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    trugamer reacted to buhbuhcuh in Why I'm Going To Back Crowfall, And You Should Too   
    We have about 8 hours left on that damn countdown. I've been here since day 1, speculating and f5ing the announcement board every morning. I decided a while ago that I'd buy Crowfall when it was released, but I didn't decide to back it until tonight.
    To be perfectly honest, I have my worries about it. It is ambitious and unproven beyond any MMO I've seen recently. It doesn't have publisher money, or a established pipeline. It's risky.
    And that is why I'm going to give them my money.
    I don't have a lot of "disposable income."  I have a decent job, but I'm the sole provider for a young family. We just bought a fixer-upper, and the only thing I have less of than money is free time. So you know, a MMO makes a lot of sense...
    But I also work in the game industry. I've been in it for over a decade and I've worked on some of the strangest games and some of the most derivative. (And full disclosure, I've worked at the same company as some of the CF team, but never actually with any of them.) I love games, but the people who actually make the decisions on what gets funding are the most risk-adverse uninnovative number-crunchers you will ever meet.  If a team has the money and time to actually do something new it is a miracle.
    If you've ever seen a child being born, you know that miracles are messy business. Blood and weird juices everywhere. 
    So here I have an opportunity to help start something awesome. I'm pretty convinced that it's going to take more time and money than the majority of this forum expect. It's going to be broken at first, and it will need more time still to fix it. At the end of the day though, that's par for the course for making a MMO.
    I'm a dev, and I'm a player, and I can't give them a ton of money. But what I have seen so far is baIIs out insane, and I want to be a part of it, and help it reach that potential we all know it has.
    So I'm going to be hitting f5 at 6am my time tomorrow, which is an ungodly time for someone to be awake. But I used to get up at 4 am for progression raiding, and you don't get to help make a hardcore MMO without missing some sleep.
    See ya there.
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    trugamer got a reaction from Sinij in Gameplay - Some Core Mechanics Please Do And Dont's   
    Please excuse my spelling!
    Targeted Combat V.S. "skill" Aiming
    There are a number of reasons why I believe targeted WoW combat is better than "skill" aiming. There are also some good counter arguments. My argument is simply this!
    I believe there are too many factors in order to create something that works, is balanced and enjoyable. Ultimately I have never seen a system that REALLY WORKS! Personally I enjoy WoW-style targeted combat, I think it works, I think it's fun and I don't want to see it changed, I just want to see it done right! HOWEVER...
    since writing and re-writing this text with the desire to really give the inspiration I have received from Crowfall I have come up with the following ideas of "compromise". Crowfall desires a scenario in which attacks can have friendly fire so this is what I suggest:
    1) Give us targeted Combat systems. I believe this makes combat much faster and more rich. As a compromise you can make some skills take advantage of "aiming" like where to drop a meteor, or how much charge you put behind a skill. The charge you put into a skill could mean a number of things e.g. accuracy or power. In this way by dividing the aspects of combat into strategy, you can turn the strategy into clickable skills so as to take advantage of both systems, whilst not losing sight of that frantic speed that only comes with targeted combat. 
    2) Compromise on which skills have the ability to effect other targets, for example the standard "auto-attack" should only effect the target, even if your friends are being silly and trying to jump into the way. However other "select" skills will have the ability to hurt yourself and your allies. For example a AoE buff should not affect your enemies, but a wide swing could hurt your friends.
    The key here is to compromise! A Mage should have attacks he can cast directly onto his foe, but also ones that travels to it. Though the fireball may hit a friend it could just as easily travel up into the air, over friends, and drop onto it's foe. In such cases it becomes difficult to decide what to do, but with battle strategy divided into skills called say (Tactical Skills) we can have the mage pay 2 seconds while his mind focuses and then the spell can travel to the foe and avoid friends.   
    I've come to know this recurring pattern as the fun over facts problem, many games suffer when they substitute fun for "realism" it's like when graphics were good enough but developers just kept pushing for realism over creativity of design which is becoming less of a problem now as developers take more "risks".
