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  1. Wasn't there mention at one point that they might try campaigns that restrict certain archetypes? If that still holds true, then I assume there may be a chance at campaigns that will restrict certain classes/races? Might be fun to see just Centaurs vs Guineceans or Confessors vs Frostweavers.
  2. Of course as a crafter, your main priority will be supplying your guild. But there will be plenty of players in small guilds (or no guild) who will still need crafters. Thus I assume in the EKs when supplying up for a starting CW that these non-affiliates will flock to the more popular or well know EKs to shop? This ^ Guild crafters won't be charging members for gear most likely since the non-crafters will often be "paying" for it as bodyguards and other roles. So where does dust really come in? If crafters can't sell/trade outside their guild then what is the point of having the currency at all? Anyway, I guess my vision of the EKs is major shopping markets? I would think the bigger EKs would be home to dozens of crafters who would be buying/selling goods. Thus if a particular profession is hard to come by - that crafter may not even need a guild at all to be successful? Furthermore I would think that even crafters could become similar to mercenaries and just sell their services in the CW? That way smaller guilds or solo players could hire them.
  3. Would I need to bother unlocking for different archetypes? Couldn't i just go to a temple and switch to the proper archetype for when i want/need to do that type of crafting? Why waste a discipline slot and whatnot if I don't have to? lol
  4. I would hope that isn't true. Because it could be potentially frustrating and difficult for any guild to organize in that mode when assignments are random. (Fighting each other unwillingly/unintentionally isn't always fun.) If this is true, then it still doesn't prevent people from "selling their services" to one side or the other. Or from purposely helping their buddies who got stuck in a different faction. Either way. I wouldn't count BALANCE as a single minded hive. Everyone in that faction will be working for themselves for the most part. Especially if it turns out to be a random assignment. (Who doesn't want to watch the world burn?)
  5. I liked the idea of BALANCE because it offers a unique opportunity for merc guilds. They can join the balance side and be paid to help one or the other, but not necessarily be interested in winning the game themselves. As someone who isn't particularly loyal to the ideas of "order" or "chaos"; i really welcome this concept of having a neutral side that can do whatever they please.
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