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  1. Jah is correct, you are not required to fill a pip to add skill points into it.
  2. These will just build up over time as we add content and new systems. As we continue to turn from a large Test environment to a game, things will get parceled up and added to the trees. Right Now; We can give recipes via skill nodes will will continue to do that. We have passives like Way of the Leader which are based solely on skill training. We will be adding more passives to the skill trees over time. We unlock unique harvestables via skill nodes like cutting grit and bone/blood. Most skill trees/nodes that relate to gameplay systems we are adding will more than likely end up in the Exploration Sphere (animal husbandry, etc)
  3. What is the point of the Survival Tray?

    We tried a bunch of different things along the way to where we are today. Some of the early backers may remember some of the more disastrous version. The absolute worst was the version where timers automatically pulled you out of combat / being attacked put you in combat. It was so bad it didn't make it past internal playtests. As a player there was no agency to going in/out of combat, it just happened, and usually you go dizzied right after it. Agency is very important, it lets you decide how you want to drive. (In fact very similar to a manual vs automatic transmission) There are a series of actions/powers/consumables we didn't want folks using in combat, and folks generally didn't 'get' the whole in/out of combat before we put the dedicated trays in. (Despite there being a giant 'Press Z to enter/leave combat UI element in the middle of the screen. No matter how big we made it, people were still confused.) The one thing I will look at as we start looking at mounts, is how quickly the trailblazer/master buffs turn on. Especially since I am going to have to do something special for Centaurs to suspend their trailmaster and kick on mount speed. (unless I can convince Mel to give us a cart/wagon which would be the centaur mount as seen in that old concept piece)
  4. 2 deaths with tow truck all JC break?

    The cut phase had virtually no change. Grind had a small increase, Polish had almost a doubling, Final ring combine had a 4x change. So the earlier in the process you compare to previous the smaller the change will be from 5.4.
  5. 2 deaths with tow truck all JC break?

    Can I get some SS please, want to compare to our end.
  6. 2 deaths with tow truck all JC break?

    The durability does seem a bit low on your jewelry, Ill look at tweaking the baselines up a bit higher. HOWEVER Our current thinking is Tow Trucking is meant to be harsh. (Definitely something you don't want to do often) Hence the flat 250 cost across all items for it. (You take a flat -100 when you go unconscious, that's why your numbers are adding up to 350.) Tow Trucking shouldn't be a "I'm not in the mood to fly back", unless your mood dictates paying a 250 durability hit.
  7. @Destrin Doesn't look like you have a tool in your hand. Activate a tool and the passive should turn on.
  8. Welcome to 5.5!

    Yup, we were all set for a snap test of 5.5 tonight, unfortunately we had to throw on the brakes as we had a blocking bug popup as we were doing our internal smoke test. Hopefully we can get it ironed out for tomorrow. (and all the rez stuff is in the build, check for the new powers in the appropriate classes power books)
  9. Grit does down grade on Combine

    Thanks for the bug! Will make sure an Engineer puts some eyeballs on it soon.
  10. I am not sure if we are going to make weapon specialization style discs for tools tbh. Based on the type bucket a discipline falls into is where it will come from. Minor->Loot Drop. Major->Thrall Capture->Craft. Weapon Specialization->Crafted Advanced Weapon ->Craft. Ideally that provides enough varied vectors to provide multiple different kinds of activities to go engage in. Between majors, weapon specs, and advanced tools, the runecrafters should have plenty to craft. I would imagine crafting discs are going to be majors similar to how harvesting discs are majors.
  11. Deathblow just forces the downed player to release early and pop back as a crow to the nearest temple. (The point at which they release also turns the downed player into a lootable cairn object) Auto release is what is going to happen after 6 minutes of being downed anyways, deathblow just short circuits it. They player who was just killed and sent to the temple as a crow can still fly back and jump back into that vessel OR if they think that area is potentially full of bad guys, tow truck.
  12. ACE Q&A for February - Official Discussion Thread

