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  1. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). Harvesting Progression. Crafting and Experimentation. Socializing with your Guild Consumables. Shared Guild Chests/Banks. Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? Discipline Progression was removed from the game. The big guilds now have all the gold necessary to get as many Legendary Exploration Disciplines as they need, and the 'Progression' now only serves to gate smaller guilds from competing with the big guilds. It is going to hurt the game. Was this meant to be a progression that resets per Campaign, or just a one time grind? You might be better off removing it. Having 30 imports (That can be duplicated) per guild member is about as restrictive as unlimited Imports when we are talking about guilds with over 100 members. Again. You are suffocating small guilds and not putting any restrictions on the big guilds. Uncle Bob still has his tanks. No importance is being given to any items besides Vessels. Though you can't really control how the players behave XD All types of Banks/Embargoes need strong sorting and filter functionality. Maybe have bank functions like chests, but allow users to alternate between chest view, and Sort/Filter view to easily organize and search items on demand. Chat system needs to be more powerful. Allow us to filter multiple chat channels in the same widgets. Make whisper more visible etc. If you could ask the Team member one question, what would you like to know? Be nice, seriously don't be a jerk. Can we expect an economy to reset at any point? Not necessarily the global economy, but say, a new Dregs campaign with no imports.
  2. The point of alchemy is mainly harvesting potions. Other than that, they are literally a requirement for necromancers. Second, Necromancers get all the body parts from Grave Digger harvesting, all the parts you have collected from Ore and the like are optional ADDITIVE slot components. These are the materials that offer actual statistics to a crafted vessel (And not the really really really weak attributes, trust me, attributes are not impressive). You want to get a Grave Digger to dig up body parts for your Vessels. Grave Digger is the fifth harvesting profession.
  3. Vessels were likely designed to not be rushed. The motherlode material bottleneck is not a mistake, it is an explicit decision. People should have focused on buying multiple sets of weapons and armor if they wanted to improve their PvP performance. Now, assuming you insisted on ignoring weapons and armor, players should have invested their gold and materials on tools and jewelry to exponentially accelerate their harvesting rate, but I have not seen much discussion on buffing harvesters. I don't think the game has mechanical problems, the developers just failed to communicate the most effective priorities to the playerbase. In Starcraft 2 terms, everyone is trying to make Battlecruisers, Brood Lords, Carriers without building any workers and then complaining that they are too expensive. Honestly, I just hope ACE tightens the import restrictions to new Dregs. 30 duplicatable items per guild member might as well be unlimited imports for a month long Dregs. If the economy doesn't reset at any point of the game, I am going to be disappointed.
  4. Honestly, I am flabbergasted by the excessive value that is being given to Vessels by the community. I feel they just jumped to conclusions wihtout doing ANY research, which is reasonable. Vessels give you virtually no statistics. These are a min max gear slot, yet everyone is grinding gold and giving it all away for vessels instead of jewelry or weapons and gear. Someone is likely going to tell me I can't PvP and then rant that Vessels give you significant combat statistics (Which confuses me further). I think people are undervalueing gold, and overvalueing vessels. I am always in favor of crafters getting rich though, so these kinds of misunderstandings are not a bad thing. I do feel ACE did a terrible job of teaching their players that they should focus on vessels LAST. Rushing vessels is not worth the resources you have to farm to get them, which gave a handful of big guilds a gold surge that is going to give them a short term market advantage. Feel free to dismiss me, maybe I am too stupid to understand how awesome vessels are. I believe each vessel rarity tier gives you 50 hp. Note, attributes contribute very little to any statistic in the game. Also, dang, no one buys items unless it is straight from an overpriced EK vendor. Makes me so jealous. Wish I had a vendor.
  5. The third ring is for the most part just more flexibility? This is really nice to know, thank you for sharing.
  6. Disclaimer: I am not an authority on game mechanics, this is just my perception of the game so far. It is incredibly odd that everyone is running Guineceans for the additional Ring slot. Does this imply that every Guinecean harvester has already slotted 4 pieces of Jewelry? Where are they all getting this Jewelry from? Jewelry decays when you die as well, so you eventually have to replace these. I personally just rolled a Half Elf for mining, and he deals 15 additional damage to ore nodes right out of the gate. This is a significant modifier. Attributes contribute less damage to harvesting than the fixed damage bonus the harvesting races get, which is the main statistic you should be concerned about. Guinecean duelists have an intelligence/dexterity spread that helps increase critical rate and amount, but these are not significant amounts (Since they stem from attributes). You are usually better of killing nodes faster and killing more nodes as a result. People might be running Guineceans because they want to escape death if they get attacked, I heard they are good at running away.
  7. Bear with me, I'm just covering the bases. Are you trying to mine the big nodes? (Motherlodes) Motherlodes require two people. How high is your Mining statistic? Dregs nodes have REALLY high armor. Did you equip the pick? Did you equip the Purple Discipline?
