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    trugamer reacted to zarf in What Will I Need to Run Crowfall?   
    If this is a tablet game I am deleting my account LOL
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    trugamer reacted to Iridian ShadowWeaver in 02/12/15 - The Confessor, God History & Pricing Faq   
    8. Can items and resources be traded between players?
    Yes. This the foundation of a player-driven economy.
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    trugamer reacted to tanom in 02/12/15 - The Confessor, God History & Pricing Faq   
    Finally a caster archetype!!
    "or the size and population caps of your personal kingdom"
    This is a very interesting tidbit about EK......
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    trugamer reacted to tenshijin in What Class Will You Be!   
    id like a class that can shapeshift.....ultimately though i will be the rodent regardless of the classes it can be. heres hopeing i can be something that casts, melees, and heals at the same time....like saaaay a druid in DnD.
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    trugamer reacted to nadir ben shappire in What Class Will You Be!   
    so i will probabilly choose one of this..

    and i'm going to cut all centaur's legs..
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    trugamer reacted to karnos in [Poll] - Full Loot At All Times!   
    I'd like to see multiple options in each rule-set.  There is no reason why every "shadow' campaign world has to have inventory only loot, for example.  run one with full loot, one with inventory only, give us multiple options.
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    trugamer got a reaction from phatcat09 in What Class Will You Be!   
    Picking the Mage class...you can never go wrong!
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    trugamer reacted to vitality in If I Were Designing This Game, I'd Do This ~>   
    If I were designing this game I would:
    Have a three tier property protection model based on HP values and zone wide announcements.
    Primary Tier (Keeps/Town Centers) and subsequently controlled buildings would require a substantial guild investment to protect (Think bane stones) and assault. Or an equally large HP value on the buildings and walls.
    Secondary Tier (Outposts) and subsequently attached buildings and resources would have a medium amount of protection and building HP upgrades available to them. HP values need to reflect the investment placed within the structure and not allow opposing forces to destroy the building in a matter of seconds. HP values would be tuned in such a way that it when the assault is broadcast on the map or across the zone or to the affiliated controller it would allow for a moderate response window (I'll throw a couple minutes or a minute and a half out as a dummy number). This is all dependent on assaulting force size of course. 
    -- Example: Three guys shouldn't be able to destroy an outpost or forward keep wall in 15 seconds flat as this leaves little to no counter-play variance. 
    Tertiary Tier (Resource nodes/NPC controlled locations/Bridges)
    These shouldn't be protected at all, or at the very least have a very small "After Acquisition" grace period for assault.
    Rewarding non-affiliated players for defending someone else's property is key to this concept. Implementing a "Guild Favor" or "Realm Favor" or similar reputation currency redeemable at a said guilds keep for repairs or goods and services may be enough to keep people from ignoring objectives.
    ** The ultimate purpose for this post is my way of hashing out that P v Door large scale pvp plague that's hit this particular genre **
    ** Peace periods and Invulnerability timers for buildings will completely ruin this game**
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    trugamer reacted to flex in Countdown Crunch - Archetypes And Updates   
    If ACE continues their traditional pace of an update each Tuesday and Thursday, with the 13 days left on the countdown, we'll in all liklihood have 3 updates left before the countdown timer hits zero. While there are so many unanswered questions regarding the world of Crowfall and the mechanics which govern it, the meat and potatos of how we, the player, interact with said world through our avatar seems to have a lot of content left unexplained.

    *EDIT* I failed to check off the Legionnare.
    We've have uncovered the details surrounding merely 50% of the archetypes visible on the character creation preview menu screen from one of the first reveals in this "game of rampant speculation". The scoll bar to the right of the image seems to indicate that there is 8-12 additional archetypes beneth these which we know even less about.
    Do you think ACE is going to dump 12+ archetypes onto the website all at once at the end of the countdown? Even if next week, the last on the timer, was "Archetype Week" they'd have to reveal more than one a day to display them all before the clock strikes zero.
    How do you think we'll recieve this information and what would be your preferred method of unveiling were you in charge of the reveals? Do you think there are 8-12 additional archetypes? Perhaps those slots are reserved for future updates/dlcs. Which archetype would you like to see revealed next?
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    trugamer reacted to ICloudSky in What Class Will You Be!   
    I am looking for a dual class which have melee and range. I would say like either melee with magic or melee mix with ranger lol..
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    trugamer reacted to vaands in What Class Will You Be!   
    You just flipped my trap card

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    trugamer reacted to anj in What Class Will You Be!   
    Dual Shield master class.

