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  1. If Character/vessel/ship progression lasted only for the duration of a Campaign, then that would equalize veterans with newbies greatly. We'd also have strategic, important decisions to make in a timely fashion. But then people might claim Crowfall is a MOBA that lasts 3 months, regardless if it would be a better game.
  2. Tully always seems slightly annoyed to be shooting these, ha
  3. You guys got all the inventory, looting, and equipment in, too? That's impressive
  4. Everyday when I use my phone to browse the forums, I am defaulted to the Full version of the site instead of mobile. I remain logged in; the page is simply in the large display version, and I need to click the Use Mobile link at the bottom. I don't even navigate away from crowfall.com. This is the only site I browse in the morning. Galaxy S5, android, chrome 43
  5. Let's be honest, Crowfall is really a turnbased shooter. Guns skins will always be fashionable.
  6. A state needs strong centralization and organization to compete in the modern global arena. Sure setting Crown Authority to Low helps with vassal opinion, but how do you expect to stop the HRE from annexing these united states?
  7. Not trying to be rude, but an unmarked thread about a live show is obviously going to discuss events during its current season. I don't know how anyone expects to avoid spoilers while using social parts of the web. I neglect twitter, facebook, and reddit until I watch the latest episode.
  8. Sansa has obviously been a point of contention and frustration this season. As a primarily show watcher (I'm near the end of ACoK), I was disappointed with Sansa's victimization at first, but I certainly wasn't as irate as some book readers. It's as if book Sansa and show Sansa are different characters. And the fan reaction to Sansa's regression has made me hold off on finishing the books so that my view of characters isn't muddied by different stories. I took me awhile to accept that Sansa is not promised progress or happiness. GoT habitually sets up an expectation and then dashes it against the rocks--Sansa bedding is no exception. I think the Dornish scenes are weak and seemingly filler, but I thought the same of Bran, Stannis, and Dany throughout most of the first 3 seasons. Only lately has all that setup paid off. With book knowledge, you understand the importance of those "boring" scenes. But without the foresight, one cannot discern filler from actual plot. So this season may be "weak" because as a book reader you do not know what is on the next page. Personally I don't think this season is any different than the rest. They all have weak scenes, and they all have lulls which eventually bring it all together.
  9. lol, love this. Lose some money, headlight? In the same vein, NeverSated, do not believe or buy anything advertised in Jita local chat. Every contract or offer is a scam. If it looks too good to be true, it is. Find a player corporation as soon as possible. Like-minded people make the game so much more sticky.
  10. Every job had a 2 hour ability, and it was a shared cooldown across all jobs. That is likely too extreme for PvP crowfall. I wouldn't be against a 2 hour cd teleport though.
  11. Another day, another log out. Also forum was in full layout instead of mobile.
  12. Logged out on mobile again. Forum login form still doesn't accept my creds; have to go to home crowfall page.
  13. If you can find some tasks that don't require other people to play with you (including PvP), then you could get away with a few hours a week. Manufacturing/Industry, trading, mining, exploration, missions. You could possibly join a large alliance and show up to announced fleets if you have larger blocks of time (at least 3 hours). Honestly, the more time you have to waste, the more Eve you will get. Then more you are online, the more chances of great Eve moments; Eve has a lot of downtime. You could sign up for a trial and see if it allows your time commitment.
  14. Friendly sportsmanship would be a much healthier, and more fun environment.
  15. Honestly, if you are playing an MMORPG for a balanced, competitive 2-player game, then you will be disappointed.
  16. Since EKs and Campaigns use the same system to create terrain and landmarks, if the premise is that all EKS will be the same, then the logical conclusion is that Campaigns will also look the same. And a step further: EKS will look exactly like Campaigns.
  17. The point of cooldown is to limit the choices of the player such that the opponent has opportunities to exploit the player's inability to make those choices. Long cooldowns make perfect sense in MOBAs where the players have full knowledge of the history of their opponents--skills on cooldown present windows of opportunity to take objectives or resources. When MMORPG skill cooldown extends beyond the duration of one encounter--one opponent--the next opponent does not have the knowledge that the skill is unavailable. This might not matter in high level play because the threat of the skill is enough to affect choices, but as pointed out typically the character is "balanced" to account for a powerful ability. Long cooldowns belong in longer fights. By all means, give the wall-breaking fireblast a 5 min cd. But don't make characters auto-win one skirmish and then be ineffectual the next two.
  18. Why would a gold seller kill you during the transaction? That would reflect poorly on their business and trust. They will always request payment first. Why do you think gold sellers are incapable of hiding their stashes in Campaigns? Mule characters can stay logged off (with their inventories) until a withdrawal is needed. Ganking a farmer is a drop in the bucket. I'm still on the fence as to how much of a problem RMT will be, if any.
  19. But if everyone has the ability to build up their EK, how am I special?
  20. "Animals" are no different than humanoid-themed NPC monsters. They are mobile resource nodes waiting to be harvested. If coins need to be injected into the economy, then these resource nodes are a valid source. Resources produced can be restricted based on the theme of the monster, but that's just fluff.
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