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  1. Is their any link to the devs saying they want a kickstarter? Seems to be a common theory
  2. The optimism for the reveal sure is great. But I guess its better to under-expecting and surprised then over-expecting and being let down by your hype.
  3. My guess, is a teaser trailer a few days before, and on launch day a full 2+ minute trailer. Edit: Posted sooner then I wanted but I wanted to say, I don't think beta will start for a while after the reveal.
  4. I'm fine with either honestly; if I have to play a female rouge, or a male tank I really don't mind.
  5. At least screenshots to show you have something already in progress, not just concept art. The two screenshot we have of the game so far look pretty good though.
  6. I think character uniqueness plays a large role in games in general, and helps people get into the game.
  7. So many modern MMOs forget one of the things that made early MMOs so great, it's supposed to be Massively Multiplayer Online. Instead of focusing on teamwork and building a community; MMO's became individual focused. Thus the community of the genre died. Please, try to force a bit of friendly teamwork.
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