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  1. where u been hiding! 

  2. Nice, downloading now to check things out. From the guys who made one of my favorite gaming times of all time, SB!
  3. I wasn't asking for a remake of Shadowbane, I was asking for the intense political pressures and consequences SB had .... won't see that here. There will be no real efforts put into campaigns because everyone knows you are going to loose it NO MATTER what with a reset at least. I don't see resources enough of a incentive to keep it going. There is no consequences for guild/person's actions in the campaigns because their real assets are sitting back in EK .... thus we won't see the political excitment we once say is all I am saying. I guess it works for the new age gamers who like games like Dota/ LoL/Smite .... at this point I personally think I rather go play CU to be honest, although I hate faction warfare, at least there it seems there will be real reasons to control terriotory and HOLD onto it and be strategic for a long term basis. Of course I don't expect everyone to agree with what they want to see in a game, I just don't think this is going to end up being my cup o tea in the end. Willing to stick around and see how it goes though.
  4. So we aren't going to sieging like we did in Shadowbane are we .... kind of disappointed to be honest. I think they missed the mark here with EK's personally. There is not going to be any long term consequences for guilds and their actions with this system. The campaigns are time limited .. so if you loose crap there who cares. Than you go to safety mode in EK once a guild or person runs their mouth. I don't see the same Political type intensity we seen with shadowbane. I don't think I am too far off to comparing this to trammel to be honest. Oh well
  5. So do you like it as in terms of PvE terms? I imagine if you are low level that's the experience so far. I would agree it works really really well in Tera for PvE, I have my reservations that system would be the best pick for Crowfall and what it is suppose to be however. My concern is how that system would really work day in and day out in a game of pretty much pvp with sieges etc.
  6. Do we really have people here that are still holding out for the hopes the combat is going to be like Darkfall? Not going to happen from what they have said on what they are aiming for.
  7. I always love linking this video to show what GW2 could/would be like if you get rid of the Tab Target, the mod shown here still allows soft target, but that's something that could be taken out as well. I just love personally how it works for the most part in this video. i am strictly talking about the general combat here, not added layers of gw2 system like boons, healing, etc etc For those who haven't watched it before, check it out. I have linked it several times here so some, or, a lot of you might already have seen it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g2yOAVEKec
  8. This is why I am suprised they don't lean towards GW2, it's proven to be pretty good, and still to this day has a lot of people playing who enjoy the combat in GW2. It's not so niche that it doesn't automatically rule out a certain player for the most part. Anyway this is what they have in the FAQ now ... they have added some to it since they originally put it in there. 4. How will combat “feel” in Crowfall? In deciding what we want combat to “look and feel like,” we are drawing a lot of our inspiration from other recent MMOs. We love the idea of action-combat – but we have to make sure the game doesn’t get too “twitchy” (i.e. require lightning fast reflexes or too much button-mashing). Combat has certain elements that are similar to Wildstar (our movement includes things sprints, dashes, and double jumps) and other elements that are similar to TERA (combo attacks that have short “locked” animation sequences – chains which you can opt to continue or break, for a cost.) The result – when combined with our voxel terrain and physics based movement systems – is combat sequences that looks more fluid, feel more visceral and require more tactical thinking. The locked animation sequences is what has me personally on the waiting side of the fence for now.
  9. Holding off due to combat. They showed a video and have said it's been changed from that already. I just can't put down money on something I won't even play if I don't like the combat style.
  10. I think this is why I am confused, I watched some recent videos and videos all the way back to 2012, and it is hard to see exactly how it works, because each one seemed different, that's why I was thinking that certain actions/attacks/combos actually by pass the collision.
  11. About they just let us customize our own UI, you know like how SB did way back in 2002
  12. Well one of 2 things I am seeing, either the player collision boxes are xtremely small or combos/actions by pass the collision ... I watched a few recent pvp videos as well and it doesn't look like true player collision to me. I admit I am not very knowledgable on Tera combat so I have to go off what I see in videos
  13. So why can I go to a twitch channel right now and watch a Tera streamer and watch them go through one another?
  14. @ Vunak - GW2 doesn't have to be played with Tab Target just a fyi ...I am not advocating for downed state, this is like boons an added layer to the system as a whole. I am advocating the feel and basic core of the GW2 system, not the added layers. I want to see Tera combat with collision ... I have this feeling it will be completely different than what people think it will be. I mean if you are in animation lock how is true collision going to play into this, is it going to stop your "attack" animation leaving you with a failed attack etc etc ....too many unknowns on how they plan to do this
  15. Maybe a treb had been beating on the wall for a hour prior to the video
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