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  1. Thanks... realized this seconds afterwards. I have posted it to the proper forum post.
  2. Description on imgur: Under a Cawing Moon (cookie for those who get this game reference) Edited shot of the Capitol building in Austin Texas with the stages of a lunar eclipse superimposed over the Goddess of Liberty. Imposed on the eclipsing moon itself is the symbol of the exciting upcoming MMO Crowfall. The symbolism here is that every campaign in Crowfall has phases, just like a lunar eclipse, that ebb and flow like the tides. In Crowfall gods are critical to the plot and the goddess statue represents one of the gods directing the campaign (i.e the eclipse). The redness of the moon represents the peak of the bloodshed during the campaign that slowly fades away as the campaign ends - just like the crows that inhabit the game world itself fade away into nothing.
  3. My entry: http://imgur.com/Nmsep6t Nothing special at all... but to get this thing rolling.
  4. Thank you Rook, I had a feeling it must have been addressed before but my ineptitude at searching meant I failed Cheers, Byzantine
  5. Hey All, I searched for this on the forum, but had issues finding the answer (so please forgive me if it was answered before ) I also looked in the FAQ but no dice. Aside from some cost differences, what are the differences between the different items with identical descriptions and artwork? For example, between "2015 Fortress", "2016 Fortress" and "Kickstarter Fortress"? Cheers Byzantine
  6. Hey I backed in the early days of kickstarter, but the cosplay contest got me excited about Crowfall again. I noticed there was a fairly close knit group of backers on here chatting regularly so thought I'd post to say hi. I'd love to have a guild to call my own closer to when the game launches so hopefully these forums can help with that. Cheers
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