    I am using the literal of impactful as applied to when one character hits another and it feels good. I think you were referring to the term impactful as a generalization applied to the entirety of combat. Mine being "it feels good to hit another character" vs yours "combat feels meaningful overall". Thank you for the video feedback, especially sharing your own project. Most people will never understand or care how difficult game creation can be. At least you walked a few steps. The pressure and difficulty only scales up as funding and audience expectations rise. Fighting games are great and feel great. That many colliders and hit boxes is right out of the window for any networked game of scale. As a rule we look to cut out as many detection checks like that as we can simply because the what the server says must always be right! For the server to be right all the time it needs to be asked questions nonstop, and because asking a question, thinking and processing that question, and answering that question can take anywhere from 50ms-300ms.(based on any players internet) Which means everyone is always slightly out of sync. So we fake much of it, or try and predict, or some games even (shudder) trust the client. Yes there have been MMO's who launched and they trusted the client to provide them with correct damage and health manipulation much to their woe. This happened as recently as 2 years ago. Anyways since every other player you are looking at it always slightly ahead of where there are on the server, you don't need the precision resolution that multiple hit boxes and colliders would provide. 90% of the time you would think you hit a target on the arm on your client only to have missed on the server because that player who you though you hit on the arm was 3m to the left of where you saw him represented on your client. This is why in the MMO space you usually see 1 universal server pill that represents all races of characters. To do otherwise is adding an incredible amount of work on the server and the client for very little return. I will caveat this with "countries with 5-15ms server roundtrip times. Developers can build games differently when you have near instantaneous response from the server "ie look at the South Korean fighting MMO's. The GW2 range example just shows a hit flash, an additive hit animation, and sync'd sound. We have all those pieces, but those are salt and pepper ingredients. (I would also put hit pause, screen shake, directional shakes/weapon trails into that salt and pepper ingredient) Salt and Pepper is important, hell you can make a great steak with just salt and pepper! But your base is a steak, and not pasta. That is the core of what I was saying before, you can add salt and pepper to anything but the core of the meal; How you Target (Tabbed, Aim, Aoe) how you move (Free Move, Root Motion) how you animate (Split Body, Locked) THOSE core portions of the meal tend to shut down possibilities. Well why not do both??!! Yes Surf and Turf is a great meal, but I have never had Surf and Turf where both the steak and the seafood were equally as good, and the price is always 3x. Things tend to fall apart at scale. Just imagine trying to cram 100 people into your level. Not only does netcode fall apart rapidly, or the server start lagging causing people to warp, combat that was fun for 4 players falls apart, the environment no longer works because it is too tight with that many people in there, etc. I've linked this video a few times before. It is a few years old but always a good watch. (no video is perfect, but he nails many of the mains points as to what makes action combat feel good)
  13. ACE Q&A for February - Official Discussion Thread

    Every update we add something towards making everything aspect of the movement system better, including how you view other players as they move through the world 5.5 has some very low level changes to the movement code which I am hoping will move the needle quite a bit. That being said there are avenues of making combat feel more impactful that are forever walled off from us because we chose to remove rooted attacks/root motion and let players WASD move and attack at the same time.(Action games typically bake the movement into the attacks) In game development for every decision we make to make a particular feature work, there is always consequences. (For example we chose to target based on where the reticle is pointing, because of this many options that are normally available to games that use a free-mouse are unavailable.) Now, there are a few tricks we can do to make impacts feel good, however they will never feel just like Monster Hunter or BDO which primarily use root motion on every attack.
  14. Cutting Grit

    Each pip is worth a 1% gain, and I imagine you get to at least 3 or 4 pips before moving on.
  15. Cutting Grit

    Baseline stat value for Harvest Chance: Cutting Grit is 0. Until you train the aforementioned skill to get the stat you would never see a Cutting Grit from harvesting.