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  1. It looks like the thought process was around giving different damage based on what arrows the player might want to use. Updated them in the next build. Warden - Capstone talent now provides Piercing/Slashing bonuses. (covers bow+melee) Brigand - Capstone talent now provides Crushing/Slashing bonuses. (covers melee)
  2. That first pip not doing its thing was a bug, while looking for the answer to this question, saw the problem and fixed it.
  3. Sadly I hadn't seen what formula was going to be used until it went up. In the future Design will provide a series of vetted formulas that may be used for a variety of campaign types. *Crawls back into the Dregs work*
  4. Good catch, I'll disable the Commune With Nature proc in the Death Tray.
  5. Training Dummy Mitigations: Crushing - 50 Slashing - 50 Piercing - 0 Fire - 50 Ice - 50 Electric - 50 Poison - 50 Disease - 50 Bleed - 0 (No clue why piercing is set to 0, someone must have been testing something) No, you can't go below 0 with a penetration stat.
  6. We always get the uncapped mitigation value, subtract penetration, then apply the cap again. (example 1) If you have 47% crushing pen, and dummy has 50% crushing mitigation, you would be hitting it as if it had 3% crushing mitigation. OR (example 2) If you have an uncapped 100% fire mitigation (cap is 75%) , get hit with a 20% fire pen, you now have an 80% fire mitigation but still capped at 75% since you are over capped. Mitigation is always useful, and armor pen values were also toned down in 5.100.
  7. It is all about where and what we want tested. On the Test server, post a system making it through its initial implementation paces, there really is no reason to not artificially boost player acceleration. (this is why even with the new leveling process and flow in 5.100, we let everyone bypass all of it it in favor of testing out fully tricked out characters with all powers in the 5.100 cycle) The powers bugs were far more important to shake out than leveling. We might have not even known about the ranger traps/druid orb problems until live as no one would have been using them since they would have been leveling instead. On the Live server, we always want a playable game, with as much content (rough edges and all) as we have, because it tells us what edges are razor sharp and need to be fixed as soon as we can. This means we really don't want artificial boosting in unless we really need it, because it hides those super rough edges, and we end up all fooling ourselves what we need to do with a particular system.
  8. This is as designed, the range between hops on spirit whip is 5m from the last target hit in the chain, and can't hit previous targets. The dummy on the far left is more than 5m away from the dummy on the far right.
  9. Imagine this being spoken in Old Timey Radio Voice (also known as Transatlantic speech.) Orb position was being sent and dropped on the client. There is a period of time between when the client gets a baseline and the NetworkedObject is created. In general clients drop replication events that arrive in this interval. There is special code for position updates that will update the position baseline, but it needs to be called whenever a new type of position update event is added. In this case it had not been. The fix will be in soon.
  10. @galvia You probably got a bad experimentation roll on the blue items durability. I just crafted the same Metal Scales using the current numbers: White - 291 Durability, .2% Anti-Crit Blue - 306 Durability, .24% Anti-Crit This is what they would look like using the old numbers: White - 208 Durability, .13% Anti-Crit Blue - 269 Durability, .2% Anti-Crit You can see how much flatter the curve is than before where we were not only reducing the Assembly Bonus, but also capping how many Points you could put into a single line. This should mean gear viablity now starts at common quality.
  11. It is much more likely to get better rolls on the lower qualities, however the higher qualities still get the built in assembly bonus. That quality bonus may not be very visible on mediocre or poor experimentation rolls, however using amazing rolls as the benchmark, you can see the difference. For Example: Max Armor you can amazing roll with 10 Pips on a white quality Mail Chest is: 963 Max Armor you can amazing roll with 10 Pips on a orange quality Mail Chest is: 1347
  12. Looks like my Patch note didn't make it into the master list. Crafting - Common and up quality experimentations now all now have 10 Pips as the maximum amount of PiPs allowed per experimentation line. (Should help shrink the deltas between the crafted quality levels) Basically this change was to make it so there was a much smoother progression on crafted items. This does mean you can get poor rolls and craft a higher quality item that is worse than a lower quality item at the end of the day, but we consider that acceptable in smoothing out the qualities.
