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  1. If you're responding to the people commenting about damage and/or numbers, fair enough... However, my posts have consistently referred to the lacklustre nature of the damage mechanics for the druid. Making this a more enjoyable experience has little to do with the effectiveness of specific aspects of their kit, but rather the flow of their kit. Especially on the druid where the cycle of actions is made to be circular; the system of generating and using essence .
  2. The druid is a ranged nuke caster for 50% of her gameplay. She doesn't need to be as powerful as the confessor, or play the same either - She does need to be enjoyable to play in this hybrid fashion. I don't feel that solo vs. team play should affect this 'fun to play' view of an archetype. Druids historically did blood sacrifices. Computer games made them nature loving hippies. Would an essence stealing druid feel like a druid? I don't know, but I don't think it's not a possibility. I wasn't commenting on party vs solo. I specifically lack information on party play par
  3. My frustration comes from being unable to do any damage without essence. And that building that essence can be tedious. Also, I don't like turning health into damage at the best of times - I like it even less on a relatively frail character, and with rather low efficiency. I'd be better just spamming heals for the amount of essence vs. health burnt. Personally, I find it more logical to build up essence by stealing it first - Vampirically strip the essence from others to heal your team.
  4. Jumped into the game for the first time this weekend, and have mostly spent my time playing a druid, and then a confessor. Confessor was a nice, simple, blow things up character. The Druid however... was kind of tedious to play. Her balls of life, if you can set them up, can one shot stuff - Neat. Could make for some nasty ambushes. I found the essence mechanic interesting... insofar as it prevents excessive heal spam. But it was horribly tedious too. If I wanted to kill anything, I HAD to spend 30 seconds spamming heals to have essence to power my death tray. Any fight verses a
  5. Money makes the world go round... A lot of people seem to think that item for item barter would be the common standard. Ergo, here's a sword, give me a shield. While this would and still can occur, what's more likely is that the most functional crafting component would become the defacto in-game currency. All item values would be calculated by people around this. In other words, the ore for crafting would probably be your defacto currency anyway, purely because fulfills all the requirements of being as functional at as many levels as possible. All other ores would be calculated in rela
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