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    trugamer reacted to hillbilly in Nerf Legionnaire   
    I have 3 legs and am not a centaur.
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    trugamer reacted to Durgs in Nerf Legionnaire   
    My legionnaire is half unicorn not horse.
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    trugamer reacted to innadril in Fae, Sexism, And So On.   
    Take all the fae thing and reverse it. Men killing women at birth, slaving'em just to be r.a.p.e.d, used and killed. All the hate... This game would be just banned, demonized, sued, maybe even facing jail.
    I hate double standards and how hypocrite a society can be towards this topic. It's ok if women do horrible things to men but men doing those things to women... well better don't even mention it cause you can get yourself into serious trouble. People accepts the fae assasin lore but then complain about sexualized armors. Hypocrisy and double standards, some of the worst cancers in this world.
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    trugamer reacted to huckleburied in Fae, Sexism, And So On.   
    You read the other Archetype narratives and get "Noble Hero?"  The Legionnaire is basically a gummy bear, the Forgemaster is a crazy recluse who thinks a dude setting himself on fire would be the funniest thing he'd seen that week, and the Templar talks about killing the innocent as a byproduct of the job and being proud of that work.  She prays, but she was still torching them down.  There will be no noble cultures or gallant heroes and heroines.  Just highly skilled people doing horrible stuff for the best intentions.
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    trugamer reacted to Einlanser in Fae, Sexism, And So On.   
    I don't like the character. I think it's poorly written, and it appears to be very obviously in a different direction from the going theme. I also said that I hope they don't change it, and that I'd never want to censor an artist's vision.
    I can have my opinion. My opinion doesn't mean they need to change.
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    trugamer reacted to squirlypete in What Can He Do, What Do We Want Him To Do?   
    Agreed. no sense giving a melee character high strength if they don't engage the enemy. Defensive buffs, maybe triggered by hitting the enemy seems likely (damage absorb, added armour, etc...) and stuns/knock back abilities to support other attackers.
    Edit : Using a Axe instead of a Hammer could also change the playstyle and support abilities (Axes add damage to ally attacks or bleed effects, while hammers have more crowd control attacks)
    "Spirit" is usually associated with healing, just not necessarily "holy" healing. A race made of stone, with a background in masonry and spirituality would probably have some inherit magical abilities that could not "heal" them, but "repair" them instead. So they could still have a caster option via promotion classes, without being just another short mage with a beard.
    Could also have point of interest/siege related abilities or buffs. added catapult damage, repair keep walls/doors, increase mine yields.
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    trugamer reacted to chancellor in What Is A Specialist To You?   
    I think a specialist is any unit that has accepted serious flaws in order to be great at some game role.
    For example, a scout is a specialist. He's really good at stealth, finding other players, and usually destroying one opponent from surprise. But that scout should be weaker than a tank in a stand-up fight and weaker than a mage with magic.
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