  13. @BleIt definitely sucks the amount of ancients in this randomization of the Campaign worlds and the Worldbuilders and QA will make better efforts to ensure the spawners in the future don't create such a dearth of the disc droppers. Sadly we can't adjust spawners mid campaign as with our current tech the maps are locked in when the campaign starts. We have on our list to shift specific discs to certain NPC types, so you can focus target specific disciplines. @DedolinNot adding additional stats to higher quality discs was a decision to not let additional stat bloat creep in to every aspect of legendary. We definitely want the higher qualities to feel more powerful but not to the point where they decimate the lower tier vessels. (Because at that point then legendary becomes the new standard for minimal viable!)
  14. The community defined viability for us as a "max white level vessel with discs". So... We are working towards making that a reality for players to hit in a weekend. (you should continue to see tweaks to hit this goal in the 5.92.X cycle) If you want to go to the next stage of progression and use a green or blue vessel, then the default quality that the mobs drop for both minors/majors (blue) are in the world. (If something is eating the spawns then that sounds like a bug, but in stream I saw today players are easily getting 3 blue minors from a r7s, and an ancient spider that dropped a bunch of souls.) If you want to go beyond that stage in quality levels and use purple or orange vessels, then you are committing to a much lengthier process. (Shouldn't it feel like an accomplishment to max/disc out an orange vessel?) Basically pick how high you want to go into vessel quality. For some people, the extra attribute points won't be worth it and they don't have the time, so they stop progression at white quality and login for sieges or PoI timers. For others who want to invest the time they have the prestige of the higher qualities.
  15. It is a bit too high atm based on the new system and I already lowered it in 5.92.
  16. 50 is the hard cap on this stat. (even Cap increases have a limit) That UI widget is having debuffs added to it. (We will see if it makes the 5.90 release build) Will look into the campfire stealth healing, dropping a campfire should pop them out of stealth however (please verify if it does). Since these craftables have no stats, and don't contribute their quality value to the assembly quality roll, they were flagged as a forced outcome "common" with no serial numbers so they stack.
  17. I checked the Passive out, it is correctly giving you 8% Lifesteal when a toxin and the passive are equipped. (Look on your details ui and you can see equipping/unequipping the passive gives you 8%) Lifesteal doesn't know how to only deal damage damage based on conditions, it just gives a % of any type of damage dealt back. (I also just tested it, on every swing I could see my health increasing.) If you Recall in the Starter area will return you to the beginning of the starter area, Recall anywhere else will return you to the Temple. (this is working through QA atm) Channeling targeting is a known issue and is being addressed with some other targetting issues in 5.100. I'm not seeing the walk issue, mayhap it has already been fixed.
  18. There are a few generalizations we use: Most resources drop all 6 qualities. (This is because we wanted to be able to make the various campaign difficulties drop different qualities) Just because a recipe doesn't make use of the higher quality right now doesn't mean it won't in a future recipe. The next step up from resources is a component that really has no stats but is required from another profession. (Most of these should be no serial/forced outcome to preserve space) (I'd also like to make these stack to 100 in light of where we are now) Then we have components with all the stats + durability. Anything with stats we shouldn't be making as no serial / stacking. (These should all stack to 20) Then there are the final items. I do like the Philo stone counting, generally anything with lots of stats and a quality we make sure it counts.
  19. That is because the weapon weight of the bow is adding 2.5(s) of cooldown to you because you are a PiP user. If you are going to combine Pip user + Bow you need to use lower weapon weight bows or use a passive to offset it.
  20. And... We are just going to keep adding more items, more sub-components, more random drop items from NPCs. That is the nature of the RPG. Most new content will almost always reward and involve new items. Which is one of the reasons we are working on a Bag system. At some point there is just going to be stuff you don't want to keep around, and thankfully we do reward you for throwing those items away into a sacrifice brazier. I do agree with you on the listed items to force quality/remove their serial numbers, and letting some of them stack to 100.
  21. Do you remember what you did right before this happened? Also what class?
  22. Ultimately so everyone follows the progression path out of God's Reach and into the campaigns to level those higher quality vessels. With gold being the fastest and easiest way to level a quality vessel no one really cares about all the other XP drops in game.
  23. Sounds like something with the input queuing broke. The Knight Block is already fixed, all channeled powers will have this problem on the build you are on. Epic / Legendary vessels gain 0 XP from common quality items.(of which gold is) This is why we have been adding green/blue/purp sacrifice items into the loot tables.
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