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    Noble Knight Op

    Nah I envision this playing "just right". Kite some targets with a bow, first one comes to you, pow pow pow down with the sword and board, then the next one comes in about half way through the first battle, pow pow (2 downed). We don't know how the bow will play with the knight, will it be purely tank support or will it have some kick!
  2. TBH this game has much depth they've not really shown and it looks cool already i.e. the prospect of having different style to DPS with my Melee DPSer. Main roles are great for Tank/Healer/DPS but unless you've had a support role with you i.e. Bard's from FFXI which buff the crap out of the party you never realise just how UBER a mediocre team can be with a single dedicated supporter! Judging from what I've seen though e.g. Knights with Bows, the versatility here could mean a lot of fun playing solo as well as in a group. Already I'm excited about too many of the classes! In fact I'm even more excited about my Melee DPS, I can see how masterfully I can play with an entire arsenal at my control, ranging, kiting, domination from close and far. On the other shoe, when I "bust-out" my supporter I wanna buff the crap out of my toon, other people's toons and bust stuff up, probably have a small healing ability e.g. a master solo class!
  3. I'm loving too many characters right now...to be honest I'm probably going to give the Templar a miss, I love high damage output CC but the Support of the Forgemaster is really pulling my chain at the moment. My first character will probably be the Melee DPS, I will be interested in how the Assassin plays out also, probably making her my second character, but then again, I could just as easily roll a Mage DPS afterwards because they are just lovely at a lot of things, both solo and group and CC. Melee DPS>Forgemaster>Mage/Assassin. thoughts?
  4. Yeah Knight is totally looking tops. I would like to be able to be attacked by a maximum of 3 mobs same level range as me and be able to churn them down slowly without being too pressed for health! In my opinion some big mistakes are made when the knight/tank role is pretty much useless on his own, easily being overpowered by mobs and such, I think because of his shield his defense should be pretty high and even though he can't put out much damage it should be enough! The Templar seems to be better at CC maybe taking all 3 mobs on at the same time due to AoE, but the Knight is slow but steady.
  5. Undead warriors and Templar alike look GREAT! I think the idea of the hunger can make beings become savage and wild, going beyond a simply barbaric state to something with great intellect and undying thirst for evil!
  6. Honestly it looks great, but does not say Hell Cat to me. The exoskeleton idea reminds me of the Hollows from the series Bleach! Personally I think it was from the Lady Death anime movie or was it Dante's Inferno where i saw the most convincing Hell Cats. I think you could go decrepit evil or majestic evil...one type where the creature is vile signifying a lower cast and one with a twisted sort of beauty, like a strong lovely body with fire dancing around him but a nasty look about his eyes showing that he is mean and sadistic.
  7. I think its fantastic that I am going to beta this game and have the opportunity to support it! Personally I think instead of having donations, allow us to buy the game and include some plush with "deluxe" versions, i.e. stickers, badges, teddy bears! Also I would happily pay monthly for a game I enjoy.
  8. Interesting as I find this world, nothing comes close to the endless possibilities in the real world scenario of GOOD V.S. EVIL! Both completely equal sides fighting on polar extremes. One full off good knowing that their actions all carry virtue and value whilst a nasty race of parasites make less than valuable maneuvers to turn everything to evil. From that context this game falls into a niche of what is GOOD VS EVIL! It's peoples in a particular setting where some fight for different kinds of good because that's all they know and some maybe more chaotic virtues because of a lack of a better understanding. I like the bigger world story but even a focused world story like this can hold extraordinary lessons and exciting situations. Experience builds character! Furthermore having seen the character screen there is just so much more we've yet to see and as a result I take my opinions and say there's going to be a decent amount of story to this game with clear elements of good versus evil and I think role players are going to love the choices not to mention the kinks of gameplay mechanics. -First imrpessions of Assassins, they had better have a good story for hating men, maybe all men in this world are completely savage. I would like that idea! -Templar seem honest salt to the earth people! I like this simplicity of right vs wrong. For all we know Assassins might be like a newly born race that know little to nothing about the world and had somehow been sullied by some savage males thus explaining this hatred they carry. -Forgemasters are top dog in my books, seem to share much in common with the Templar way of "doing work". -Legionnaire are very spartan, very 300, warrior's creed honor and all that. I like! Mark my words Assassins Fae are a newby race sullied by some kind of man and thus their developed hatred.
  9. I think this will be melee support role! Some CC some single target and chants or buffs like stoneskin, but focus on melee. I like roles with characters but I hope they don't make redundant classes you know that one that people really don't want to play because it somewhat lacks in a party.
  10. I think they will be underplayed but as a support that can deal moderate damage whilst giving some support buffs this class should be really fun to play, even as a support which people tend to write off.
  11. I'm excited about the support role. To me it screams JACK OF ALL TRADES! VERSATILITY! I'd love to run into a battle, a tank holding agro, dps going at it and me buffing them and then providing milder DPS support as well as stuns/snares.
  12. A Templar from Aion is tank with shield they are better at keeping aggro. A Knight in my opinion will be more DPS based to be perfectly honest I have no idea how the two will differ even from a blind guess! - OIC now, the templar is a crowd control tank whilst the knight is better one on one tanking. -IMO
  13. DPS should do just that! I should be able to change my skill output by some predefined template to cater to each DPS scenario. Also since he can use quite a few different weapons, he can CC with a 2-H weapon, slice down a solo mob with 2x 1-Handers and Kite a little bit with a Bow. With maybe some shouts for adrenaline boost and a knock-back and stun.
  14. I totally agree, I love role playing, and since that is what we will be doing...it would really suck if any particular character overshadows in a realm where it really shouldn't. Sure a tank is more tanky, but a assassin can slice and dice super fast allowing to take down a small crowd with some ease.
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