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  1. TBH you should have unlimited gold and resource possibilities.
  2. Whilst some choices will obviously ruin a character class, pulling it away from it's full potential...Having the potential to fit perfectly into a roll is half the battle won! After each class has it's unique features sorted then all you have to worry about is gameplay. So far the game has excellent PVP aspects, it's been a long while since loot drops happened but what can I say, I'm a die hard fan. The trick here is to not neglect having a rich and deep narrative to pull the adventurous through. Having plot twists is great and it can still be very PG and super interesting! On the other hand, a mature narrative could be the key you are looking for! I played Skyforge beta, here's what I learned, they had instances you could play with other people running you through a story portion of the game as well as being a great chance to snap up some new weapons and XP. Alternatively there was a persistent world with open quests and some closed, this made grouping fun and kept a dimension of MMORPGs so far that really worked well by taking it to the next level. I would be sad to so much PvP focused stuff that the story telling RPG element is totally lost! I want scenarios where I venture into a dungeon and have to make it through a grueling 1hour of battling monsters to make it to the LOST ROOM where my new sword in the stone lays....I want different dungeons to have different artifacts, I want to have to make a different run for my rogue friend to get his daggers, not a random loot system. From what I understand loot will be more crafted than found...while this is somewhat enjoyable I'd have to say please do not drop the RPG element. LET US QUESTS, EXPLORE and EXPERIENCE in a boundless story line and world that has the potential for expansions for vast end-game qualities. The problem with moving away from solid RPG elements is this... WoW TOTALLY REDUNDANT CLASSES, e.g. warrior and death knight, both DPS but warrior is better! This forces people to re-roll when things change so drastically and each class takes it in turn to suck the big one! GuildWars 2 where classes are complete clumsy pieces of crap. You played GuildWars 1, it was amazing, why move away from what made the Necro and Mesmers so delicious, if they had only implemented a more traditional approach to classes then borrowing most of their data from GW1 you would have a winner on your hands. GuildWars still holds the torch for best PvP EVER! Anyone who claims otherwise has CLEARLY never played GW. Roles are good, they allow for structure and with structure can come tactics and thus a sense of order as the game comes together with a band of merry friends RPing the crap out of Crowfall. To highlight this point...remember in GW1 PvP you could make a team of unkillable warrior/monks or a deadly mix of just necros and mesmers with devastating results...there were many instances where skills had to be tweaked because people found out such OP combinations. I don't mind playing the support character, so long as my support is well funded, e.g. a chanter type (From Aion) Aion is a great game that highlights a working class system.
  3. I could totally pay for game continuously, especially if it's a winner, micro transaction systems can ruin a game for non-payers and often charge a BOMB in the way of say a uber locked character! I really do not want to see this at all....such was the way of Neverwinter!
  4. Don't worry mr hellcat, I happen to know she's out of bullets and the safety is on!
  5. Picking the Mage class...you can never go wrong!
  6. I suggested having "Experts" in towns who can make you stuff so long as you have the ingredients.
  7. trugamer


    I think you should...in a magic world...have a magic bag! it's not really a stretch and plus I could sell a ton of stuff after a big adventure, instead of compromising. There is no substitution for clean gameplay mechanics!
  8. I think people overcomplicate the idea of an MMO. They forget the RPG's best pieces are doing really interesting story revealing instances. I don't like the short dungeons/raids from WoW I think they are a pathetic waste of time and with a group of friends take no longer than 5 minutes to plough through. Guild Wars 2 tried for something a little different but something just didn't quite feel right about it. Diablo 3 had to compete against Torchlight 2 and IMO T2 obliterated it in every way, better graphics, more fun bosses and interesting environments. I want there to be areas where monsters just don't compare to me and I can trash the hell out of them, of course there should be stronger monsters, but with groups they should go down no problem...in turn I don't see why there shouldn't be ridiculously overpowered "god artefact" items left behind hidden by the gods that totally make a character god like. I want enemies that don't just require power to be defeated but tactics. I want to have a low downtime, as any class I should be able to level relatively easily. I want to really experience twists and turns, I want my favourite characters to die because of a bad choice I made earlier, I want to learn about characters lives and have NPCs play along with me and my group. I really have no interest for lazy story lines e.g. Guild Wars 2! I want parties to be formed quickly and painlessly. I want travel times to be kept to a minimum whilst being easy to access also. The story never really has to end, I would happily pay for worthwhile expansions with no increase in levels but simply more story! I really hate levelling crafting! Just have town experts that can build things for you, so long as you get the materials! Maybe you could be the first one to find a new recipe and teach it to the experts, hidden recipes from enemy territories. I want grouping to be much better and faster to level with. I don't want any class to not have an important role to play in a group!
  9. On google images there is a class just under Fae in character select screen, she seems like a ranger type, but frostweaver could also be a viable build she seems assassiny.
  10. trugamer

