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  1. I am worried this gladiator/berserker type will clash with the Legionnaire! Go to the Character Select Image on google and the Gladiator/Berserker is 3rd on the top row. There is also another image of him wielding a giant 2h axe.
  2. nah im honestly voting that this game will be unbalanced having clear classes groupings which work much better than others!
  3. I noticed the new image with Forgemaster lookin like a dwarf and holding a stone and fireball thingamajig, maybe they can enchant their weapons to slow/stun enemies or do extra damage with fire.
  4. I guess you've seen the screenshot of the Knight facing off against the Gladiator/Berserker, he has 2 swords, I am going to state that using 2 swords will be the faster way to level your knight and sword/board combo will be more useful for taking on some mini boss targets.
  5. I'm still excited about that Gladiator/Berserker!
  6. I figure the spirit is part of some chants he can use for buffs?
  7. I hope no nerf, I already get the feeling that this Melee DPS will be out Melee DPSed by an assassin/rogue type.
  8. Hopefully Centaurs won't be outclassed as melee dps because I sure wouldn't mind playing one!
  9. I am aware of the choices they have made already, they seem to make it a resources game, so if you die you can recraft something without too much difficulty and get out there again for battle. Interesting as this will be, I still don't see why all drops are resources or money. Not bothered too much but would love to see some deep story elements playing into the world.
  10. I just hope they don't over think it and make poor design choices that ultimately take from the game rather than add to it!
  11. or devil man and devil lady! and the guyver!
  12. All the more reason to get a microphone and talk to your friends!
  13. I would have thought the whole point of having ORDER, CHAOS and BALANCE would be this: -Order build things in a heavenly way where there is a clear positive benefit to all things -Chaos are the opposite -Balance are just completely stupid. Thus the hunger logically is a by product of something nasty the chaos are doing! Since the hunger is linked with the NPC monster world which thereby infects against all factions I suppose the only thing it can be is a general enemy of all 3 factions, which I think is a little well unconventional.
  14. I hate nerfing! Its simply a result of really really really poor design work. Though I am with you thinking Melee vs Ranged DPS, these two probably won't be natural opposites instead because of the Range DPS's lack of defensive work, Ranged DPS will be akin to the Fae Rogue "Specialist" in terms of overall damage capabilities.
  15. trugamer


    Still though, exciting news about our first probably pure DPS mage. I like roles and this seems like a main one! Though Legionnaire Melee DPS is the "obvious" opposite to this class, I have a sinking feeling in my gut that to counter the glass cannon effect of the fire-mage, the specialist fae assassin will match it in single target close quarters damage. - IMO
  16. i7 2600k @ 4.4Ghz Nvidia Geforce 670GTX 4GB - will upgrade to 970 at sometime! 8GB DDR3 2133Mhz Dual channel 60GB SSD OCZ Vertex 2 i think! 2TB HDD 600GB HDD ASUS PRO P8P67 rev3.1 Iilyama 120Hz monitor 27" - this monitar was effing cheap and colours looks the nutz! slim small logitech badass keyboard MadCatz R.A.T. 7 mouse 6400dpi
  17. Hey guys, just applied to the guild via your website. Can't wait to grind some hardcore levels with y'alls!
  18. As excited as I am about all the info released today, I wish another class was revealed instead as we all guessed a Mage/Fire Mage class already.
  19. There's that new little gerbil guy, your guess is as good as mine there! The deer headed guy, i vote druid for him! The first guy in the top left i say he's a ranger/thief type...but he does look a little necro-blood magic ish/. The forest girl under the assassin I think maybe she'd play a healer type, or ranger even. Then the big warrior guy 3rd from top left with the horned helmet, I vote barbarian of sorts, a CC/solo powerhouse. The problem with DnD systems is this....you make a Fighter right...they should be pretty weapon proficient and have a decent damage output...but then there are these cross class thingamagigs like a necro paladin or whatever and they from the huge bonuses they get they obliterate the point of having a fighter class in the first place.
  20. if you look at the character/class creation image on google, the first top left character does seem very rogue/archer/thief I am quite excited about this possibility but I think the battle mage option having the option to imbue my weapons with fire or ice will probably be more my playstyle, I don't expect them to be able to take as many hits, but they should be pretty decent DPS even with a few targets on the go, maybe a burst magic that slows down the attack speed of nearby enemies for about 10 seconds until you cut them down to size. It is still mage/like after all. Further more with a tank in place these guys should have a pretty hefty DPS output making them viable to play.
  21. The problem with these loot drops is it sucks for the guy playing solo, just going about his way to do some work, when a heavily unbalanced map allows for a persistent gank! These are some of the serious issues this game will face, and it will be worse without a ton of "special" items to claim in the world making things appear pointless and empty at end game!
  22. i still stand by what I said in my other post, it doesn't really say 'HELL' to me, it's more like the Bleach anime idea of 'hollows' exoskeletal like beings. Hell should be an ugly decrepit form for lower casts or a beastly strong health handsome look with mean/dangerous/murderous expressions and black eyes, sort of thing.
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