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  1. Also true. In any game! I guess as they reveal more about the systems and plan that they have, we can draw better conclusions!
  2. As they haven't discussed how many world there may be, or instances of a campaign as it were, we can't say that's for certain, but it is absolutely a reasonable assumption. But as I hinted at in the last post I made above, this is merely a limitation of size and coordination of the organization. And again, if it's a wide enough range of servers, it may be a moot concern absolutely, but since we don't know the scale, or if they have any other mechanics in place, it's all speculation. Good points!
  3. This is a minor hiccup to the progression of a highly-coordinated team. You might not know where Mine A, C, and E are, but you know EXACTLY what to do, and how to do it, as soon as you find them. Think of a guild of 100 people - How long will it take them to comb the world and find all the resources and POI's they need to control before they start doing the same thing they did last time? Locations may vary, but methods, mechanics, and coordination will not. That's my only concern.
  4. I am just as excited as everyone else on the forums has been about the reveal of the Eternal Heroes, Dying Worlds mantra that is the foundation of the game itself. It is an excellent premise, and if implemented properly, could be a major paradigm shift in how MMO's are developed. So "Kudos" to the team - I am still very excited to hear and learn more. However, I am apprehensive about one aspect of such a system and I would like to know, if possible, more details about how it will be handled. While wiping the slate clean on a cycle via campaigns is a brilliant way to combat stagnation and maintain a persistence that an MMO requires, my concern is as follows: What is to prevent Uber Guild Alpha Legend All Epics from absolutely dominating every cycle? In every multi-player game where there are any cohesive, persistent social structures, you will inevitably encounter that one collective that essentially plays the game as if it was their livelihood - It does the math, perfects their operations with clinical precision, coordinating on a scale reserved for actual military operations (Goonswarm, anyone?) including even clandestine operations. It's a testament to human nature that no matter the endeavor, someone is always striving to be the absolute best at it - And someone always is. In this scenario, Uncle Bob has Carl von Clausewitz advising for every move on the RISK board, with the CIA performing ops int he field. It eventually gets to the point where every game, Uncle Bob is just going to roll every one anyway, no matter whether or not the board resets, so who wants to play with Uncle Bob? Can you guys talk more about how you will approach this sort of issue? Will there be some kind of ranking that pits specific guilds and structures against equal ones (At least in aggregate)? Or will it just be up to human nature to decide how to approach a dominating force and either starve them out with boredom, or find those willing to take on Goliath? Thanks for your time and thoughts!
  5. The more information you guys release about this game, the more excited I am to hear more! I like that the PvP has tiers with different rules that you can go between to suit your play style, while putting such a focus on a crafter economy, character customization, and territorial control... and no PvE raids! Looks amazing, guys and gals! Keep it coming!
  6. thayn


    As The Crow Flies? You Know Nothing? Dark Wings, Dark Words? The Wall (Obvious intro song)? Anti-Dove? Scavang? CrowScare? .... Running out of steam... And GoT references... Best of luck, and keep up the good work!
  7. UO DAoC WoW Rift ESO I am very much an amalgam of interests, and am curious to see which pieces Crowfall blends. I like sandboxes. I like faction-based PvP. I like good questing. I like skill-based systems. I like player housing. I like crafting. I am more than the sum of my parts.. Or rather, the parts of MMO's I like.
  8. I personally had no issue with Trammel, and I even agree with most of the reasoning of what Gordon posted. I played UO for many years following it's release. I did PvP pre-Trammel (Tried to anyway), went to Trammel, and came back. I died, but I always got back up. It's a safe bet that Crowfall will have some serious PvP. If not full loot, than multiple factions, and perhaps maybe full loot, or full on FFA. The one thing I hope Crowfall addresses that UO never did: Symbiosis. It's absolutely imperative for the long-term sustainability of the product that the diversity of playstyles you choose to attract (no matter what an individual's personal proclivities gravitate towards) serves a purpose that is not only meaningful to those who prefer it, but who's role is plainly obvious to the ecosystem of the world, and vital in the support and life-cycle of the others even if only through transitive properties. As was pointed out, no one what's to be the sheep, and everyone thinks they're the wolf. The game, by design, must instill a sense in the would-be wolves that those who they prey upon serve a purpose that they themselves cannot fill. Checks and balances, so to speak. What care did the wolves of UO have if they killed a sheep? There was only gain to be had, never a loss. At least, not until they met another wolf. I of course, have my own thoughts and opinions of how this might be done, but it's not my place. I do look forward to seeing how and if Crowfall can manage to accomplish such a feat.
  9. I am very excited to see what you have in store! Your pedigree is well establish, so I have high hopes for you all! Soo.. to rampant speculation.. I see: 1) You have a lot of "sandboxy" development experience, ala UO and SWG. 2) I see a an image with a lot of what could be considered sigils, or house banners, ala Game of Thrones. 3) A knight sitting on a rock with a crown, and armies in the background. If you are making Game of Thrones meets UO, I will have no choice but to send you guys my credit cards. Not money FROM the cards... The cards themselves. Good luck! I can't wait to see what the future holds!
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