    Noble Knight Op

    I like to roll humans, or big strong characters that can boost the DPS fiend I like to be.
  11. Not totally excited about this support unfortunately! Just doesn't give me the impression he will be bringin' that major boost a support role needs, unless maybe some decent offence, but I was kinda hoping the Legionnaire would be the master there.
  12. Honestly Mages are so badass! Templar are more fighting based than the Knight which seems the more focused healer. Unfortunately for my Melee DPS Legionnaire it seems that this jack of all trades warrior might take more of a support role when it comes to parties, healer/tank/mage/dps of which dps will probably take the role of Rogue/Hunter instead of Legionnaire which is more like a backup DPSer probably made mute because of the mage's awesome CC abilities as well as single target focus. Sorry but the cookies never lie!
  13. Honestly that Ranger image! Just WOW...that is exactly what I'm looking for a semi-robust, pet using, sword/dagger wielding, bow shooting sunvabitch.
  14. The use of magic is very futuristic, as it exceeds science, but I know what you mean, the fantasy world mixed with spiritual concepts and magic make for a much more exciting world, both art an gameplay wise.
  15. Honestly from what I've seen so far, this game will rock socks off! Tons of classes, a DnD approach to customizing the character and what seems to be a rich gameplay content...I've been counting the seconds til beta from the moment I bumped into Crowfall from MMORPG.com
  16. I think Fire Guy will be the "mage" archetype people will need for awesome DPS and CC I think there will be an Ice Guy too with stuns and slows! I wouldn't knock the glass cannon because when role playing is done well the game can be such fun.
  17. Yeah i will totally try to play that class first, unless for some reason there is an archer class that's just too cool to miss, I really want to play with other people so I'm going to play a "team friendly" character. Haha I can't wait for that moment when I see just how many viable options there are and totally drop my poorly made socks!
  18. Okay so from looking at google images of "crowfall" there is a DnD Element, i.e. you select a character and then spend some points on making particular choices for the playstyle. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=crowfall&espv=2&biw=1920&bih=965&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=2InbVPOqL8mt7gaJ44DYAw&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAg#imgdii=_&imgrc=9IZaJ8S_3bu2pM%253A%3BybxLj-Mpq47LlM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fi.ytimg.com%252Fvi%252FRQBrxURav1A%252Fmaxresdefault.jpg%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.youtube.com%252Fwatch%253Fv%253DRQBrxURav1A%3B1920%3B1080 Personally this screams one thing to me...SPECIALIZE. If you are going to play a Tank character, you are probably going to want to go for Knight and spec him defensively. Personally this affects my choices a lot. I would love to play a melee DPS and pump out CC and single target DPS but it seems that will be better handled by a) Mage and Assassins, making the melee DPS more of a secondary/supportish role. I really hope for a ranger because I'd love to pimp a playstyle like that, or otherwise go for a sort of support role, I don't want to heal people, but I want my buffs to make battles A LOT easier, and thus soloing a doddle. Also if you look at the picture of "Class Selection" you will see there are a ton of them so pretty much you will have one for every role/playstyle, this excites me a lot. I want to play a barbaric warrior with a healer/support/mage class, just these two together should make for a deep experience as I have a lot of time on my hands and will grind the shizzle out of this beta. Your Thoughts My Friends?
  19. Actually the graphics remind me of Torchlight 2, which is an absolutely phenomenal game. From what I've seen there will be persistent maps as well as instances, so there WILL be a lot to do, not to mention Guild vs. Guild and other PvP aspects. It's definitely a 3D game and it looks lush already IMO. -Hope that helps!
  20. TBH whilst levelling I think Legionnaire's stats will move more directly into a melee dps over a tank build. IMO Legionnaire should play somewhat like the Assassin slightly less powerful but less squishy also, better at CC.
  21. Totally, I really want to play the Melee DPS, but I think somehow playing a Mage type or Range DPS i.e. Ranger would be better DPS focused, Melee DPS may fall short in my mind with an assassin class going on out there, just a thought. You can't really lose with a Mage, everyone needs a mage and ranger. Tank and healer too is needed, but I don't really like to play them so much.
  22. Well met players! I would really like to RP and haul ass with you guys, please keep us informed on a guild name and maybe we could Facebook our guild or something. I like the name! I would like to play as ORDER, any thoughts?
  23. Holy Crap, I just read the details of gameplay! WOW, JUST WOW! I can't wait to grind some high level bad asses and causing hell with a guild.
  24. Yeah I'd like a magic expert versed in all the elements! And a viable Battle Mage build, I think that would be the most fun to play IMO.
  25. Amen! Show me a badass rogue/archer and I'm sold, pure damage dealer with the ability to cut through monsters like butter.
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