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  1. Arkade, My goal is not bad requests, but the following: 1.) Help login server manage load 2.) Reduce errors seen on client side when logging in 3.) Eliminate (or reduce) the need to hitting login over and over So the login server is not getting the same number of hits. The login server actually does not get hit at all. Instead the log in server is reaching out to initiate the connections and not the clients. Does that make more sense? Very Respectfully, Vagantem
  2. So I failed in explaining. So let me try again: 1.) Launcher is launched 2.) Player attempts to log in 3.) Manager receives login request a.) Method here perhaps of IP or some other client login request 4.) Manager drops connection 5.) Login server queries manager for any requests it might have 6.) Manager passes client request to login server 7.) Login server reaches out to client to authenticate 8.) Player is then passed to game server Something along those lines; I am of mind due to my ignorance that some of those steps would have to be refined. Though that is the jist
  3. Jihan, Did I though? Can the manager servers handle the initial connections better then the login server? Can the load be spread across multiple managers? Very Respectfully, Vagantem
  4. ALCON, It always sucks to receive login errors and it always happens on very popular games usually around release. Now as a disclaimer I don't know about login servers or their back end. So that out of the way; what if the login server came to the user instead of the user to the login server? I am trying to avoid the log in server from being DOS'd. My idea is that the client goes to log in, but instead of going to the log in server they go to a sort of manager or queue server. The log in server then goes to the manager and finds out who is next. Once it knows who is next i
  5. Mctan, I did not take into account latency; that is a very good point. Thank you. Very Respectfully, Vagantem
  6. Reference: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/10930-passive-skill-gain-is-a-cool-and-all-but/page-3
  7. ALCON, First of all like to say a lot of great ideas and opinions I've seen in thread so far; it got me thinking. That being said this is what I thought would be interesting thus far: 1.) Base archetype skills remain their current number 2.) Single Character Combos: a.) Link new promotion/disc abilities to current base abilities (Similiar to what was mentioned before) b.) Possibly add combo skills that can be trained to flavor combos 3.) Multi-Character Combos (Big Fan of these): a.) Simple combos that can be tied into archetype/disc/promotion abilities of dif
  8. Leaning towards the popular Duelist at the moment =) With secondary of Forgemaster and tertiary of Ranger. As most have said we'll see as more info comes out and the game progresses. -=- Vagantem -=-
  9. Definitely liked the currency and skill explanation. Was not expecting it to be explained that way. Perspective =) -=- Vagantem -=-
  10. Aye; Batman, Bat, and Cat. It's the simple things in life that I derive pleasure from =) V/R, Vagantem
  11. =0 I'll go with the ranger one. -=- Vagantem -=-
  12. Off Topic: I got a chuckle as I drew a correlation between Handies and freeze's avatars =) On Topic: It will be interesting to see how it pans out. I am hoping myself for a scenario as described above, post by killcrit, where more specialized groups can whomped zerg groups. V/R, Vagantem
  13. Vadember, I imagine the duelist/specialist to do things other then simply damage. That they'd fill a more utility role; such as perhaps working to distract/debuff an enemy. I'm hardly an expert on the duelist so please take this with a grain of salt. Also keep in mind that archetypes can change rather drastically in how they operate. And if you took the effort to find out information to enrich yourself, don't be sorry. Very Respectfully, Vadember
  14. Yeah definitely be nice to craft some muskets and cannons =) Or simply have an increased ability to find gems and minerals via burrowing. V/R, -=- Vagantem -=-
  15. mmm am excited, pondering where munitions and such would fall that are mentioned under the Duelist. Thank you for the information. Also wonder if cooking isn't in yet or if our vessels don't need to consume nutrients. -=- Vagantem -=-
  16. ALCON, Is there any discussion on this venue for duelists? I see much about voxels, burrowing and sniping. The reason I ask is the background mentions: "The merchant families of Guinecea were the first to establish trade between Worlds. Our artist, the inventors of sculpture and stagecraft. Our duelist, the finest masters to wield a blade. Our engineers, the only to unlock the secret of munitions." Reference: https://crowfall.com/en/archetypes/duelist/ This leads me to believe that they will have niche crafting in munitions and such. What are your thoughts? Very Respect
  17. o7 Going to hopefully be a good crafter. My main focus is harvesting, secondarily crafting. -=- Vagantem -=-
  18. Inferni, Funny you should mention that. I just came back to post the recommendation of community involvement. That is the Crowfall team could turn to the community, probably in the future, for an event/contest to develop the app. Ultimately this would provide good hype, community building, and a mobile app. Secondarily it could at least provide them with a wealth of creative ideas and examples to utilize as a foundation for when they are able, if ever, to create one. V/R, Vagantem
  19. Jah, Thank you for the quick response and update. I did a search on the forums and didn't find anything. V/R, Vagantem
  20. Crowfall team, I highly recommend development of a mobile app for Crowfall in conjunction with a web character portal. The primary selling point of the app could be: 1.) Skill training convience 2.) Campaign status The first feature would add convenience and ease of use found in modern day gaming and should appeal to much of today's audience. The campaign status would allow for those who are interested or really involved in their campaigns to see how they or their guild are doing. Here are some other features you might want to possibly include: 1.) Character paper doll
  21. Very nice, I am envious and wish I could draw myself. I too am excited how they are making the game modular to allow it flexibility.
  22. Tick Tock Tick Tock =) Unfortunately I'm from the shadows mostly =0
  23. I do not do table top anymore, I did it while I was in a club back in High-School though. Was great fun sit at a Taco Bell and table top with free refills =) Baldur's Gate, FF series, Fire Emblem, Shining Force, Breath of FIre type games I like the most.
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