forced outcome "common" with no serial numbers so they stack.
  3. I checked the Passive out, it is correctly giving you 8% Lifesteal when a toxin and the passive are equipped. (Look on your details ui and you can see equipping/unequipping the passive gives you 8%) Lifesteal doesn't know how to only deal damage damage based on conditions, it just gives a % of any type of damage dealt back. (I also just tested it, on every swing I could see my health increasing.) If you Recall in the Starter area will return you to the beginning of the starter area, Recall anywhere else will return you to the Temple. (this is working through QA atm) Channeling targeting is a known issue and is being addressed with some other targetting issues in 5.100. I'm not seeing the walk issue, mayhap it has already been fixed.
  4. There are a few generalizations we use: Most resources drop all 6 qualities. (This is because we wanted to be able to make the various campaign difficulties drop different qualities) Just because a recipe doesn't make use of the higher quality right now doesn't mean it won't in a future recipe. The next step up from resources is a component that really has no stats but is required from another profession. (Most of these should be no serial/forced outcome to preserve space) (I'd also like to make these stack to 100 in light of where we are now) Then we have components with all the stats + durability. Anything with stats we shouldn't be making as no serial / stacking. (These should all stack to 20) Then there are the final items. I do like the Philo stone counting, generally anything with lots of stats and a quality we make sure it counts.
  5. That is because the weapon weight of the bow is adding 2.5(s) of cooldown to you because you are a PiP user. If you are going to combine Pip user + Bow you need to use lower weapon weight bows or use a passive to offset it.
  6. And... We are just going to keep adding more items, more sub-components, more random drop items from NPCs. That is the nature of the RPG. Most new content will almost always reward and involve new items. Which is one of the reasons we are working on a Bag system. At some point there is just going to be stuff you don't want to keep around, and thankfully we do reward you for throwing those items away into a sacrifice brazier. I do agree with you on the listed items to force quality/remove their serial numbers, and letting some of them stack to 100.
  7. Do you remember what you did right before this happened? Also what class?
  8. Ultimately so everyone follows the progression path out of God's Reach and into the campaigns to level those higher quality vessels. With gold being the fastest and easiest way to level a quality vessel no one really cares about all the other XP drops in game.
  9. Sounds like something with the input queuing broke. The Knight Block is already fixed, all channeled powers will have this problem on the build you are on. Epic / Legendary vessels gain 0 XP from common quality items.(of which gold is) This is why we have been adding green/blue/purp sacrifice items into the loot tables.
  10. I don't think it is a bad idea limiting the discipline quality that is allowed into a vessel, white discs could only go into white vessels, epic discs into epic and lower vessels, etc. I think we should all agree white vessels are like the Ibis in Eve, it gets you going but anyone who sticks around for a few days buys a better ship (vessel in this case). We are still discussing this one internally. Thank you for your post! We value and try to read all the feedback, and I'll give you a secret. A game is only as good as the number of meaningful iterations you are able to put in front of a live audience before you go to market. This is one of the reasons I think most MMO's aren't really ready until a year or two after launch, they just didn't have time to play test their ideas with lots and lots of people. Based on play and feedback we already have some tweaks lined up for 5.90; More humanoid NPC's in the maps, Can level a white vessel all the way to 30 in GR, Little bump in durability on armor. There are additional tasks we were planning to do as well, unfortunately we ran out of time for 5.8.6 build. I already did the recipes for both the Exploration and Major disciplines for 5.90, the runecrafters will have another in demand category of item to sell ontop of tools. I removed the data for the mount that is produced to be non-tradeable, however I am not sure it made the 5.8.6 build. If it is not in live then 5.90 will bring that change. Long term I don't see the scroll slot being used to craft mounts, I just didn't have a better slot to put it in yet.
  11. I have been in for a few hours each night since the wipe. It is going to take me a few weeks.(I'm in no rush) I don't know what "build" or even if I want to keep playing this character, based on what drops for me I'll figure it out along the way. (The only thing that is really unfortunate is working with all the new stuff in 5.90 and going backwards to live at night.)
  12. @Soulreaver The Higher the rank of the NPC the higher the quantity and quality of loot, this has been a promise since day one. You are playing in God's Reach, and the NPC's are much lower rank in God's Reach than the Campaign worlds because we want to encourage Campaign worlds.
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