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  1. I agree with some of the stuff in here but the marginalization of levels and classes has been a pretty steady trend in the MMO space for a while. The minor level bonuses and grind-times were set up as a way to create "Content" by forcing players to blow time in game. That's pretty shady but at least I can understand the motivations of the devs.... in PVE games. Crowfall however, is not a PvE game. It was never meant to be a PvE game and putting PvE mechanics into it are dumb. So my best advice for an instant improvement to the game is simple. GET RID OF THE LEVELING SYSTEM. It's crap. All the bonuses are crap. The grind is crap. And the entire thing has very little purpose. I can see that the dev's wanted to turn the game into a kind of Moba and give players both internal and external progression in each campaign... Fine. That idea is decent. I love Moba's and with how popular LoL and Dota still are, even 10+ years after launch, making a Moba like MMO is a decent choice for a PvP game. but in a MOBA all the levels are meaningful. Each level up improves a character significantly and more importantly IMHO is that in a Moba you level up... BY PvPing. In the current Crowfall None of the levels really matter and none of the talent choices are significant. The current system gives players a lot of options, but all the options are useless. Worse you have to gind PvE mobs for hours, or days depending on the quality of your vessel. Get rid of all of it. If you really want levels then make them meaningful and make them tied to PvP objectives. Maybe you have to sacrifice 20 skulls to get a permanent +5 to all stats, or you have to kill X number of players while attacking or defending to gain your ult or your specialization. I came up with those ideas just now and either of them would be way better than the current system. I'm sure with professional devs, hours of meetings, and months of time you guys can come up with better ideas.
  2. No huge problems for me.... I do have 1 question though.. Why does it take 8 metal bars to make a magic staff??? You have to have both the Runecrafting and Woodworking professions to create one, which means you can't have any blacksmith runes to reduce the metal costs... That means it takes 222 (27*8+6) metal in order to make 1 staff. That's sorta ridiculous. You should replace 4 of the bars with heartwood, as heartwood doesn't seem to be used for much besides quivers. 8 heartwood would be harder to get than 110 metal but it would at least be wood, which a woodworker should be much better at getting. Having fun, but the grind is real... Not to mention trying to gather in the dregs is ridiculous. All the resources are level 9-10, so without a huge number of talents or super-powerful tools you can't actually accomplish anything.
  3. I think telling the majority of players to move from Live to Test... Sort of defeats the purpose of having a Live server and a Test server.... If you need more people testing... than just move the most recent patch from Test to Live... It's not like the game is out yet.
  4. backer 2080 for me. I just hope the patch drops soon.
  5. Why is dodge roll attached the race cards? Wouldn't it be easier just to make it a universal skill, then add a special dodge power to the races that have one? I"m sure there is some programming reason I don't know about but it just seems odd to me.........
  6. I think gathering needs mini-games. Ones that are both weighted based on player skill, and by avatar skill. Bonus points for a team-game when multiple people are gathering the same node. This makes gathering both more interesting, as well as makes botting more difficult. Eve mining was basically ruined by people running Bots in Null-sec. Last I saw some hard numbers there are enough minerals in storage right now to account for all the new ship construction in the game for the next 5+ years, even if no-one in game mined a single asteroid. People running bots and multi-boxing gathering has really hurt the games economy. Especially since the economy in EVE basically IS the game. Yes mini-games can be corny and get boring, but I don't think they can be more boring that staring at a progress bar while watching your avatar mindlessly hack at a resource.
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