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  1. advtech


    It's all good for me, anyways, I don't really talk to people in game very much unless I must for the sake of time in a game like Wizard101. I disliked the fact that many simple words are banned because they are "too close" to some profane/obscene word. When under the pressure of time, it became very frustrating.
  2. advtech


    In game, how is the chat system projected to play out? You would think that the chat rules would be the same for the forum, but how will chat abusers be sanctioned? (If that is thought about yet)
  3. The music would have to fit the theme of the area. You should think that a peaceful village/ peaceful forest will have some soft, ambient type music, especially for settings with a lot of vegetation, and little to no mobs/bosses nearby. A more dramatic que would definitely be needed for higher up battles, like, a boss or something as far as battle music goes.
  4. Instinct is a lie. Told by a fearful body, hoping to be wrong. - Zaheer

  5. I believe I am in group 2. Can't wait to play the game!
  6. This is very amusing. I can't wait for the beta to open! I'll leave the hotheads be. I'm just here to play a game
  7. Coming from Wizard101, I really disliked the way pets were trained and the length of time and amount of experience was needed to "Level up" my pet. (I have only gotten ONE pet to mega.) I was terrible at half of the games, so I only played the other half, and training quickly became boring because I felt that I was making little progress. I liked the way Pirate's pets were trained better. There was no game we really had to play in order to level up. Want I want from Crowfall is less labor and more of a constant change in the way we do things. I'd rather be working on the same project and making little progress. Thoughts?
  8. I have come from Wizard101, and I still play it! Those throwing Wizard101 down the gutter don't know what they're missing. My personal opinion is that in the lower levels, the game is sluggish and a little too sugar and rainbows, however, in the higher levels the game gets more mature and very difficult.
  9. I have noticed a huge difference in protocol between this game and other games like Wizard and Pirate (101). I suspect that the target audience is young adults / up?
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