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  1. I jumped ahead to a less creepy rapey part of the song.
  2. Are you somewhere feeling lonely, or is someone loving you?
  3. I feel like I missed a huge opportunity to interact with him over the past year. I know his importance to -W- and what a great guy he was to play and talk to. Tragic news. My thoughts will be with all of his friends and family.
  4. I have to admit one thing so far about Crowfall... Just like SB the videos of fights aren't very interesting unless you play the game and realize what is happening. Combat also appears to be all about coordinated kiting which also like SB, range wins.
  5. Irony from the guy repeatedly referencing his WoW PvP glory days. Your stamina in keeping your troll threads going is impressive. I don't have the constitution for it.
  6. You are not allowed in my Kingdom.
  7. I'm more curious about your opinion on the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons that the UN has proposed and will open for signature by any state on September 20th. What (if any) impact do think this will have on the future of humanity? Will anyone actually sign it? Without the threat of mutual assured destruction is it realistic to destroy your countries nuclear arsenal?
  8. Yeah no idea what you are talking about. Glad to know you are the TMZ of Crowfall though, I'll be sure to check in for more juicy gossip. I look forward to the success of whichever guild you end up running. I appreciate the attention and break from the monotony of work this morning. Keep up the good work.
  9. So you apparently killed Angelmar during an alpha test stage. Other than your constant multi-year commitment to posting about how good you are I haven't seen a single shred of confirmation from anyone other than yourself. It is usually better to let other people tell you if you are good or not, carries more significance. Since you won some alpha fights I look forward to your impending retirement to bigger and better things since you've already mastered this game and have never lost and all of that. The dirty laundry stuff you are referring to I honestly have no idea what that is about. You appear to be confused and making assumptions about a great many things.
  10. Awesome. Good to see you have your excuse for being terrible at the game already formulated. Impressive preparation.
  11. Playing pubg mostly. Its fun. Really just waiting for this to develop.
  12. Getting closer to a game I'll play and test... come on 5.3! Glad to see WB holding down the fort until my triumphant return.
  13. I never claimed you were "rude or disrespectful." It really was amusing to come back to these forums after over a year away and see you still up to the same forum strategy. I have a feeling when this becomes an actual game you'll find the majority of your enjoyment from posting on the forums and the actual campaign worlds a far less friendly place.
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