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  1. Starting to play with the Eternal Kingdom, are there any EK only people looking for guilds?
  2. Can't get past the initial loading screen where you pick servers. I am stuck on waiting and it have not been able to pick a server yet, it has me locked on Santuary (Forgot your C!).
  3. Well a bunch of us just invested in stock for the game. How many out there did the same?
  4. Cussing while eating at Chick Filet has no bearing on people realizing it is a Christian owned and ran business so customers on this forums that cuss has no direct correlation for the game or its development. Flawed line of thought is flawed. I respect your right not to cuss, I also respect my right to express myself how I choose too. It has also been proven that people with extremely large and vibrant vocabularies tend to cuss alot as well. So much for other flawed theories on intelligence and cussing.
  5. I would disagree whole ******* heartedly. PVP is just exactly that, smashing people's faces in and hurting little crybaby wannabe pvpers feelies.
  6. Hello from Drakkar of Fallout, <Cimmeria> Server first dragon, <Cimmeria> Rulers of Keshata and defilers of Eximos!
  7. Hello old foes from Sartok, your friendly neighborhood bard Starsong!
  8. Hello to our old foes from Sartok! Your friendly neighborhood bard, Starsong!
  9. What's going? Guys should come hang out on TS with us or pass on your new info for your voice server. Starkiller Black Hearts
  10. Howdy! Hope everyone is doing well. See you guys in game soon. Starkiller Black Hearts
  11. The Black Hearts were founded in 2000 in preparation for the launch of EA Games Multiplayer Battletech 3025 as the Disciples of Carnage 5th Regiment. We have transitioned through many games and alliances through the years and still remain true to ourselves regardless of attempts to change our core values. If you are looking for an mature guild that likes to have fun and play games with each other, all the while completing content a game has to offer, with a group that becomes more than just guild mates over the course of getting to know one another, than maybe we are what you are looking for.
  12. Greetings House Lok-Ri, you have been missed! A bunch of Black Hearts (House Kurita in L2) and Virakar have been playing the past few titles together. Would love to see you guys running along side of us again.
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