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  1. I jumped ahead to a less creepy rapey part of the song.
  2. Are you somewhere feeling lonely, or is someone loving you?
  3. I feel like I missed a huge opportunity to interact with him over the past year. I know his importance to -W- and what a great guy he was to play and talk to. Tragic news. My thoughts will be with all of his friends and family.
  4. Not really. I don't go out of my way to prove stupid arguments wrong. It typically happens organically. Glad you are enjoying your multi-month crusade claiming WoW as the pinnacle of MMO PvP.
  5. Opinion invalidated. It wasn't valid in January when you tried to make it and it still doesn't hold up now. I hope ACE makes a game worth playing and people can express their feelings about the value of your opinions in game.
  6. That is now a WOW raiding guild! Huzzah! Lots of SB guilds were dominant early. Few were dominant late.
  7. Yeah but Canadians are way too polite to begin with so his scale is skewed.
  8. Ha! You don't know this but you gave me the only other name I use for games (steam, xbox live etc) on one of the many "best players at blah" threads that popped up over there years I had just wrecked your deflar with a Mage Bard (style casting 41% BM swords ftw) which was the result of some cutting edge builds Eastre and I were whipping up as the game changed. You posted in the thread ".... some mage bard named Gagelprom or something....." and I laughed and stole the name. As a bonus it apparently incites rage and anger in FPSs as I've heard screamed many times "WTF IS GOOGLE PORN!?" "w
  9. Absolutely the friendliest guy. Life is a cruel MFer.
  10. Agelmar


    Thats it. Digging up my sig from those days. VD era was awful. Rerolling my scout just to be female wasted hours of Grad and Silk's life PLing it.
  11. If it costs them $0 and takes them 0 hours and I can disable it... I'd support this "feature."
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