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  1. I dropped in to point out that the news article headline has the date of Feb 06 .
  2. Porting from zone to zone, i get stuck at unlimited loading screen with message "Waiting for Avatar". When trying to enter campaign or taking the runegates the game reverts back to the Lobby Screen.
  3. I hope thats the case. Do we know when the servers are going to be up?
  4. I am getting Generic Error/HTTP error message.
  5. Please consider changing the border of the rune gates to match one in concept art i.e white glow on the border.
  6. Yea i am thinking that now we have class system with 13 races . Or archetypes are able to equip the other archetype as a promo class.
  7. It will be cool if ACE redesigned the skill tree similar to what we have in path of exile or albion online.
  8. Siege Perilous

  9. I am also leaning towards playing a ranger, granted when they reveal more of his/her abilities.
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