  8. Thanks for the information Taramil. It's nice to learn how other solo crafters are faring in the game I am curious about what color harvesters you have if you use any. Green / Blue / Purple? How many different Harvest Disciplines? Dust is definitely something to watch out for. Judging from what you mentioned, it seems Crafters are better off discarding most mediocre outcomes over trying to save them with unlikely polishes. Something that one can only learn when they end up with more materials than dust necessary. Best idea I can come up with to tips the scales in favor of a dust bank is a Purple/Orange harvest discipline (Higher tiers yield more dust), paired with Plethora Dust Tools. If this isn't significant enough, ACE should consider buffing or adding more Dust yield effects. ( I might have missed other Dust farming avenues ) Me personally. I spam Tools, and polish if I roll mostly Purple+ ( 5 or more out of 10, yellow don't seem much different from purple, but lots of purple seems to yield peaks) I have also harvested a LOT in GR (Very significant, since farming dust in the Dregs recently has proved to be VERY slow, significantly less materials for better colors). EDIT: As a Crafter, you will have to pawn the bulk of your experiments for gold. A good crafter in Crowfall is practically a Crafter that crafts large quantities of duds. Very grindy, a big material sink, generates Disciplines in the process. From the sound of things, Crafters just can't afford to polish often. For multi-step professions ( e. g. Blacksmith ), my recommendation is to NOT polish intermediate components or Lower Color items, but rather craft a dozens duds, and discard all but a handful. High material sink, minimized dust sink ( Though you will still use dust, who knows how many iterations you will require, that is if your dust ever exceeds your mat bank ). And finally, my recommendation to any Crafters out there, I recommend you farm God's Reach for a bulk of Whites and Dust. Then rely on other Harvesters to give you materials from the Dregs if they have any. Realistically, Crafters just can't access Purple or Orange. Purple and Orange is just an infrequent drop among sparse and tanky nodes in the middle of a full inventory loot zone with patrolling stampedes. Just make White, stockpile your Green/Blues (Use them when they reach a critical mass), and slowly grind your Disciplines/Belts. I don't see a way to sell your items (Only big guilds have items people willing to buy), but you can ALWAYS pawn and sell to your guildmates/friends which will be more than willing to contribute to your progression. Don't bother comparing yourselves to EKs, you'll just get upset (like me), we can compete with immediacy (loading screens) and small prices ( EKs also have the system gold tax to give small bois and edge over Amazon ).
  9. Advanced weapons and Vessels are intended to be too expensive. If you need more affordable weapons for use, you can use intermediates. If you want to progress your discipline, make advanced gear for a chance at a disc drop. Even on failed assembly, you get a chance at a disc drop. If you want to spend less dust on advanced hear, you have the option of raising your corresponding Assembly statistic, lowers the rate of failure. An alternative is having your harvesters use tools with the Plethora of Dust effect. You are not wrong. Gear is prohibitively expensive. There is no justification for the design. But that is the game atm. Blacksmith is a profession that costs multiple harvesters of manpower. If you are after a less expensive profession, I can suggest the Runemaker and Alchemist, neither rely on other professions and used significantly less materials to progress and craft items.
  10. Realistically, one. That is if you want to be good at it. Note that you won't be very competitive in the economy. Since the best crafters will be players who are fed materials by big guilds. The main incentive to craft is likely to avoid relying on other guilds for access to items for your own guild. It is pretty hard to craft when you don't have players to cover every profession.
  11. Not to mention that Dregs resource nodes are rather sparse, which lowers the effectiveness of consumables. Dregs drops purples and orange materials. But because high tier resources are rarer and require more volume to exceed the strength of white items, paired with the lack of high end tools to mow down high rank nodes. Dregs is just too slow to harvest atm.
  12. There is also the option of lowering the big rewards and getting them closer to smaller Campaign goal rewards in order to help out less viable guilds. Tough at that point, I guess the Zerg guild can technically just win every single victory condition.
  13. I just want to preface this with: Your concerns and frustrations are valid and relatable, these are just an attempt to justify the punishing crafting mechanics. Why no repair. You can blame the crafters. If gear can persist perpetually by feeding it resources, the need to iterate experimentation on stats of new gear becomes unnecessary because you can just feed resources to strong existing gear. It is designed to necessitate constant crafting of duds in an endless quest for hero gear. Btw I am a crafter. Why no deconstruction of items? Inflation. Why does everything have goldsinks? Inflation. Why do items degrade? Inflation. If items in the economy don't have a limited lifespan, the need to produce new non-consumable items disappears, new badly crafted gear becomes worthless (because stronger gear persists perpetually). Gold accumulates and loses more and more value as the game ages. Now, Blacksmith and Necromancer are super expensive professions, BUT they do have inexpensive Intermediate recipes (Cheaper to produce, but weaker and don't have chance for progression). This is the easy to maintain gear route. Still necessitates dedicated crafters though. It is all the crafters fault. Gear is destroyed because the goal and primary game loop of a crafter is to grind for brief moments of ego and socialization. Crafters want to wow their peers, be relied on, and receive praise for the cool items they make. I might be completely wrong. This is my perception atm.
  14. Not necessarily naked, there are three alternatives. Intermediate gear. Wood and stone, weak, but not naked at least. War Tribes, not crafted, but better than intermediate. Leather, not as much armor, but it is crafted. Dreg nodes are sparse as heck for sure though. I can't form an opinion on Dregs yet, besides the fact that a pack of 40 madmen just trampled my 1 character. Scared the bejabbere out of me.
  15. If you want a quick God's view of the recipe spectrum the quickest way is to download the test client. Login and head towards the cheat chests for gold, cheat vendors for disciplines, and regular vendors for belts. Then skim the tables with discipline equipped and unequipped. If you have any specific question, you can get an answer by asking in the unofficial discord server. I personally recommend just sticking to one profession, less hating life, more time for one self.
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