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  1. I'm just happy I graduated from school before launch, that was my main goal (which I had no control over). I am looking forward to 2020. I might actually play the game this year.
  2. I'm looking forward to these next 2 weeks (Buying a new GPU paid off), I am not looking forward to the 30 weeks of school afterwards (No desktop). The game looks so smooth!
  3. Threatening to get the game to a playable state before I can afford to replace my fried GPU eh? Please give me more time! *kneels* Damned bitcoin. Say, how many years has it been since the Kickstarter? I lost track.
  4. As a novice player I'd like to say that it is nice to see updates talking about these little details. The core gathering experience is something I enjoy a lot. Especially when more systems built on top allow for an exploiting experience ( How can I profit the most in a period of time? Search for resources. Harvest resources. Get killed. Search for resources ). I always think about whether or not I'll be able to just set out on my own to "pioneer" ( Not necessarily the first, but hopefully not PvP every inch of the map 24/7 ) and pick up flowers alongside a pack donkey. GAAA
  5. I've been gone for a long time. I regret everyday I spend time learning stuff at school. This is a pretty fun update, makes me angry at the fact that I still don't own a working desktop yet Please guys, slow down. I'm looking forward to the might-be-survival feeling from nighttime hunger.
  6. My impressions on this Q and A: *jumps out of chair* He has a beard! I couldn't focus for the rest of the video.
  7. Good thing Stoneborn have the Knight class. I don't see myself wielding hammer shaped wands, I'll just roll a hammer wielding "Knight" to protect my comrades. God I hope they don't finish the game before I graduate I'm gonna need to buy a completely new computer for this game. Looking so pretty recently.
  8. With the restricted number of runestones, this is something of concern for me as well. I would love to see boons/banes still implemented in some manner. Banes more specifically.
  9. I understand that ACE decides what the stoneborn is. Personally, I want the stoneborn to be dwarves. That's a selfish wish of mine. A shorter looking silhouette would make me happier, I want it to look stockier. If I wanted a tall character I'd pick halfgiant. I don't think either side is wrong. I disagree with one side though.
  10. The way the system is implemented, the only way to get ahead of other players is by acquiring MORE high level skills. No player can ever get ahead of another player in Skill #1, unless the player left behind decides to stop training the skill. This becomes a problem when talking about Combat skills, in which a big number of skills overlap in character builds (Weapon skills overlap with Armor skills). VIP players have a natural advantage over non-VIP. Players with multiple accounts gain a small advantage over VIP players. This is not the case in Race skills, where the tree is inher
  11. Ugh, this is the first time I am upset at a Crowfall update. But frankly, this is a minor issue. I wanted to have a particular name ingame (Because I liked the idea of a character in the universe to have that name), but I wanted to keep my universal online alias on the forums, I made it back in 2005 when I first started using the internet, I made sure to choose a username so bizarre that nobody would ever beat me to it. I am conflicted. Do I discard my forum persona? Or do I give up on the ingame name I like? Ugh.
  12. First time I'm actually here when a snap test takes place. Ever since they started implementing the Eternal Kingdom tech my performance went below sea level, I hope it goes up for me soon. Ugh I'm 5 patches behind to download D;
  13. You lied! (About archetypes) Yes I am difficult to please. Ugh, now I have to eventually update the client because I want to check out the discipline tech. I will not yield!
  14. I am confused. ACE said they can't afford classes. These pieces of concept art are a huge misunderstanding. >:(
  15. Does Friday of this week count as next week? I might be wrong, but I expected this to start Sunday or Monday (The week starts on Sunday! *wink x2*).
  16. It's a Knight with a Stalker's head. My guess is that we can mix crafted bodies frankenstein style. A very sensible guess!
  17. The two headed crow perching on a sword at the login screen is really cool.
  18. Too much going on...I have a similar opinion. I don't find the giant that threatening with his [Club Arm]. It looks like he can't bend 3 of his 4 limbs. Does the ground shake hard as he violently waddles towards you like a penguin with his one arm flailing around to keep balance? I like the size of the penguin treant.
  19. I'm digging the differentiation of weak classes (e.g. humans) with brawny classes (e.g. Centaur, Minotaur) in the discipline runestone side of things. Will the beast races really feel strong? Is it your intention to make them feel stronger than others? I recall a concept being thrown early on about some archetypes being beefier for direct confrontation in exchange for higher upkeep costs. For the sake of illustration, Centaur beats Knight or Templar 1 on 1, but would become extremely vulnerable if caught in a skirmish during "Winter". Death to attrition. Is the idea being played
  20. Positional attacks, isn't that cute? I was under the impression that stuff is very difficult to implement. I am skeptical. Would be so cool if it works. Translucent stealth? I like the 'barely visible' stealth approach, hopefully they stay that way, they might not. Overall, I'm looking forward to the gliding simulator.
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