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  1. 1. How did you hear about Crowfall? - I was looking for a new MMO 2. Which parts of the site have you found to be most useful? - The forums 3. What part of the site would you change? How would you change it? - Make it easier to find/see what tester groups are testing ( perhaps in the calendar as well as it seems a bit odd atm )
  2. I'm in beta group 2 and 6. Most likely 6 because i signed up before i decided to pledge. not sure if i got a new icon for that though.
  3. It's more that I'm a bit hesitant playing the game when all the f2p people come in and start whining about irrelevant and minor things when I'd like to actually see the game I've invested in without those people as a first few impression. It also kind of gave me the feeling that the open beta would start even before the closed beta acces would be granted causing me to actually sign up for that too.
  4. Will we actually get into a (closed) beta anytime soon since i've just noticed there's apparently an open beta at the end of this year and so far crowfall has only been focussing on alpha testing. Seems a rather short timespan to get all beta testers in before the f2p people join in and kind of a let down to me since i've been waiting for this game for ages now :S...
  5. I actually got a reply from them saying: " On the various testing dates, we do not want to put any dates out until we know they are real (which is hard to achieve during development). During the Pre-Alpha combat test that is about to start, we'll set a date for the next test. We do know the beta tests will be next year, and the later the number closer to end of year it will be." Which makes sense and gives me a rough indication of where it's at. ( same as you guys said) I hope to see you guys ingame by then !
  6. thanks for your reply makes it a bit more clear as i though the development was further ahead than alpha. ( game looks polished already)
  7. Hey guys, I've chosen to back the game today but struggle to figure out how the beta stuff works and/or what to expect. It has told me I'm part of beta group 2 and 6 but i cannot find any info on even a rough estimate of when to expect a beta, on what groups are already in the beta, when the next beta will be or when the last beta was ( apparently there was a summer beta ??? ) It confuses me a lot. can anyone tell me what the deal is ? there's a billion different cathegories and a lot of seperate posts. I did do a search but couldn't find much about it. thanks in advanced
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