    Another of these issues could be "balance" why can a mage insta-hit a target but the archer's arrows must travel a route. One compromise might be...since arrows are so vital to the archers viability, let them go, we could easily believe a skilled archer could not only shoot very quickly, but also very easily at his target, whereas with a trap he lays, his allies could easily suffer if they don't pay attention. With Tactical Skills we can legally implement arrows hitting targets.
    I believe with such considerations we can punish for poor observations and such thus inducing the level of strategic combat that I believe Crowfall is aiming for. I imagine this will be one of the most talked about and debated aspects of Crowfall, as well it should because essentially it's the very heart of the game.
    Character Progressions/Skill Trees and such
    I would like for my characters class will really fill it's role e.g. I don't want to roll a warrior and have to re roll my talent tree to play him properly with a bow and re-roll again in order to use a sword. I want to earn and spend all those points filling my tree to the MAX and being able to support my team with a bow and a sword in a way that a warrior would. I believe this is a bad design idea and I think it limits gameplay and I think it punishes the player for no reason and often leads to "best build" scenarios. Ultimately I believe each class will feel fuller. 
    Just for honourable mention (you don't have to read this paragraph) GuildWars 1 is one of my favourite games, there are literally 1000s of skills and even though you are painfully nerfed to only being able to use 8 at a time, there are superb examples of the supremeness of the strategies available even with only 8 slots, clearly highlighting examples when characters are often unkillable and able to do 8 man job stuff solo. I think it's worth to mention because if I were making a game, I would run through the skills of GW and probably use the lot and also it's a good source for inspiration. If you know GW then you know how poorly GW2 pales in comparison (dishonourable mention) e.g. a mesmer holding a greatsword, I think even necros can, but Rangers and Thieves can't LOL.
    What is Crowfall?
    I have seen much confusion with some of the concepts of CF and people getting worried about it not being an MMO like WoW. I am here to tell you, that's just not true.
    Please youtube a game called Albion Online (in fact use this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgOlAjULTvo as the guy explains it all really well). Now you should be familiar with Albion you should easily see that some areas of Crowfall are still VERY familiar with the MMO experience of games like WoW. If you also remember reading that many maps will be procedurally generated this means that this game totally has the potential to shine well above the bog standard MMO experience offering new kinks for you to discover at every turn! You sort of get the Albion world, but with a smaller persistent world and more procedurally generated instanced ones. 
    Though something was mentioned about there being no uber end game loot, I think that just as Albion has these solo and 5-man dungeons Crowfall will incorporate something similar with their procedural design algorithms and the enemies will drop uncraftable loot that is better somehow. If this is not the case, I would like to rally for such an aspect, I just think it adds to the gameplay e.g. my standard +8 bow that has enchanted arrows of FIRE!
    Group Finder Tool
    You probably will do this already, but have a terminal that: for the map zones you select list each solo member and non full party groups with level/class details included etc. and allow people to start groups that way. This makes it easy for really lazy people (*cough me) to group, which is often vital, more effective and always more fun!
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    trugamer got a reaction from courant101 in 02/23/15 - Today, And Tomorrow   
    I'm excited!
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    trugamer reacted to oberon in 02/23/15 - Today, And Tomorrow   
    woo kickstarter begins tomorrow!
    set the alarm clock for those limited tiers
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    trugamer got a reaction from fuey500 in Design   
    I love the design....I'm torn between rolling a Stalker or maybe taking a gamble with these guys.
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    trugamer got a reaction from Iridian ShadowWeaver in Please Go Easy On Steampunk   
    The use of magic is very futuristic, as it exceeds science, but I know what you mean, the fantasy world mixed with spiritual concepts and magic make for a much more exciting world, both art an gameplay wise.
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    trugamer reacted to RGD in Koster Vs Jacobs   
    Why does koster get ball washing from the fans, and yet  jacobs gets trashed for warhammer and it's failure? Did nobody here play SWG ? How about beta test it? The game should of been delayed, but Koster pushed it out.. see what i did there? Yep, same thing with Jacobs, EA forced warhammer out. EA like Sony ruined the game and forced them out way too early. So again i ask, why ball washing Koster but Not Jacobs?

