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  1. I've been out of the game for a few months. I started playing again a week or two ago and found you've added a reroll mechanic to crafting. My question is... How is the mechanic supposed to work? As far as I can tell you ALWAYS get a better result when you reroll. Not only that but the reroll %'s seem to start at the base roll's value. That means it's always better to do the big re-roll Every time. Is there supposed to be some limiting mechanic, like a number of re-rolls per day, or per campaign or something? Is it supposed to delete the users first result? In it's current form it seems to have no limiters or down sides at all, and if it's always better to reroll then the mechanic has no real use. You should just remove it and make the re-roll values the base values. I think it's an interesting mechanic but it should have some downsides other wise it's kinda pointless. I was just wondering if the dev's had some other plans for it they haven't put in yet or if they are just testing the waters.
  2. Why is dodge roll attached the race cards? Wouldn't it be easier just to make it a universal skill, then add a special dodge power to the races that have one? I"m sure there is some programming reason I don't know about but it just seems odd to me.........
  3. I think gathering needs mini-games. Ones that are both weighted based on player skill, and by avatar skill. Bonus points for a team-game when multiple people are gathering the same node. This makes gathering both more interesting, as well as makes botting more difficult. Eve mining was basically ruined by people running Bots in Null-sec. Last I saw some hard numbers there are enough minerals in storage right now to account for all the new ship construction in the game for the next 5+ years, even if no-one in game mined a single asteroid. People running bots and multi-boxing gathering has really hurt the games economy. Especially since the economy in EVE basically IS the game. Yes mini-games can be corny and get boring, but I don't think they can be more boring that staring at a progress bar while watching your avatar mindlessly hack at a resource.
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