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  1. Hey guys, I've made some videos of some possible challenges with the "Avatar Of The Gods" Eternal Kingdoms NPC...I have given some details as to what to expect in each one, but I hope you will use your imagination to fill in the gaps, as these videos are really just pointers to ideas at the moment! I will be posting more challenge ideas ASAP!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JRJrtoRAps - Challenge #1
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7Ye9hvbCXE - Challenge #2
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNWDL4EDiGI - Challenge #3
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCyY4BZMmx8 - Challenge #4
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXJDtvs2IEg - Challenge #5


    I can tell you that Challenge #6 will be in the form of a story mode.

  2. Keep in mind the Kickstarter is not even yet fully funded (as of this posting) and will not be complete until the end of March. I'm sure once the dust settles, your beta info will be updated sometime therafter.


    P.S. Every supporter counts - glad to see you and so many others (including myself) pitch in and support the game!


    Yeah guys, safe, thanks for the input..see you on the battle field ^^

  3. Hi guys, for some of you I'm not receiving very intelligible responses please watch a quick video I made to help you word yourselves better  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tin1n6KkORo&feature=youtu.be  


    I'm tempted to not respond to silly comments, basically if you've read the idea, its simply additional content that's designed completely for fun with nothing even remotely breaking the game.


    If you have some fun ideas please post them, I think a lot of players will be interested in hearing what the devs have to say about this idea and I'd just like to give them something well presented.

  4. I do like the idea of having some 'bigger picture'.  It is a MMORPG.


    The characters are "Immortal Champions of the Gods"

    They go forth and fight other "Champions of the Gods" for resources to bring back to EK.

    The Hunger always wins and eventually destroys the world.

    Wash, rinse, repeat...


    What is the purpose of going out and fighting each other and the Hunger from a lore perspective if the end result is the same every time (Hunger wins)? There needs to be a higher purpose to the resources gained in the campaigns that goes beyond equipping for the next campaign.  Just off the top of my head...


    1. There is a polar opposite to that dark blobby thing from which The Hunger eminates. It's a light blobby thing from which all divine power emanates.
    2. Each of the gods want to harness that power for themselves. Each of the deities has a diametrically opposed deity in the pantheon.
    3. Upon reaching a certain level of 'enlightenment' (skill advancement/resource acquisition/etc.), followers of a particular deity are given access to a 'celestial plane' where there is a huge white gate that they must break down.
    4. At the same time, the followers of the opposed deity are given access to that plane and are told they are to prevent the gate from being broken down.
    5. Eventually, enough sieges occur until the gate collapses and a giant white crystal is there behind the gate/wall.
    6. Players from the attacking deity click on the crystal and they are given a picture of a huge obelisk that they must create (crafters will divinely be given recipes at this point). The obelisk, when completed, will channel additional energy to that deity.
    7. The game then becomes similar to Civilization and the building of Wonders until one obelisk is completed. During construction, only the diametrically opposed deity's followers have access to the construction zone and can attack the construction crew or structure.
    8. A completed obelisk provides some benefit (increase in import/export or some non-game breaking buff) to the followers of that deity. Throwing in a 'trophy' of some sort would be cool too.
    9. Once completed, obelisks become open to attack from anyone and all partially-completed obelisks are destroyed.
    10. Once the completed obelisk is destroyed. the gates go back up .

    I envision an obelisk taking many, many resources both common and rare. They're not something that will be built in a week, or even a month even if all the resources were stored by players in EK. Likewise, destroying them will require many factions acting together over an extended time with siege equipment. Obelisks cannot be repaired because no one knows how to repair them... only make them.


    From a conceptual standpoint, CF sounds like a fun game to play. But, it needs some polishing in the lore area to make it a compelling RPG.


    That sounds really great!


    Bilun said

    "I'm down so long as all challenges are design such that they draw attention, are not conducted in instances, and are vulnerable to murderous intervention by spiteful PvPers."


