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  1. Was some weird localization export, intuitive is far-sight. Re exported this morning and it looks good in next build. Rank 2's don't have a chance to produce white quality until PH4 and even then not on the per hit tables.
  2. If you ever get past a pre-req and start a training a skill you aren't supposed to on the next login it shouldn't give you credit for the stats coming from those boxes. Saw this alot when we were shifting the old trees and moving pre reqs around. It doesn't untrain those boxes however, you just need to train the pre-reqs to get to them again. (also possible we broke the pre-req checks on the server, could you post SS's of the crafting basics and BS trees for me?)
  3. Thanks guys fixed the item data, will import it in the morning! It is also interesting to see that discs which grant equip adjectives have a bug or two in them. We should probably re validate equipment requirements periodically after equipping.
  4. Elven Eyes allows you to see enemy nameplates +20m further than normal. I've seen multiple posts where y'all thinks it allows equipping leather, what am I missing?
  5. MotherLode generic output seems much better

    I have been refining the tables as part of the general harvesting work. You should notice in the next drop that once you have Plentiful 3 there is a small perhit chance for greens for r5+ nodes. I'm trying to keep the colored resources out of the hands of folks who don't invest in harvesting. (At some point the chests will go away) Nice to see you guys noticing the changes. Keep up the feedback!
  6. The root is applied after the damage component so the powers damage shouldn't count as part of the earlier break mechanic. Currently "big hits" have a chance to instantly break the root. Also after 2 hits while rooted you have an additional chance to break the root.
  7. Fixed the issues with Flasks and Plentiful Harvest. The Beneficial numbers are correct .05 is 5% as the proc chance scale is based on a 0 - 1 roll. Bard Song - In Combat 10% / Out of Combat 30% Empowered Bard Song - In Combat 15% / Out of Combat 40% Seekers- In Combat 10% / Out of Combat 30% Sprint - In Combat Only 45% As part of race/class split we normalized all Base Movement Speeds between the races. If we want to make a race faster we have given them a Trailblazer/Trailmaster buff. We intend to get the ability to flag a power as "sticky" back in at some point. Mark is looking into the bow LMB damage. There are some aspects that make Bow LMB's hit hard; A fully charged bow show is a 3 second Charge Time. Most Classes LMB attacks are .6ish second animation times. Based on timing alone a Bow LMB attack will always deal much more damage than most classes LMB attacks. Not all armor is good against Piercing Damage. You can stack Piercing Damage Bonus from multiple Disciplines. Bow LMB's are all based around Ranger LMB's which get a built in damage modifier. (Cause Rangers) We will see where we want to make the tweaks.
  8. Will look at the Flask Stuff, they should all put you at 3 regardless of equip/drink order. Looking the Beneficial numbers. The data says .0005 for beneficial harvest chance on Beneficial Harvest Chance: Animal for example. At 100 skill that becomes .05 . When that number is factored into the proc chance it should count as and additional *100 so 5% (I will run a test to make sure that is actually true) Still making tweaks and moving another PH to the excavate/harvest basic node should help. We will continue to refine as we get more data.
  9. I know the FX guys are working on all the Harvesting stuff atm and it is looking pretty good! The power input queuing is going to be a few weeks unfortunately. (I tend to left click rather than left hold and not have the input problem) No need to for a basic axe, the updated axeless harvest animations are going in and the look really good. (sides you only need to get to 3 wood) Tools last a reasonable time if you make the more advanced Runecrafter tools. Even longer if you have Skills trained, Crazy long if choose Villein Discipline. Please call out the specific resource types as we setup the weak spots on a per object basis and this makes it easier in finding the bugs. I generally setup the Bard Song/Blessings buffs to take priority over sprint as they aren't as easy for you to reapply them. Up to a 30 second wait for the Blessing to come back. So would suck if you accidentally canceled it with Sprint. However the Bard Song is much less powerful speedwise than Sprint so I can see flipping the priority of those two. Thanks for the continued Testing and Feedback! Really helps us bang this into shape for getting 5.3 to Live.
  10. 1. Not sure what caused this, could you provide a repro case with 2 or more powers between Test server and Live server so we can check it out in house? 2. The new Powerbook UI that is being implemented as we speak has all Trays you own displayed when it is open, so you don't have to do the current tray hop then open the book to move stuff around madness. 3. This is on the list but we have to implement power queuing tech on the server to allow you to override a depressed left click with a tray power. Hopefully later in the 5.3 cycle. 4. We don't want extra trays to become a huge buff advantage for those classes and discs that have them. Hence the mechanic that stops toggle powers if you swap a tray and do not have that same toggle power loaded out in that tray. (We are extending this to all buffs you apply to yourself from other trays and then swap) Not only would it mean that the only thing worth playing was classes with 3 trays, but also devalue racial benefits like the humans extra power slot. If you do have the toggle power loaded it both trays it will keep playing like nothing happened though. 1. The linkage is to a specific tool, not a category of tool. You can in fact have 3 axes in inventory and load them all into separate tray slots. 2. Is a coming request. 4. New character sheet we are working on allows you to loadout items into the Survival tray without opening the powerbook. 6. Increases the same stat that is on the tools of the respective type. Look at a nonbasic tool, you will notice picks have mining on them, axes have logging, etc. The higher this stat the more of a nodes armor you punch through and deal more damage per swing.
  11. Thanks for the first round of testing, we are making lots of fixes based on it! (and planning for more longer term changes for some of the bigger issues)
  12. Single view. The new character sheet is what you see when you press ALT and go into mouse mode.
  13. When mocking a UI the UI team usually drops in place holders so they know numbers will fit in there, or in this case a resource bar so it works on all classes. You will notice the stamina values are off as well as the weapon damage values. By the time you see it it will reflect the race class and correct numerical values of the character you are on. (No the knight does not have mana back) It should show up while 5.3 is on the Test server, while not in the initial drop of 5.3 but one of the 5.3.X's. For those who have access to Test they will get to see as we iterate and polish everything up on the Test server.
  14. The new detailed view is similar to the old detailed view with the 3 big sub buckets and then we added big sections under each of those buckets similar to how we have sorting and sub sorting in the crafting UI. This way we can show parent stats and group their children under them for those that are super interested in crunchy numbers.
  15. If you look in the upper tight of the new sheet you see 4 filter buttons. Each of these flips the right portion of the sheet. The 4th filter is the detailed stat descriptions and values.