    Either that or glass cannon mage. GO BIG OR GO HOME!
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    trugamer reacted to baerin in What Class Will You Be!   
    Seems to be a lot of Rangers here. Be interesting to see how the Archetype demographic plays out.
    If I'm being honest the Ranger thing for me was heavily influenced by the title sequence. Something about he wind and snow just reminds me of a ranger, at home among the mountains and wilderness.
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    trugamer reacted to duskwalker in What Class Will You Be!   
    I dont know yet, of the five released I'm leaning towards the Templar but I'm probably gonna change my mind about 768 times before beta.
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    trugamer got a reaction from bahamutkaiser in If I Were Designing This Game, I'd Do This ~>   
    I think people overcomplicate the idea of an MMO. They forget the RPG's best pieces are doing really interesting story revealing instances. I don't like the short dungeons/raids from WoW I think they are a pathetic waste of time and with a group of friends take no longer than 5 minutes to plough through. Guild Wars 2 tried for something a little different but something just didn't quite feel right about it.
    Diablo 3 had to compete against Torchlight 2 and IMO T2 obliterated it in every way, better graphics, more fun bosses and interesting environments.
    I want there to be areas where monsters just don't compare to me and I can trash the hell out of them, of course there should be stronger monsters, but with groups they should go down no problem...in turn I don't see why there shouldn't be ridiculously overpowered "god artefact" items left behind hidden by the gods that totally make a character god like. I want enemies that don't just require power to be defeated but tactics. I want to have a low downtime, as any class I should be able to level relatively easily.
    I want to really experience twists and turns, I want my favourite characters to die because of a bad choice I made earlier, I want to learn about characters lives and have NPCs play along with me and my group. I really have no interest for lazy story lines e.g. Guild Wars 2!
    I want parties to be formed quickly and painlessly. I want travel times to be kept to a minimum whilst being easy to access also.
    The story never really has to end, I would happily pay for worthwhile expansions with no increase in levels but simply more story!
    I really hate levelling crafting! Just have town experts that can build things for you, so long as you get the materials! Maybe you could be the first one to find a new recipe and teach it to the experts, hidden recipes from enemy territories.
    I want grouping to be much better and faster to level with.
    I don't want any class to not have an important role to play in a group!
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    trugamer got a reaction from Iridian ShadowWeaver in Confessor (Fire Guy), And The Explosive Rune   
    I think Fire Guy will be the "mage" archetype people will need for awesome DPS and CC
    I think there will be an Ice Guy too with stuns and slows!
    I wouldn't knock the glass cannon because when role playing is done well the game can be such fun.
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    trugamer reacted to innadril in Equality In Gaming - Gamergate   
    If you overprotect a specific group then there's no equality.
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    trugamer reacted to karnos in Equality In Gaming - Gamergate   
    A bunch of nonsense.
    We don't need new laws. If you don't like how a game portrays something, then don't buy the game.  
    Common sense isn't very common these days.
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    trugamer reacted to checkyotrack in Equality In Gaming - Gamergate   
    Gamergate is nothing more than a bunch of basement dwellers who are mad their fedoras have yet to get them laid.
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    trugamer reacted to bairloch in What Class Will You Be!   
    you want to be a woman lit on fire? doesn't sound like a class, more like a punishment...
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    trugamer reacted to baerin in What Class Will You Be!   
    Something that is useful to note is that the Archetype list totally has a scroll bar on its right side. Looks like the other half of the Archetypes are still to be revealed.

    I'm not sure which I'll play, but something akin to a Ranger

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    trugamer reacted to flex in Please Go Easy On Steampunk   
    Just go all out and air drop AK-47s and Glocks into the campaign. Replace lumber mills and iron mines with Payday Loan and Pawn shops. Just imagine it, Centaur drive-bys.

    Srsly tho. No steampunk, no top hats, no steam powered fleshlights, no monacles, no gunpowder.
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    trugamer reacted to Dynimix in Something To Be Proud Of!   
    It is where I found out about the game as well.
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    trugamer reacted to Dynimix in Something To Be Proud Of!   
    Yeah. I was excited to at least try EQ Next. But all we ever hear about is Landmark and that is simply not for me.
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