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  1. dakota

    The Gods

    New Character creation looks sick! anyone agree?
  2. I got money on my mind

  3. dakota

    The Gods

    Glad to see such a great response! Hope to see you all in the game when it comes out and show everyone that the G0ds are the best!
  4. dakota

    The Gods

    If you played Wizard101 or are interested in joining The Gods, let us know! Our current members were very experienced in Wizard101 PvP and are going to be highly involved in PvP on Crowfall. Cant wait for the release!
  5. Hello everyone! Really excited to play this game, already looks great from the art I see. Im going to make videos on it on my youtube channel, I heard its very pvp based so thats perfect. Hopefully the fam can make its return on this game.
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