    I am a supporter of Camelot Unchained, and i will be a supporter of this game if i can get further proof that it's a MMO and not a Lobby game. I know lobby game is offensive, did you think it wouldn't be included in this soon to be trolled thread?  It's a bit presumptuous at this point to call it a Lobby game, But if the world is not static and what you "do in the world" disappears 1month 2 month 4 months later, it's considered a lobby game. Just like Guild wars 2 resetting the World vs World Vs world matchups. Why do you think that failed? It wasn't static, and of course they took the DAOC RvR and essentially showed us how a developer can take the most widespread PVP "mechanic" introduced to mmo's and RUIN IT.   I don't think that can be said for many other games hyped so much. And Guild wars 2 is considered sucessful

    Anyway flame on fanboys. Flame on. And remember the taint.
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    trugamer got a reaction from courant101 in ¿which Character Would You Start With Right Now?   
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    trugamer got a reaction from Dredja in Noble Guinecea Battle - Video   
    I like the direction this game is taking...but i love the old school way of playing MMOs for exampel click a target and all skills automatically reach the target, i am not a big fan of aiming arrows with your mouse or something like that...I think it has merit I just don't think anyone can or will be able to do it right with the same diverse experience that auto-target combat has.
    It's going to suck having friendly fire IMO, not for casters but for the rest. melee fighters too close to friends will probably be hitting them and this is not  a reality of battles, 
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    trugamer reacted to ozzie mozzie in Noble Guinecea Battle - Video   
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    trugamer got a reaction from shmilbick in Frostweaver   
    I like how they have a weapon that keeps enemies at range, plus probably a ton of CC stuff like slows and stuns because of the frost aspect.
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    trugamer reacted to Zushakon in Design   
    Personally I find this to be one of the best designs yet!! Very sexy in a way a good way!
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    trugamer reacted to eltronix in Design   
    I for one love the design. I love the huge long ears and the blue skin and the long hair and... everything. 
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    trugamer reacted to bairloch in Was It Gaea?   
    Gaea is the goddess of Life. She was married to Arkyn son of Valkyn, The All-Father. Their children include the Elken and Men. She was (we think) seduced by Arkyn's brother, Kane, and the union brought forth the Stoneborn, somehow also killing her. Her death also brought The Hunger into being.
    We surmise from backstory that our ancestor found her dying under a tree, he tried to comfort her, but companionship was all he had to give. She gifted him higher thought and speech with her dying act.
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    trugamer reacted to payback in How Small Are We?   
    Yoda of the Crofwall
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    trugamer reacted to Dredja in Gender Question   
    A female Elk-man-woman-thing would be quite cool to see
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    trugamer reacted to Vunak in Unique   
    I am really enjoying these unique class/race setups. The stalker looks and sounds awesome. Never thoughat I would be interested in an archetype like this but I am very interested.
    Wonder how the more action based system for combat is gonna work with a bow. I could really go for some of that.
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    trugamer reacted to bahamutkaiser in Calling All Murder Deers   
    Better watch out, don't wanna get Murdeered!
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    trugamer reacted to potatomcwhiskey in Calling All Murder Deers   
    This guy
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    trugamer reacted to Dynimix in Calling All Murder Deers   
    I am definitely going to be playing an Elken!!!
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    trugamer reacted to sneaky_squirrel in Unique   
    No you don't.  The Elken Stalkers will have melee skills.  How can Elken not be a threat at melee range?
    I'm really excited to learn about the utility / recon skills.  Agility, stealth, traps, bait, they are a new level of hunter.
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    trugamer got a reaction from seventhbeacon in Unique   
    This is my class...I need look no further.
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    trugamer got a reaction from potatomcwhiskey in Forum - Archetype Stalker (Create)   
    Hey guys just reminding you to make a Stalker tab in the Forum.
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    trugamer got a reaction from courant101 in Forum - Archetype Stalker (Create)   
    Hey guys just reminding you to make a Stalker tab in the Forum.
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    trugamer got a reaction from bahamutkaiser in 2 Different Tank Roles? (Templar Vs Knight)   
    I'm still excited about that Gladiator/Berserker! 
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