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  1. i like the old school ideas of auto aimed attacks once you've clicked your target!
  2. Actually depending on how you've been interpreting the information it's easy to confuse this game style with others. First and foremost I'm giong to outwritely state this game will share a great similarity with Albion Online, so I'd check that out. There are persistent zones with plots of land you can buy and have to pay tax for, once you buy it you can build say a weapons shop or repair shop etc. and level it up, and people can stop at your shop to buy stuff. You also have a guild home which is available only to your guildies and since we have desimated the gameplay I will share a lit
  3. I like the direction this game is taking...but i love the old school way of playing MMOs for exampel click a target and all skills automatically reach the target, i am not a big fan of aiming arrows with your mouse or something like that...I think it has merit I just don't think anyone can or will be able to do it right with the same diverse experience that auto-target combat has. It's going to suck having friendly fire IMO, not for casters but for the rest. melee fighters too close to friends will probably be hitting them and this is not a reality of battles,
  4. I'm pretty sure there will be a monk type role.
  5. trugamer


    I like how they have a weapon that keeps enemies at range, plus probably a ton of CC stuff like slows and stuns because of the frost aspect.
  6. the look quite simply like big guinea pigs .... I don't see where these other interpretations are coming from! But I like them XD
  7. Haha yeah I'm like you guys completely lost and in love with all the characters...will definately main a stalker tho...
  8. trugamer


    I love the design....I'm torn between rolling a Stalker or maybe taking a gamble with these guys.
  9. trugamer


    These are only base stats they will scale accordingly...ALSO as they act as multipliers to the character's natural abilities, this will even out...even if your physical stats aren't boosted as well as others your class ability's will probably have more power thus balancing out how the stats boost you.
  10. I have to say it was a surprise to me, but I like how it's going. In addition I fear because they are so small and because of the physics allowing them to take damage they might take damage from too much stuff, like bumping into the bigger characters and being trampled.
  11. yeah...see my cousin would love to play this ranger class also, so we could RP in a number of ways....wonder around like brother and sister, or just a 2 brothers......or cousins even!
  12. hmm interesting...I might play a female for a slightly different RP role!
  13. me feelings tell me so far the class systems are well balanced...meaning you can play what you like and it will perform just as an important role as any other. Furthermore the stalker class is looking BOSS!
  14. This is my class...I need look no further.
  15. Hey guys just reminding you to make a Stalker tab in the Forum. Thanks.
  16. Well im not going to try each class, but i would like to have a few friends to play with...so firstly 1. study each class and pick a class i think will be most useful in a group as a DPS, hopefully i will like a ranger type. 2. level up and earn tons of cash with group/guild friends. 3. use said cash to boost my crafting skills to the max for weaponry and maybe armour!
  17. I think Forgemaster is the best class for you at the moment, you know, big dude, big 2-Hander, with the promise of support giving you probably the ability to yours and your groups attacks! I wouldn't mind a guildwars 1 necro or mesmer class. Personally though I'm wanting a archer, i want medium armour, a pet, lots of damage output and some CC abilities like traps!
  18. I am quite exciting for this class over the Legionnaire, I am dying to know it's support skills!
  19. Personally when I first saw the badger i was like...he looks so stupid that he's clearly an NPC. Then I see his ugly mug on character select and I'm thinking what could a scrawny little thing like that possibly have... he's probably fast, and maybe a thief. In addition I don't think classes like forgemaster will excel in building or repairing weapons and seige engines and what not. I think each class plays towards some sort of role in PvE and PvP grouping.
  20. That's quite a leap in what I understand Crowfall to be at the moment. I think classes will focus on fighting orientated goals whilst all players are open to fixing and building things. IMO
  21. The game already looks pretty polished with tons of the features already added....you should all see camelot unchained...they said release was xmas 2015 and the alpha's we've been doing are WAY OFF!
  22. They really need to have fast combat so that their squishiness will balance out not making them a semi-useless class!
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