    Yeah PvP challenges sound cool too. Ultimately though instances will be important for challenges e.g. kill as many monsters as you can in 5 minutes. The whole point of having some challenges being dungeons and raids is the story aspect lore of Crowfall, developers can get really creative here. I've heard a few people complaining about dungeon runs and raids, but I think if you do them properly you will be able to combine fun with tactics. 

  5. I think Human Ranger and Elken Stalker will be an example of 2 races with (basically) the same class. Which answers several threads' question.


    I think Ranger being marked as specialist, will be the bow DPS pro, whereas stalker will not be so pro with a bow but have other weapons also.


    it's like the assassin and the legionnaire, specialist - melee DPS (But ranged)

  6. I love the idea of Monarchs hosting tournaments in their own EKs, just the imagery it brings up is awesome to me.


    On the raid part I agree about the gear chase part of it being very boring but overcoming raid-type challenges as a team with your guild/friends is something I really enjoy.

    Having said that I'm not sure I'd want to see something like that in Crowfall. I would like there to be a bit more PvE than what it seems like there will be at the moment but even if that's not the case I think it'll be fine anyway. I have confidence that the sandbox nature of the game will see to it that there's going to be a lot of fun things to do.


    I suppose it depends how you imagine it! 


    WoW dungeons and raids are too small!


    Dungeons like Diablo 3 however are quite a lot bigger having multiple levels.


    The scale of Crowfalls procedurally generated scenarios are really quite massive in some cases, thus using this to create some dungeon/raid scenarios on a permanent basis would be awesome. BUT THAT'S JUST FOR MOB MASHING!


    Imagine the potential when you have characters to talk to and REAL story scenarios going on...it would be like an RPG game like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger etc. real connections you make with NPCs who could show up again in following campaign stories, the potential is limitless.

  7. If the game doesn't make this stuff, players and guilds could set up their own things and rewards.  I do like the idea of tournament play and other things to do in the EK that make it have a lot more fun in the sandbox.


    Any suggestion of the word "raid" though just gets a frown from me.  Literally the most boring thing in MMOs is the PvE raid endgame gear chase.  I never liked it, never participated in it, and don't want it.


    The nice thing about Crowfall not having levels is that the end game IS the game, it's the whole gaming experience of strategic PvP warfare.  However, I would love to have a toolset for events and challenges, and hosting events like you suggested would be fun to do from time to time.


    Yeah I read what Crowfall wanted to achieve from their game, so I've specifically mentioned in the video that monsters/bosses in the challenges don't drop any rare stuff, just the usual gold and resources (or whatever CF decide)

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfTbTQnIwHM&feature=youtu.be It's a short video and it reveals all!


    Basically I think it's a great idea and I think we should try to see what the devs think about it. 


    - OK (Video Description below...for those of you who like to read)


    So basically Crowfall is a throne simulator, which means you have a hierarchy in the persistent worlds. Just a fun thought would be to have a little guy called "AVATAR OF THE GODS" and this mean sunvabitch has literally tons of "challenges" and these are all very end game sorts of things from something as little as outrun the centaur, to dungeons and raid scenarios, some challenges could be solo, other require 6 man team, a 24 man team and yet other maybe an entire guild with a scaling facility, or worse yet, every single end-game player. In turn you could simply:

    -earn a bit of gold

    -some craft items

    -fame/status boosting you up to leader status

    -meaningless titles/achivements


    -cosmetic stuff like a rare skin for your favourite item

    -or just have the pleasure of experiencing an uber storyline about something Crowfall


    erm literally anything that makes sense in the game...


    I've not really heard anyone bring this idea up, but I've heard a lot of people thinking of a way to add an extra dimension to CF and I think this could be it...oh erm, please post if you support the idea, are against it, have a better idea and what rewards you would like to see, you could also suggest some fun challenges so as to really help pitch this to the devs!

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